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Sheer genius! Wow! Great problem solving and something I'm going to file away for when my kids do the same. Haahaa

allison Gottlieb

Thanks for the tip Josh!!


Wow, that's really hilarious! I might just need to carry one around. lol


That is Priceless!


I'm de-lurking to say..
that is the funniest thing i've heard/read in weeks.
thanks for the serious belly laugh. too funny.


Thanks for the laugh!!! Tooo funny and a story to tell for years to come. I can see it now: Annie is 22 years old and someone says "Remember the time Annie stuck the air gun pellet in Dylan's ear?" Laughs for years to come and she has had a million of them in her short life, but this tops them all!!!

Shari Barnes

That is too funny! Clever thinking!


love "things in ears/nose stories"! my friend, when he was little. got a grape stuck up his nose. told his mom and ended up in the doc. office to have it removed. they also found a penny and two dimes!


Absolutely brilliant! heeeee!




Josh truly is an engineer at work and at home!


OK that is just hilarious!!! And I love the fact you got a picture to go along with story!


that is seriously hilarious! but what i find funnier is the fact that you actually photographed it happening!


I just love your stories - and the best part is that in the midts of everything you remeber to take a picture....thanks for the morning laughter. Have a great day!

Jennifer M.

That was funny! A new and innovative use of a Shop Vac!


It's always scary to get calls like that... but to have a photo of the guys with the shop vac--PRICELESS!!! Thank you for the smile!!

jennifer Compton

Totally sounds like something we'd do around here. Love it!


I really needed a good laugh to start my day. Thanks.


OMG ... that is too dang funny!


Seriously? I love men. They are INGENIOUS. And look at their FACES, people! That is classic! Pure comedy…

Suzette Mahoney

Great story! Former lurker here...


Seriously too funny. I'm so glad I read your blog (as usual) before heading out to work. Thanks for setting the tone for my day :)


He must really love her to let her stick something in his ear!


OMG - that's HILARIOUS!!!


Poor Annie, she must have been so upset. The picture is great, looks like the guys had a good laugh. Did you get a picture of Annie.


That is soooo funny. Made my day.

Kim P

First the Rotozip tool, now the Shop-Vac. What's next? Love it!! Sounds like fun times at your house!


Too too funny. We had a similar incident where we duct taped up the hose on our vacuum cleaner to get a rock out of our youngest daughters nose. It saved us a trip to the hospital too.

Gotta love these red neck husbands.


THAT IS SOOOOOOOO HILARIOUS!! I am laughing soooo hard right now! Annie will LOVE that story FOREVER!!! :)

laura j

too funny!!!!!

Vicki Aday

Ahhh, trying not to scream out laughing because I am at work. So funny! Oh this is why I check your blog everyday; it always puts a smile on my face. :)


LOL too funny!
Wish I had thought of the shop-vac a couple of years ago. Beats $75 in the emergency room.


Oh that is so funny- way to go, Josh! Anything to avoid an ER visit!


Dylan's so sweet for letting Annie do it.

And Josh's crazy idea was GENIUS.

Loving that picture; smiles all round. (:


OH WOW - I AM IMPRESSED! LOL I'll remember that next time. Glad everything was okay - way to go, Josh! :o)

nancy in ks

Maybe Shop Vac can buy advertising here now. :-)


for the love of parenting....fair warning; macaroni noodles are the exact size of a nostril....i might try the shop vac on the next toddler who tries that one.. love that you are back on here sharing little bits of life karen

Helen Tilbury

Karen that is absolutely hilarious! And your photograph is will be laughing about that forever :-D A friend of mine here is taking your January class & I would love to take your next one. Please could you send me details...and add me to what I hear is a very long waiting list ;-D

Rebecca Boyer

BWwwaaaahhhhhhhhh! That's awesome! Thanks for a laugh out loud moment!


LOL! Thanks for the laugh!


ALOL. That is hilarious! Josh is ingenious man! Poor Annie. I'm sure she didn't mean for this to all happen.


That is SO funny! I am just glad I'm not the only one who has kids that do that sort of thing!


Boy Josh's "manly tools" are getting used for lots of things these days :) Too funny!


brilliant! absolutely brilliant!


oh... my... gosh!!!!!!!!!! lol

tara pollard pakosta

your hubby is getting useful with all his "tools" LOL! first the pumpkins and now the ear. what next LOL! tara

Annie L.

that is so funny. :-)


Omy heck! That is hysterical!!! MacGuyver!

We used a high-speed suction (with a surgical tip) to get a roly-poly out of my son's ear when he was'd think Dylan would know better at his age...haha.

Lisa Dale aka Mylerna

This is priceless.

Gena - MI

OH MY! Sooo funny! Only a guy would think of removing something with the Shop Vac! :) I'm surprised the noise from the Shop Vac didn't cause hearing damage ;)

TerriB in Oregon

This kills me, I laughed for quite a while about the whole situation!


You can't make this stuff up. Hilarious.

Cate O'Malley

What a way to save the day (and a trip to the hospital!) - genius!

teresa b

See this is one of those laugh out loud moments!! That's hilarious! and so an Engineers way of thinking!! hahahahahaha


holy crap.


by the way.....hi,'s been awhile :)


How did she get it in his ear?!? Was he asleep, or what? I mean, she's still pretty small (or so it seems from the photos). You'd think he could escape the clutches of a preschooler with an Airsoft pellet!!!

Sally Davidson

Thanks for *not* posting the picture of the pellet after it came out of his ear. ;)

Lisa Spiegel

Okay. I've used the same technique to remove a bead from a nostril.'s just plain old good parenting, lol.


OMG that is so funny!! I have to share this daughter came in from outside one day having a fit because a bug flew in her ear. I had no idea what to do and she was in a panic because she could feel it moving around but it wasn't coming out. I got a flashlight took her into a dark room and put the light to her ear and out came the bug. YUCK..I know, but we got it out. Great thinking Josh!!


That is hysterical! Good thinking Josh!


You ALWAYS crack me up with your stories. I'd love to spend a day in your house just for the sack of tummy ache kind of laughing....


Wow, this is exactly why we need men in our lives-really I can't think of too many women who would have come up with this! Thanks to God for creating us perfectly different:)

Kim L.

Bah - who needs a stinkin' M.D. behind their name?! Get the S.V.D. - Shop Vac Doctor! Thanks for the laugh!

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