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Bernice Colyandro

Beautiful pictures! Happy Halloween.




Great pictures! Love all of their costumes! Coley made a great Harry Potter!!!

Sara M

Awesome!!! I love all of the neat old houses, the tree lined streets, and of course the cute kids.




Awesome pics Karen! The kids had great costumes!

Melanie C.

Great pictures!

Tammy Mellish

SUPERB.. smiled the whole time looking at them.. STILL SMILIN'!!


I'm always so inspired by your pictures!! I wish my kids were younger and I had a second chance to capture those memories!

Grace P

aww what fun pictures!! They look so adorable..


Wow! Awesome shots! Looks like y'all had such fun!


How fun! I think my favorite shot was #7 or #8 surrounded by the Fall leaves/colors (we don't really have much of a fall here in Texas!) I hope you enjoyed your week off of blogging! We all missed your posts :)


1- Your pictures are wonderful.
2- That neighborhood looks lovely.
3- Your kids are super cute.


The street you trick or treat on looks gorgeous with the foliage!!!! Perfect for picture taking!!!

Judy Webb

Your children are always adorable, your photos great and it only took 5 days off for you to return refreshed and BRIGHT as always.


I love how no one raked the leaves, really frames the shots. What a beautiful neighborhood.


I LOVE EVERY PHOTO! BEAUTIFUL! I told my son that I wanted to take pictures like you do in my lifetime.

Erin Sweeney

These are so good! I wish I could get great trick-or-treat photos but my girls are always too excited to stand still for any amount of time. That, and it's dark about 15 minutes into it!

Jennifer M.

What fantastic pictures. As always, your talent blows me away.


that was so UBBERLY cute I can't stand it. Love love love the pictures and love the fall of your Trick Or Treat Zone. B E A utiful.


What great pictures!! Love the neighborhood and the kids!

Cate O'Malley

Love the pics! Your Dorothy sounds like my Raggedy Ann ... impossible to get her to sit still for 30 seconds for a picture, let alone one with the wig on. All too much fun nonetheless!


Thank you Karen:
I just thought I would check, cause although you said you were taking time off, I hoped you would share a few Halloween pics. Love the costumes-well done! And the picture (#8) from behind the gang with the tree lined street is absolutely gorgeous-amazing!! Thank you for sharing! Hope all is well.


Stunning, simply stunning!
I tried so hard! I made a list, checked it twice and got my kids down for naps because they were both naughty and NOT, they slept until 4pm. Woke up starving, made pizza's, got dressed and gosh darnit, if it wasn't too dark to get amazing (I had great expectations) photo!
But then when I sat back and thought about it, no one on our street was home to even hand out candy until 5:30pm, so it would have been a bust regardless! we would have been roaming the street with no candy to be had!
Maybe next year! Thanks for the inspiration, you rock!


looks like a magical halloween night little missy....i sure hope that the carving night included some melon baller memories ;) we did that on halloween before trick or treating and i thought of you!!! Hope your weekend was happy sweetie!


Beautiful, the kids looks gorgeous and the autumn colours in your area are stunning.


The pictures are beautiful, Karen! The kids looked so cute in their costumes!

Mary Ann

oh my gosh these are beautiful!
thanks once again for the inspiration.


Cute costumes and the fall colors and homes are so quintessential small town America. Each picture looks like something from a storybook. I think my favorite is the one with the elderly man is handing out candy. Awesome!


What a gorgeous neighborhood, just like in the movies!

Michelle A

Again, great photos!! I am seriously in love with pic #8, the 4 walking down the middle of the road. Gorgeous. And I am so jealous that your neighborhood looks like that. So inspiring.


Beautiful pics! The fall colors look so vibrant there...not so much here in TN. The kiddos look absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!


Oh my gosh!!! Coley Potter *gg* cracks me up!!! He's looking so cute and all potter-ish *lol* Awesome costumes!!! And as always, I love your photos! Can't wait to attend one of your workshops hopefully some time soon ;)

Sherri Rodgers

Karen, A heartfelt "WELCOME BAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!" I missed you, your stories and of course, the fabulous pics!


These are the best Halloween pictures EVER!! Seriously. You're blessed with amazing talent ... and beautiful kids!

libbi m.

i was just staring at these stunning photos... thinking to myself... this neighborhood looks so familiar. did you go to valley view drive in medford? i grew up in one of those old homes. did you know that at one point the city of medford wanted to cut down all those gorgeous trees but there was a terrible uproar of all the people in that neighborhood that saved all those lovely trees from being cut down. one of my favorite parts of that beautiful street and sometimes i drive down that street just to go thru the "tunnel of trees," which is what i called it a long, long, time ago.


What a gorgeous place to trick or treat! The fall colors are wonderful.


Welcome back from another Oregon blog stalker!! We have missed your pictures and your stories, but obviously we have all been checking to see if you are back! Awesome pictures and costumes! You are so talented! I wish I would have done a blog when my kids were younger-did they have them then?? (Not that I want random stalkers who are inspired by me-wow!) Thanks for all you do!!


Beautiful BEAUTIFUL shots, Karen!
Oh, how I miss you and how I miss being in class with you!!!!!!!!



I love the pictures! What lens were you shooting these with??


WELCOME BACK, I missed you! Love the costumes and the pictures are absolutely stunning! The colors, the sharpness of everything - beautiful!


LOVE them! Great colors in these pics.


Awesome pictures......and Coley made a great harry potter! All the costumes were great. love the ruby slippers and the nurses costume is adorable.


So cute! I am in awe of the beauty of where you live :) TFS.

Conni them too cute...
Weird my three were
1. a Doctor = nurse
2. Private school girl (with plaid jumper) = Harry
3. Dororthy = Dorothy

Dorothy was popular 3 in Sami's Pre-K this year, and I thought she was being original!!

So cute as usual!

laura j

The tree lined road photo is the colors! Wow, Coley makes a great Harry Potter and the girls look so cute!!!

Beth P.

Gorgeous photos and love the costumes! The scenery makes me want to move to Oregon.


Wow!! Absolute perfection!!!


Gosh I thought I was looking through a magazine. I can see why you were excited to edit them. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us.


Oh Karen these photos are precious!! I just LOVE them all!! Wish I could do that!


All of your shots are great, but these photos with that amazing fall scenery are just amazing!


Gorgeous pictures! The kids are so cute!

Tina Riddell

sooo glad you're back!! love the pics -- especially the facial expressions!!


They are so cute! What great photos!


A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!! Beautiful pictures (as always) - I stalk your blog and I've missed you :)

Jen P

OMG Karen the setting you have for these pictures is AH-mazing!!!! WOW! Gorgeous!


oh my goodness! you live in such a magical place. looks like a fairytale. beautiful images.


you have the most beautful and picturesque street and homes in your neighborhood! as your photos!!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Fantastic photos and great costumes! I especially like Coley's...he makes a perfect Harry Potter! :) And is your street perfect for photos or what?? I wish we had those autumn colors here in CA...I really do miss having seasons!


Awesome costumes & great shots like always.

gina f.

those are some beautiful photos!!


Awesome pics!Kids look so cute in their costumes! Mine weren't that great (pictures) but that's okay. We had a good time.


thanks for sharing karen...(my all time fav blogger friend!) funny, my mom lived in jacksonville for years... those photos remind me of it... thanks for sharing, so glad you did.


wonderful photos and I love those costumes.

Helen Walsh

Love all of the outfits but I think Coley wins because he makes a very convincing Harry Potter!

Kimberly Minyard

I am jealous of all of the fall colors. I live in Florida and we do not get to have fall. Pictures are wonderful. I loved Coley as Harry Potter, and being a nurse made Courtney Lee look a little older. Annie as an awesome Dorothy. Thanks for sharing and I can not wait for Jan.. I am in that class.


You live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods! (I'm sure you know this) The kind that brings you back to your roots of family, and love, and simplicity, and OMGoodness...trees, and homes, and I am happy for you!


Glad it was a short break! The kids are adorable! Love the pics as always.


That little girl is IMPOSSIBLY cute....!


You are just amazing!! Those are gorgeous!!

Kim P

Oh, I'm so glad I checked your blog today! Wow, such wonderful pictures!! What a gorgeous setting for trick-or-treating. I love, love, LOVE the trees and that awesome wood door! Cute kids too, of course. I'm interested in how you handle letting the kids eat their candy. You always have such great ideas - can you share?


OMG I LOVE these - they are absolutely beautiful and the kids are SO DARN CUTE and ADORABLE that it's not even funny! I love the "Autumn Color" shot of Josh and the kiddos walking down the street - that is just GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing, Karen! Can't wait to see your pumpkin shots! :o)

Sally Davidson

Thank you for taking the time to post these. Love them all. :)

allison Gottlieb

I really get so inspired by reading your blog and admiring your photos. What a beautiful place you live - those colors on the trees are to die for!!! Thanks as always for sharing!


Your kids are adorable, kind of fun that I also had a Harry Potter and a Dorothy this year, but I wish I would have had you to take their pictures!


YEA!!! You came back!! Great pictures!! Coley is a perfect Harry Potter!! So cute, looked like the perfect Halloween!!


Can I move into your neighborhood?! Really beautiful surroundings. Your pictures are so wonderful. It looks like a photo shoot from Martha Stewart's Living magazine. Your children will really appreciate them when they become adults.

Blessings, Tracy


LOVE your pictures. Your kids are so darn cute! ;-)


welcome back..seriously..amazing beautiful photos and one of my vey favorite blogs, I know I have said it a million times, but it is!!!


Wow, wow, wow. What great shots and what fabulous color and the richness of it all. Wow.

Nicole Ellison

i LOVE each and every one of your pictures!!!! Your children are adorable! Annie reminds me so much of when I was little! I can't wait for my mom to get here so I can show her...because I think that is exactly what I looked like!


Idyllic neighborhood....not to mention the kids...they look pretty idyllic too! (or is that the magic of photoshop?) ha.

Paola Norman

Karen those photos are fantastic!

teresa b

Awh I love the photos Karen.. the autumn colored trees were breathtaking!!


A picture perfect're my hero!! Looks like the kids had a fun time trick or treating...great costumes.

Cindy Welch

GEORGEOUS. The colors are so great, need to tricker treat when its light!!! Love them karen.

Laura Mood

Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Although, I'm jealous... we have no fall leaves here in FL and it was in the 80's so trick or treating just wasn't what it should be.

Tonia Borrosch my "Karen's fabulous photos" fix. Thank you VERY much. What cool looking houses they got to trick or treat at and their costumes all look GREAT!


Welcome back...missed you.


All of the shots are perfect. Such great captions and the area looks beautiful. I have to stay it though, Coley makes an AMAZING and perfect Harry Potter.

Laura Plunk

Oh wonderful pictures, great tree lined street....

laura P
Southern OR

Kim L.

Your kids are such hams! Your photos are awesome!

Ann Hedvig

Beautiful kids and pics. Love the way you have edited them :o)


The pictures of Annie are just amazing. We went trick or treating at 5:30pm, so that I could have "good" light for taking pictures. Everyone on our street was home, but wrangling a 3yo & a 5 you for pictures is just hard to do sometimes.

Rhonda M

These are awesome!


The kids in their costumes are so stinkin' CUTE!!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos!


Absolutely stunning photos as usual! I'll have to think about taking the kids to a different neighborhood for wonderful backdrops.


WOW. Again I think if I had your adorable funny kids, that beautiful tree-lined street (way to go, Josh Downs), and um, your photo skills, my own pictures would be a lot prettier. :D Seriously though, you're a genius for taking them out before dark.

Shari Barnes

Can we come trick-or-treat with you next year?? ;-) AWESOME neighborhood! Josh gets some brownie points for picking this one out!! GORGEOUS colors and beautiful images, as always!


Love your photos!! These are all just delightful!

Kristy Klaassen

awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!
Great pics...and so glad you're posting again! :)
Coley makes a FABULOUS Harry Potter!

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