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Looks like you had a great time and the pictures are great of New Orleans - it's been a long time since I've been there but I'd like to go back sometime. Since I am from Arkansas and lived near the border of Louisiana - me and friends made several "runs" through those "drive-through" margarita shops - they were the BEST! LOL :o)

teresa b

That's awesome Karen.. looks like you have a great time!


Karen, I'm so glad you got to visit NO... I have lots of family that lives there... Never a dull moment....I love it there and I was so wishing I could make it over there to attend one of your classes but my daughter was in from Houston and it just wasn't in the cards for me to get over that way (4 Hours one way)... BOOOO HOOOO.... Well Maybe next time... Oh if you are ever in Houston I would attend your class then...


It looks like an absolutely wonderful city.

And I LOVE your mom now! :D

Deanna Misner

Hilarious! I'm laughing hysterically at your comments about NOLA. I guess being from the South, and having had my own adventures in the Quarter (and having never been to Oregon) I just assume that everyone else has these things too. Well, maybe not the tassels, but still. You captured the city beautifully, and I could almost hear the sidewalk band, and I wanted to taste those margaritas! hee! Gorgeous photos as always! Glad you enjoyed your time down here! :D


queso and margarita machines? we're missing out here in oregon! :) qdoba has queso that is pretty good, although i'm sure it's way better at a non 'fast food' type burrito joint. mmm. now i want chips and queso...

and your hilarious is she?! i'm still giggling!

Melissa Mann

awesome pictures!! I SOOO wish I could have made it out there to one of those classes...looks like they were tons of fun!

Moriah Bettencourt

hahahahah! Love the pics of New Orleans!!! Your mother has boobie tassles? LOL I bet mine does too but I'm definitely NOT going to ask. LOL

Through the magic of Facebook I was able to send a note to my husbands cousin & tell her you were coming to her area & she took your class! She's been raving about it all over (Hi Bonnie!!!). Now I want you to come to the SF Bay Area so that I can take an in person class too since I've already taken your online class. *Pretty Please*! :)

Lisa B.

SO glad you enjoyed your brief visit to NO! We try to get down there once a year or so. You need to come on down for Mardi Gras! They'll demo the boobie tassels! LOL!
I can't believe they fed you queso and chips though! Much better food there than that!! Hard to beat the mixed drinks though.


Great photos!! I've only been to NO once too, on business, and I loved it. I'd love to go back and spend more time. I notice that you did not indicate whether you purchased the margaritas and/or the tassels. ;)


And also, why do I suspect that not much LOVE is involved in those "love acts"?


Ain't no other place like it in the U.S---it's WILD! But you probably can't find any nicer people in the U.S. either. Or better food.

And if walking down Bourbon Street just knowing there's "SOMETHING" going on in those clubs isn't enough, they have PICTURES IN LIVING COLOR to show you WHAT'S going on in there!!! Those alone made me blush quite frequently.

You need to take your mom next time...tassles and all...OMG!!! @u@

Glad y'all had fun. You'll never forget your first time there!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Lovin' your mom right now. Am I the only one who wonders how those boobie tassels stay on?

Thanks for the great blog and the great photos. . . now you have to come to DC.

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


Love, love, love these pictures! And now I'm totally inspired to get through margaritas???!?!?!?! Amazing! Although I think I can pass on the boobie tassels. LOL!


I vaguely remember a conversation between my mom and aunt about how to get those tassels spinning in different directions.

allison Gottlieb

that boobie tassels comment about your Mom killed me. :)

Christy "cupcake" cochran

Wow we had sooo much fun that afternoon. I want to do it again. Anytime you want to come visit you just let us know and we will show u all around and Boil some crawfish for you too!!! Your class was amazing and i learned sooo many things. I really enjoyed getting to know you as a person and not as a! Can't wait to see you again.



Stacey R

Hey, Karen,

I was in your Saturday class in Prairieville. I learned so much. I loved every minute of it. I was born and raised in NOLA, but I've since moved on to Houston. I just wanted to give you a hint for next time you're in NOLA, they don't call them "margarita shops." Those are "daiquiri shops" down there. Now you'll be ready when you bring Josh down for an adult getaway. ;)


WAIT...chips & queso? No cajun food or southern cuisine...not even a praline???? What's wrong with this picture? Oh, you missed out girlfriend! The food is where it's AT! LOL!

I don't go to N.O. much, but I agree with you on Bourbon will definitely make you blush! Glad you had fun. time it would be a blast to take a busload of your class members down for a photoshoot lesson!

I had to laugh about the drive-through margarita shops...we have those drive-through daquiri places in NE Louisiana too. Go figure.

And I'm still ROFL about your Mom's boobie-tassels! Too funny! hahahaha

Kristal Jones

How I wish I could have been at your Houma class. uuugh! Maybe next time.

Isn't New Orleans so fun to photograph? I {love} the pic of J.T.

Next time you come, have some good Louisiana food and a daiquiri. My fave daiquiri is Bailey's & Cream. Yum!

Tammy Morales

Great post - love the margarita corner - need one of those, but have to say the comment from your mom had me laughing out loud!! gotta love moms


Loved the class -- you were indeed exteremely entertaining, hilariously funny and incredibly informative!!!! Glad you had a chance for a few hours in NO -- truly a unique city. Love your photos. Now, about those boobie-tassels -- your mom can tell you this now, because you are an adult. But you can't discuss whether or now you purchased some of your own till Annie is at least 30!!!! lol!!! Thanks again for a great day!!


So glad you got to see New Orleans, I was there on Sunday and Monday just down the street at the convention center for the Helen Brett Jewelry show. Love New Orleans,,,,,,theres no other place like it. I live 90 minutes from N.O. and maybe visit once a year....but it's one of my very favorite places to go.


No Queso in Oregon? That's just plain crazy.

Quick and easy queso recipe: brown sausage (I like the spicy stuff), add to crockpot with roughly cubed velveeta and a jar of salsa (if your salsa is very fresh and/or watery, drain off the liquid first). Add diced green chilis for good measure. Heat on high until melted, then turn down to lowest setting. Perfect at pot lucks or for company!


Love the pictures of New Orleans. Where can I find your teaching schedule? I would love to take one of your classes.


Mothers were young once and many of us are still very young at heart......hum....boobie tassels?


I loved this post SERIOUSLY. :) I think you captured the essence beautifully in 4 hours. Imagine what you could do in 4 DAYS.

And okay, I'm with DO those boobie tassles stay on? And does it hurt when you take them off?? Yeouch!


love your photos! especially the bourbon street ones. my brother went there with a friend of the family when he was a senior in high school. he's about 42 now and to this day he's never told us about anything he saw or did there and still blushes when it's mentioned. hilarious.


And this is why I love my Auntie... See you soon, the annual football game approaches :)


Hey Karen, i don't often write comments on blogs but i always want to on yours! thanks for being an honest mum. your blog posts are hillarious and i so enjoy reading them!!

Helen Tilbury

Now I always did wonder where I could get me a pair of boobie the photos...New Orleans definitely looks like my kinda place (especially Bourbon Street ;-D)

Jennifer Kreller

Yep, I think next time you will have to stay so you can say you drove through a daiquiri shop and got a daiquiri!!! We like to drink down here, chips, salsa, and queso too!

Thanks again for coming, we LOVED having you and you will definetly will have to come again! Glad you made it out to the city for a few hours! Next time: swamp tour!

Tammy Mellish

TOTALLY rolling over your mothers comment.. funniest thing EVER!

Loving the pictures of your New Orleans.. makes me want to go! My husband and I spent a day in NYC last month and had a blast and your photo of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. reminded me of that trip because I have to tell you. We went into the shrimp co. in NYC and I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants and several times my guys told me to pull myself together LOLOL!!


After reading your lastest post first, I had to laugh at the boobie tassels even more!!! You should have picked some up for Josh Down's entertainment ;o)and done your "shimmy" move-just don't do it infront of Ross ;o) I hope you know that I am just teasing you!

Would love to see you in person again in the Northwest!


Oh no, your class came two years too late! I lived in New Orleans for 7 years prior to my husband being relocated back to our hometown on the east coast of Canada two years ago. I love, love the city and we regularly visit (just down a few weeks ago for a wedding and a New Orleans Saints game).

If you ever go back and have a little more time, head uptown. Bourbon Street/the French Quarter are fun, but there are some really great uptown restaurants, bars and music venues that are fabulous, and tend to be populated by many locals. Gives you a great feel for the real flavor of the city. Glad you had a good time there, I miss it so much!


I missed you class when you taught in Jacksonville. When I learned that you were going to Mania, I immediately signed my daughter up as a birthday present. She loved the class and has already posted on Facebook a few pictures practicing what she learned! Love the pictures of NO, time you visit try a little bar called YO Mama' burgers around!


sounds like vegas. only cooler. :)


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