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The Lady of the house

She is so clever!


Settle would not be the word I would use to describe this photo....She looks so grown up. I still can not stop laughing about the "Bikini" incident. That is beyond funny.

Jennifer M.

What a sweet picture. And that story was so great.

Kathy C


christina cute. i love all the funny things kids say. i actually have a notebook where i write all the funny things my kids do and say (i've done this since they were small), and it's so fun for them to read through them. love the photo as well, just beautiful

Heather Freeman

and how perfect it is! What a great story, too!


I think if you have settle for ANY photo, you can settle for this one. It's wonderful and captures Annie in the pensive mode ... The same one that gave her permission to correct her dad on the counting thing!


Love the picture! She is just beyond adorable!


OMG Karen - I just don't see HOW you can ever get mad and upset with her for anything - she's just TOO DARN CUTE AND PRECIOUS!!!

traci in virginia

Beautiful Picture!

Kathleen Kraft

It may not be the picture you wanted but it is fabulous...these are the ones we'll remember all of our lives...


I just love her! :)


The truth and wisdom of children is the best...I think that is just one reason God gave them to teach us how important and how precious the real things in life can be.


I want an Annie!


Such a precious little child. And such a blessing in your life! Personally, I think this is a perfect "portrait" (if we must label) of Annie.

Melissa Mann

:-) She is so funny!


There's no settling about this photo. It is stunning!!!!


What a sweet picture. In regard to your post below.... two summers ago this is what happened. We live in a quiet little neighborhood. Our neighbor's son was playing in the back yard. A man approached the fence. The mother saw it through the window as the man grabbed her 7 year old son. She ran out along with thier big dog. Luckily he let go. She chased him down the street and then realized she should be at home with both children. The police tried to say it was the meter man and dismissed it until a mass email went out to the area and then the police finally got involved. Very sad, the police should believe and protect. The same week a man in a van approached two children on the back side of our island. The kids ran. The reality shocked all of us. It is real, it can happen.... my daughter could not sleep in her room for months. She was scared someone would come through the window at night. It is a good lesson to teach your children.


So, truth be told, I have always loved Annie (and at this point, I sound a little stalkerish I know - but your photos tell such a personal story and your words enhance that story, I often do get the sense that I "KNOW" you and your family - and we *have* actually met IRL, so does that count ;-P )... ok back to this... Annie has the most impish face, I've seen a lot of children in my years working in the birth to five arena and let me tell you something you most certainly already know... this one, this one has got something. She has this sense of wonder with a heart of strength. And this photo? This photo is absolutely perfect.


This is such a beautiful shot! A young life, holding a young branch. It just screams promise and growth.

Loving your blog as always! :)

Paola Norman

Beautiful photo and Annie says the funniest things.

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