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I love documenting the little moments.
And Annie's bed set is adorable! I want one! (:


Nancy Wyatt

Love the photos! My hubby always frowns at me when I try to catch life's little moments. He so doesn't get it ;) Thanks for sharing! Hugs from Conroe, TX!


Thanks for the reminder, Karen! I tend to also just capture the big events and not the small, day to day stuff. The pictures are beautiful.


Annie's monkey looks familiar . . . McDees? Cool Pics!

Sally Davidson

I always love when you document the "little" things, Karen. I love catching little glimpses in your day to day lives.

And I love Annie's bedding! Pottery Barn, right?



Love the pic of Courtney drawing the clown!

Melissa Mann

great pictures!

tara pollard pakosta

I am just the opposite!
I capture the everyday and the event stuff just
escapes me because I am too busy living in it,not
enough down time or the light is bad etc.
I think you do a great job of documenting family trips you take
and lunches, everyday stuff! you do awesome!


Thanks for the reminder to catch the everyday stuff!


Awww. these are wonderful, Karen! Thanks for sharing and thanks for reminding us that we need to document the little every day things too. :o)


YAY!! insulation in the attic....awesome awesome pics girlie....the little stuff is what its all about *wink*


I have always thought you documented the littel things in life really well, I think that is one of the things I like most about your blog is that it reminds me to take my camera with me (almost) all the time, that and your awesome photography.


Hi Karen...Your pictures are do you have such bright pictures in your home..DO you have white walls? I am on your waitlist:) Hoping to learn more soon!


as the song goes, "just another day in paradise".

Susan L (lily40au)

I always thought you captured 'life' so well ... we're always hardest on ourselves aren't we?


more, please.


you are awesome at documenting so much. so wonderful. i want to live next door to you. :)


LOL that sounded creepy- live next door to hang, not to watch you or something ahhahaha :)

Susan Elliott

God Bless Ross. Looks like he got the raw end of the deal.

Susan Elliott

oops. I meant God Bless Josh. I'm gettin' old...

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