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Adorable shots, she is just the cutest. I'm so jealous of those leaves, we are heading into summer here so no glorious autumnal tones.


LOVE these pictures - what fun it looks like she had playing in the leaves! I miss those days. :o( Have fun at your workshop! :o)


Lovely photos! Our leaves are all slimey already.

Rebecca W.

Wish I had a camera that I need you to teach me to use....still on a point and shoot! One day i'm sure I'll be able to take a class. Hope you enjoy Louisiana while you are here.


She is so cute, Karen! I always smile when you post photos of here.

Kristal Jones

Next time you come to Louisiana, I hope I can go. So sad that I'm going to miss your class this weekend. :( Hope you have a great time!!


Ugh! Saw the LA and only the LA, thought it was Los Angeles. Yelled for my mum asked if I could sign up instead I'm doing extra geography homework. I can't win.


Wonderful pictures.


Maybe you could add the Austin, TX area to your workshop schedule?! (wishful hoping!)


She is just the cutest!

Michelle A.

Your pictures just blow me away!!!! Hopefully, some of my reading your blog will rub off & my pictures will improve. I would love to take a class from you if you ever come to Central Virginia.


OMYDOG those are the BEST pix!! all your pix are fab, but that Annie has a special place in my heart!! especially when she's being a tad bad!! wink!! travel safe!! smooch!!


Hey---I thought you were taking a break from blogging!!!! (But, I'm glad to see these photos and posts!) Did you get a Lens Baby? I see you are experimenting a bit.--Love it.

Kimberly Minyard

LOVE these pictures, again jealous of the leaves and colors. hope you have fun in LA. be safe and have fun.

gina f.

safe travels, adorable pictures , and have laughed the past couple days at what a good problem solver your husband is!!


OMG I can't believe you are coming to LA. I live 45 minutes from Houma. Ilove your blog and would love to take your class. Your pictures are awesome!! Enjoy our Bayou State while you are here. I hope you get some good food while you are here. Any seafood Restaurant should do you nicely. Our food is probably our best asset, well next to our hospitality!

Kim Bolyard

I love, love, love these photos...I wish I had a little one around to photograph....



Have a safe trip! We'd love to have you come to Maryland sometime :) Also, sending my thoughts & prayers to those soldiers (and their families) stationed at Ft. Hood in Texas!


I just was missing your photos and your blog and just wandered over here, and YES!!! I am so pleased to see and enjoy your wonderful photos and the sweet stories of your family. Have a safe trip tomorrow -- enjoy N.O. -- and see you Saturday!! Can't wait!


Oh I wish we got leaves like that down here in Southern California. I gave myself a "fall" assingment last week and all I can manage is a shot of some green leaves that we slightly orange/red/brown in a few corners.

LOVE your shots!!!!!! You need to come back to Southern California!


Gorgeous photos - I Love the autumn colours and Annie's outfit is so cute!

Heather Freeman

I am so glad you didnt stay away from blogging for too long! I SO enjoy your photos and stories! ANd, in case I havent mentioned it, I cant wait for you to be my teacher!

Jen Ely

I love these Karen!! I just tried to get shots of the kids in the leaves and every one had leaves in front of their faces. They get too carried away w/ their leave throwing!!! These are great!!!

Sascha Schmidt

Beautiful girl, Great Stage, Great photographer
Greets vom Austria
Take Care


I have to tell you, I am so glad your back. Its like seeing an old friend again! LOVE your photographs.

Nicole Landry (Houma, LA)

Had a great time in your class today!

Thanks for coming!


TOO DARN CUTE, Karen I am always in awe of your pics. I really need this one day photo class, theres so much my camera can do, that I dont take advantage of and I have some darn handsome boys to practice on! TFS!

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Kids are kids simply innocent and naughty little mischief's spread a smile on others face.she is an innocent loving baby playing with leaves.Her age is of smiling and cheering no worry at all leaving all worries to parents.

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oh so cute! i think she's enjoying that day :D
nice pics!

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