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Yay Beavs!
I'll be at the Civil War screamin' for the Beavs in his honor! :)


OH LOVE your blog, but GO DUCKS!!!!! Sorry Univ of Oregon alum happy for the DUCKS!

Kellie N

I really enjoy your blog! You take fabulous pictures and it is a treat to see them. I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!


I'm sorry but I Civil War between the Ducks and the Beavers. That made me giggle a little.


Totally big news :).


Is the Rose Bowl a BCS? Good luck Beavs! Not that I particularly care, but I think it would be good if the Beavs beat the Ducks simply because I am a BSU Bronco, and since we beat the Ducks already, it would be good if the Beavs beat the Ducks, too.

:) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Beautiful photos....gads, it looks like Cole's feet are almost as big as Josh's....the kids are growing up with every camera shot...keep shooting!


Love the pics! Is everyone pulling on each others hair?


Daddy wrestling is the best and is best served by Daddy! My two boys love to wrestle with their dad :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Erica Hettwer

And the Civil War is in Eugene this year. Which sucks because the Ducks are much worse away than at home.

Go Beavs!!!


Love your photos. I really struggle with my indoor photography at night. You are awesome.

Christina H.

I am an Ohio State fan and alum and since whoever wins (The Beavers or the Ducks) will be playing us in the Rose Bowl, I will be cheering for the Beavers. I just don't like them Ducks. :)


I am an Ohio State fan and I can't wait for the Rose Bowl. I had no idea that the beloved Beavers were a candidate!


Ohio State Buckeye Alum here! Go Bucks! Hope we get to play the Beavers!


I love coming here.

Melissa Mann

great photos!

carrie hicks

Cute! I wouldn't want to live in your house on Dec. 4th...Go Ducks!

Carrie Hicks


Yes go Beavers! Karen, the email address I have for you is not working, could you send me your new one? Thanks, Jodi


What fun love these real life shots!


The game on Saturday will be HUUUUGGGEEEE. So great that both Oregon teams are doing so well. Are you going?


can't believe how long Annie's hair is getting

TerriB in Oregon

Gotta say, Go Ducks! Great pics, by the way!


Go Beavers! Beat the ducks!

I can't believe I'm routing for the Beavers.


Make sure you share this with Josh.

Great pics Karen.


As one who lives in Huskyland, Go Beavers, beat the ducks! We have family in Eugene, I've never been a Duck fan though!

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