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PPPUUUULLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEEE...Your blog is one of my very very favorites....keep on "keepin' on....


Karen, I don't read crappy blogs. And I come to yours all the time. Please don't stop!! :(


You are not a bad blogger and really I think there is an epidemic of reluctant bloggers lately. I feel the same way so end up posting mundane lackluster posts. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

Hang in there. I'll wait for you to come back.


WHAT? Ah no you are one of the best bloggers I know. Great photos, great writing.

Jennifer Kolakowski

YOU are the farthest thing from a crappy blogger. Thank you for all the inspiration and honest, funny, funny words!!

Jen K.


Enjoy your time off and you ARE NOT A CRAPPY BLOGGER. Life happens and we'll all deal with what the cards we are dealt. I love your blog!


Crappy blogger? Seriously? Yours is one of my favourite blogs. Your photography is AMAZING and such an inspiration. I sign up to your RSS feeds and always enjoy looking at your photos saying "HOW DOES SHE MAKE THEM LOOK SO GOOD?!".

Excellent blogging. So stop saying bad things about it. That is all.


I love your blog. It reminds me that it doesnt matter where we live in the world there are things that are the same or similar even when it comes to being in the service or life in general. You are also a very talented photographer and an inspiration.


Karen, you do not have a crappy blog!!! Why are you beating yourself up? I love to see your pictures and read your stories about your Josh Downs, your children, your extended family, bff Jill, photography and whatever you feel like writing about. But if you feel you need to take a break, then do it! You've got to do what is best for you. Don't ever forget that.

teresa b

Karen.. I think you are a fantastic blogger!! I love reading your blog.. your stories make me laugh out loud, cry, sigh and scream.. not all at the same time!! Your photos are so inspiring - you make me want to become a better photographer.. your awesome Karen.. don't be so hard on yourself.. it's okay to take a break.. take a few.. just don't go away.. Or I will be sad.. sniff sniff


I dont keep up with but a FEW blogs and yours is one of them and ive also passed it on to many others. keep up the good work your inspire me
thank you

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