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I think you're an awesome blogger and the picture at the end is just STUNNING and SO BEAUTIFUL! The colors are amazing! :o)


I think you are a wonderful blogger! Even when you don't say much and just post lots of pictures, I like that, not that I don't like reading what you have to say, but just so you know, there's no pressure from me to be all wordy!
Love the photo, looks like they are sizing eachother up. We had beautiful photo worthy leaves and then one night it got below freezing for some stupid abnormal reason and now all the leaves are black.

Carol Miller

You are a fabulous blogger Karen. Please keep up the good work. You are an inspiration! Happy Weekend-Go BEAVS!!! Carol M


Cute pic. You are so not a crappy blogger. And apparently also good at math! ;-) Go with flow, girl, I stick around. =)


Love the picture! I have really enjoyed reading your blog through the years (seeing the kids grow up, laughing at the stories you tell, and getting inspiration from the beautiful pictures you post).

Barb P.

love your blogging, your photos, it all. thanks for sharing as I check in regularly. Even though class is over I continue to learn from you!

Jo E

You are a great blogger and an inspiration to me as a photographer, a mother and as a scrapbooker. You should blog because you want to. Whether that's once a day, once a week or once a month. However, I wholeheartedly agree with having to post a picture - your blog would not be the same without one at least one with every post!


Please don't give yourself a hard time. I love your blog and am happy whether you post once a week or several times a week and everyone needs to give themselves a break. Besides you don't want your blog to become a chore so you have to make sure you don't burn yourself out and if that means we see less of your amazing posts for a while then that is okay.


Nearly 5 days a week of blogging, with the amount of work you put into your photos, I think you can go a few inbetween without blogging - I try to limit myself to 2 maybe 3 entries on my own blog, got life happening! Love the border on the photo!


Hi Karen!

Where can we find those beautiful frames?!?!

Miss you!

PS: we still LOVE your blog :)


Annie looks so big in that picture! And I agree with everyone are an AWESOME blogger!


Well, if you're a crappy blogger, I must be "the girl with the worst blog in the world". I'm still a huge fan, and I'm always impressed how much time you find to post :)

Gorgeous frame, btw!

Julie Johnson

OMG, you are NOT a crappy blogger!! You are absolutely one of my favorite blogs, have been for several years! I think I started reading about the time you and Josh got engaged. As I read more and more of your story I started to feel like we had so much in common (my hubs & I were married about 2 yrs ago, he is 10 yrs younger than me, we have a blended family of 4 kids, I hate my legs and so on) that I look forward to reading & looking at your blog all they time! Now that I am taking your class it is even more fun! Plus, 4+ times a week is really impressive!!


Silly girl, if I hadn't been a faithful fan and reader for the past 4 years, I'd think this was a blatant plea for praise, you crappy blogger you. No. Thank you once again, for sharing your photo skills, insight, family, and keeping it real. You don't have to entertain us daily. 4 times/week is amazing. And if the mojo ain't flowing, don't push it.


I don't think you're a crappy blogger. It's YOUR blog, for heaven's sake. That means you write when YOU want to. Anyway, I do admit that I check your blog DAILY because you are right up there with Ali on my list of favorites.
Keep up the honesty and LOVE YOUR PICS!!


I love reading your posts and seeing your pics...inspiring!!! Love the frame!! We all have those days/weeks/(God for bid)months!! We're still here.


Crappy blogger? If so I am right up there with you!

Do what you need to do for you and your family. They are more important than all of us here in blog land anyway.


I think your record speaks for itself. I think you blog as much as you need/want to and that's enough for those of us who follow you. I just look forward to your lovely posts and even lovelier photos, like the one above. It most certainly deserved the frame you put it in!


Your blog is far from crappy! I love your blog! You post more often and much meatier content than a lot of blogs I read. I like that you share your beautiful photos with us. I look forward to hearing what Annie is up to now. Your photos rock!


Crappy way!! I totally appreciate the time you put into your blog...sharing your awesome talent & family with all of us. I think you inspire more readers than you'll ever know and I just want to say...Thank you!!


You are absolutely not! Although it says much about me, as every day I have been checking your blog like a stalker (I am not a stalker - I tell me husband!) wondering OMG - where is Karen!?! I hope she isn't sick with this crazy flu going around (like you live right around the corner from me or something - oh how I wish - I could see us , our kids and our husbands being great friends!) Anyhow - I just missed you! You are entitled to have "those" moments just like the rest of us - although I have you way up on this pedestal, like you don't. LOL. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!

Shelley Gardea

Has it been 4 years Karen???? That's hard to believe....I remember when you started this blog. Even though we haven't talked as much this year, it's still fun to read your blog and hear about all of your adventures and stories. I LOVE your new old house and seeing your beautiful photos. I'm proud of all that you have accomplished and you should give yourself a really huge hug. I miss you, and miss seeing your beautiful submissions arrive on my desk. Take care girl.


i love your blog, just real life with pictures (plus i'm so jealous of your scrap room)

laura j

Karen - I love your blog, your photos, and your stories. I visit daily with the hopes that you have had the time to post! You are a fabulous and awesome blogger and are at the top of my list!!!!

Tammy Mellish

Are you kidding?! I think you are the WORLD'S BEST BLOGGER! Just stop beating yourself up already and have a pomegranate martini on me ;)

And if it makes you feel any better.. I haven't updated my own blog since June of 2008! I really need to do that and now would be a great time being that I have some projects in the works for an up and coming retreat. It's just you don't know where to start when so much time goes by. It's really a lesson I've come to learn in general about lots of things.. like forgiveness. It's much easier to sort things out and move forward in the beginning (when things have first soured), rather than to wait 2 or 3 years.. when silence and distance have become comfortable. Anyway! I hope you enjoy your weekend! Super sweet picture of Annie. Is that your dog?


Whew! When I read your title I thought my blog was coming up for sure as an example of what crappy blogging looked like. Glad you don't know where I "live."

Your blog is lovely. Please continue. I love to see your poses...especially Annie in timeout on the stairs. That was adorable!

Marilyn Tschorke

I have been reading your blog for three years and I LOVE it! I love your blog, photos and stories. You have a special gift for telling the story along with your wonderful photography. Reading your blog is a complete joy! I am currently in your Photographers Workshop class and I LOVE it!!!! Thank you for your blog.


Are you kidding me? well if you need any encouragement - I've said it time and time again it is one of my favorites! The picture AND frame are adorable! Have a great weekend :)

Kim P

I have to put my 2 cents in too. I think you're a great blogger - one of my favorite blogs to read. It's quality vs. quantity as far as I'm concerned! Your pictures are of course always awesome and your stories and documented REAL life are what keep me coming back for more. I haven't posted anything to my blog since June... now that's crappy! And I don't feel like the quality makes up for it either. Anyway, you have a life with kids, you have a fabulous job (I'm so glad you do....) and you still manage to keep on giving us faithful blog fans a part of yourself. Thank you for that! I hope your weekend's a great one!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Ditto what everyone else said!! I think you're a fantastic blogger, and that your posts are worth any time I may have to wait because you are REAL when you blog...I love the glimpses into your family's life, personalities, trials, triumphs, and the GORGEOUSLY STUNNING photos that accompany them. Keep it up, whenever you get the chance. We all know how life gets it the way of the 'extras' sometimes! :) (Oh, and if it makes you feel better, I've posted just a handful of times int eh past few months because life got complicated, I just haven't felt like blogging either...)

Lorraine M.

I love to look at your pics, but life gets busy and no one needs another stress inducer in their lives. Be nice to you!


You're an awesome blogger! I love your photography and the peeks you allow into your life. Thanks for sharing and I hope you always will - when you want to!


You aren't thinking of stopping are you???? please no?? (with big pleading eyes)...
Is it working? I really enjoy your blog, I follow several, but I look forward to your the most, I do understand about being busy and not feel like writing sometimes though. take care.


You're the best and I loooove your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with me (I laugh and grieve WITH you). I miss being in your class, but I know you'll have another class lined up for your alumni!

gina f.

love the picture!!! you are a great blogger and one of the best bloggers i know!!! Thanks for taking the time to do it. I always enjoy your pictures and stories! Have a great weekend!! (are there to many exclamation marks?)


Just as I wrote to you during the year, I'm a late starter to the blog world. It's taken me a while to answer my own query about why some scrapbookers/photographers have several comments to their posts on a regular basis compared to others (NOT that it matters at all if they don't, by the way). But it obviously means that these bloggers have a certain skill to be able to reach people who might have come across their blog & as a result those readers check back in again. Karen, you are well and truly a blogger with that certain skill. Look at this little community you've created in 4 years! Your photography is brilliant but you also share with us your 'everyday'. And everyday people all have times when they don't have motivation to do certain things - my currently untidy house a case in point.


You happen to be one of the best bloggers with entertaining stories and great photos.


No,no,no. None of that crappy blogger talk from you. You do not do this on anyone's schedule but your own. I am amazed with what else you accomplish on a daily basis that you blog at all, but I'm oh so happy you do.
Your blog is always a pleasure to read, I love that you share the real stuff too, not just the shiny stuff. I thank you for taking the time to share yourself and your lovely family with us.


Oh hell no, you are not a crappy blogger. You should check out mine and see the last time I actually posted. Yeah, it's been that long. :)
And I NEED that frame! Where did you get it or is it your own creation?


You're my favorite blogger. Even if you only post once a week, I know it's going to be a total treat when you do, full of gorgeous photos like the one above and heartwarming details of your life. I totally understand about not feeling like blogging. I haven't updated since September, but only about two people care so it's all good. :)

Belinda H

you are one of my favourite bloggers...never crappy always happy.


I think you are a great blogger and Your blog is one of my favorites!!! Keep up the GREAT work!! :)

Love the photo of Annie and the dog.

Tina Riddell

oh karen - please don't think you're a crappy blogger. you are the one blog i look forward to every single morning to check out and sometimes even during my lunch too just to see if you've posted something else.

i loooove the way you take pictures, the way you share your stories, the way you raise your children and make such wonderful experiences available to them.

keep it coming and know that you've got a big fan base out there cheering you on!!


You're an awesome blogger and that's an adorable photo!!

Keep up the great work, I know I sure don't mind wether it's a couple of times a week or even just a couple times a month.


I love your blog! It is NEVER crappy. I will say, it's ok to take some time off. Maybe a week or two and just...excuse yourself from the blogging. Take a deep breathe and give your fingers, not to mention your brain, a vacation.

Not too long though. We will all go through Karen withdrawals!

Brandi in Ohio

"Just keep blogging, just keep blogging, blogging blogging" of course this works better if you are saying it in "Dory's" voice from "Finding Nemo" which is really Ellen Degeneres.
Here's the keep blogging and we keep enjoying your amazing photos.
Now give yourself a pat on the back...and a hug for blogging away for nearly 4 years...You are blessed!


omg - you've got one of the best blogs.. i check it daily - always enjoying your wit and your photos. please keep providing your daily thoughts ;)

Brandi in Ohio

"Just keep blogging, blogging, blogging" of course this works best if sung in Dory's voice from "Finding Nemo" which is really Ellen Degeneres.
Now give yourself a pat on the back and a big hug for sharing your incredible life and photos with us for nearly 4 years.
You are blessed!

Paola Norman

Your not a crappy blogger, no way. I would say on average you blog more than the average person. I also think like all things in life sometimes you just don't feel like it and that OK. It doesn't make you bad or crappy just HUMAN.
I I've been reading your blog for 3yrs now and I love it. I love your sense of humour, your beautiful family, your ups and sometimes your downs, your scrappy product over the years and your gorgeous photography.
You bring a lot to the table and I for one am so glad we get to be a small part of it.
Thanks. :)

Cindy Welch

I think your a great blogger.

Megan Renfree

Hi Karen, you totally arn't crappy, in fact your blog is my favourite to read, you just keep it so real, and your kids are hilarious. I love being able to read what you have been up to. I wish I could document my life the way you document yours, you have so many great stories all sorted ready to go!! I have been taking a blog break as I just don't have any mojo for anything at the moment, but definitely don't stop doing yours!!!

Christa K.

You are the best blogger around! A perfect balance of humor, real-life, and sentiment. You bring joy to my day. Keep up the good work (but only when you feel like it). LOVE this shot, btw!

michelle okeefe

and your blog is my very FAVORITE blog, Karen ! Let's see some scrapbook pages when you have them to share.
Thanks and I'm not going anywhere.


crappy seems a little strong...and i think we all go through our phases of 'crappy'

i'm a daily visitor even when i'm not bloggin myself!


This is my most favorite blog to follow. I love the photos, the honesty, your family......


At least you have a blog, I keep thinking I will start one, the awesome entries I will make, how cool it will be to share pictures with people, but it never makes out of my head. So you certainly beat my 0 average.

I love your pictures and stories, Thanks so much!!!!!

amy kelly

not crappy at all. i LOVE your blog!


I love your blog! Selfishly, I wish you posted every day and, of course, with pictures! I love to see the pictures of your family and the stories that go with them. That Annie is just adorable!

Jamie K

If you were such a crappy blogger you wouldn't have such avid readers; and yours wouldn't be one of only a few I read VERY regularly. You connect with people not only as an amazing artist, truly talented photographer, and obviously wonderful mother but as a cyber-friend to many! Keep it up...and we'll all keep reading even if you only post once a month. As I say on my blog...I want to post daily, hope to post weekly but will probably post monthly! :)


You have my FAVORITE blog ever. I check everyday! Would rather you blog a little then none at all. Please continue for your fan club!


You are so not a crappy blogger. Stop it.


Hey Crappy Blogger!!! JK! An average of OVER 4 times a week that's a pretty good blogging job if I do say so myself (I'm lucky to post once a month-but then again, I'm not as talented as you and have waiting lists of people wanting to learn something from me). I thought that maybe you were gone for that catalog shoot with Annie that you were awarded.

Hey, I was parusing (sp) some digital sites lately and found a site with your frames and definitions on it!!!! I was so happy I did a jig on the table!

Anyway...LOVE that photo. It looks as if the dog is asking her a question and is waiting for the answer. The colors are beautiful.


Silly Girl! You are great! You set such high standards for yourself, all your loyal readers are thrilled with whatever and whenever you post! SOmetimes I click back to the recent entries, just to gaze at the photos some more. Stop Worrying! And is that your DOG? I dont think Ive ever seen a photo of the dog!


my dear, you are far from a crappy blog--in fact your the first blog on my favorites--thank you so much for sharing pieces of your fabulous life--it encourages


Love your blog--and it is inspiring me to start one of my own. Just to record daily, I mean, occasional pics of daily life, quotes, stories, and thoughts. Yes. I need to start that. 2010?

TerriB in Oregon

No, you are not a crappy blogger! It's scary to think that I have been "with" you that long, watching your kids gow, you baby be born, your marriage, the changes in your career! You are a great blogger! Have a great weekend!

TerriB in Oregon

And I just realized how tired I am, by the mistakes in the previous email! Forgive me!


I don't know WHAT you're talking about! You are a fantabulous blogger, and boy can you take great pictures....LOVE this picture...the colors and your little girl look amazing! (the dog too, but Annie looks so darn cute!).

Debbie J.

You are so NOT a crappy blogger! I love your blog!


Karen - I've been reading your blog for almost 4 years now, and you couldn't be the girl with the crappy blog even if you tried! There is one area in which you have been seriously slacking, however - why is it that in 970 posts, this is like the second one with a photo of your dog. I feel like I know you and your children almost as well as I know my own family - yet I don't even know your dog's name!!! I'd say you need to do a nice little post about that beautiful dog. Perhaps starting with puppy pictures?? I'm sure you have them somewhere!!


Crappy blogger??? What ARE you talking about, you are one AWESOME blogger, just love reading your blog 4.something times per week!!!!




I don't even have a blog! ha. love yours, Nellie!!! Beautiful pic.

"I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood for 40 years!"
(steel magnolias)


Well, I love your crappy blogging and I love each and every photo and each and every easy on yourself, Annie is watching, and she is SO lucky, as are the other kiddos, that they are modeling you. I hope your weekend is fabulous. You are always the bright spot in my day, for so many reasons.

Shannon Laux

Karen you are a GREAT blogger. You are one of my favs. and if it was all pictures with one sentence- I'm okay with that but I do love your stories and how real you are! So don't worry about the quality or quanitity of your blog posts because I think they are top notch :)
Keep them coming and don't stop!
~Shannon Laux


I think you are one of the best bloggers out there. your blog is always my first stop and always worth the wait.
keep it coming!


Your pictures always make me smile. I love your amazing way of capturing life's amazing moments. Have you ever considered posting tips or tutorials on how you take & edit your pictures (or maybe you've done it and I missed it) ... they are fabulous.

tara pollard pakosta

I love your blog, it's one of my top 10 faves!
Of course, I wish you updated 7 days a week, 5x per day LOL!
but hey, I can accept 4x per week! life is busy!
LOVE that pic!

Kristal Jones

Dear Karen,
Have you lost your head? Your blog is the reason I started one. I love that your blog is a form of scrapbooking and saving the memories and moments of your life and it inspired me to do the same. To be honest with you, YOURS is the blog I go to first. And I have many faves...from scrapbookers to portrait photogs to wedding photogs to famous blogs (Pioneerwoman, dooce, etc.). I love them all, but your blog is first on my list. And if I go to your blog and you haven't written in awhile, I know it's because you are living your life! Four times a week is GREAT! I am nowhere near that. Keep up the great work and inspiration. :)

Oh...and this picture and frame is sigh-worthy! Love, love, love.


You girl, are NOT a crappy blogger! I'm one of those that has 'quietly' followed you for a long long time. Along with many of my friends, we all LOVE yours, and STILL read yours.. you know why? 'Cause you're REAL. No fancy/smazzy stuff... no advertising... just YOU and your life and your awe-inspiring PHOTOS! Others we have gone to... read for awhile... and dropped. But not yours. So please... Karen, we LOVE your blog, and your PHOTOS, and the little snippets of your REAL life. Thanks for all of it! All. 4.6... per week of it!

lovely cee.

you're crappy? i dont believe you. i find myself coming here ALLLLLLL THE TIME, it must be a crappy blog because i read your posts.... i laugh a lot because you're so funny.... i get inspired because you have the most beautiful pictures... i learn a lot because you're generous with your knowledge... my girl is wearing the same gymboree outfits because of annie.... etc. etc:)you're the best! what are you talking about?


You are my favourite blogger. Keep it up!

Sasha Farina

i am one of your 'more of a lurker than a commenter' :) just so you know, I adore you karen!

Helen Walsh

You're not a c*appy blogger, you're the best! Who cares about stats (4.66666 whatever it is) times a week is great! I love your words and pictures so give yourself a huge pat on the back for being a great blogger!

Kathleen Kraft

Karen -- every single time you blog you make me laugh or cry or both. Who cares if you do not blog every day. Your pictures and words speak to me. Don't beat yourself up, we love ya. Enjoy the journey and keep blogging :-)


I'm sorry to say I have only found your blog in the last few months, and I don't care how much or little you post, I'll still keep checking. Enjoy your life and don't let it bother you about your blog. It's supposed to be fun. If it becomes a chore, it's no longer worth the effort. I absolutely love looking at your photos so I hope you keep blogging, whenever your heart desires.


Your blog and the word "crappy" do not belong in the same sentence together (unless your talking about a pet or a child pooping somewhere they're not supposed to)! We love you, your stories and your matter how often you post. And 4.66346154 times per week is pretty dang good :)


I don't know who gave you that idea but they are so off"!!!! I, as a member TWICE of your photography class know how much work and love you put into that alone!!!! Karen, there is never anything crappy about your blogging, your work, your photos, they and YOU are fabulous. Your family and the shots you post of them make me so want to work hard. You are an amazing woman. Come on girl---- we love you and are so grateful for all you are and all you share. Know that, read it and keep it in your heart...please, pretty please.


Oh goodness sakes! You are NOT a crappy blogger!! You are an amazing blogger!! You constantly inspire us with your beautiful photos and stories of living everyday life! Reading your posts always touch the heart! I’ve been a long time follower and your blog is still one of my favs! I don’t know how you manage to accomplish so much each day as it is! You give so much of yourself to your classes, plus maintaining your family life, and blogging on top of all that...whew, that’s a lot!! It’s understandable if you have to cut down on the number of posts...hopefully you wont quit blogging completely! You have a lot of loyal followers and we all adore you!!

Ps- Love the photo of Annie with the dog! Is that your dog?? Wish you would share more about your dog! And that gorgeous frame...Love it!!


hardly a crappy blog.

Melissa Mann

beautiful photo!


you're a rocking blogger!


ohhhh, i love your blog - please don't think you are a 'crappy' blogger - i go there, because i enjoy it. so please be kind to yourself and know that you add something to everyones life who comes here...


You are my favorite 'crappy' blogger:)

I can't wait to take the class in March.

I am ready to learn from my favorite photographer!


You are a fantastic blogger - who gave you the bad blogger title?
I love reading your blog and seeing what you & your family are up to & I think it's very generous of you to share your life with all of us.

Monica W

Karen! All the great things in life are worth waiting for. I too have slacked with keeping up. I live for seeing a new post from you. I also enjoy going back to the start of yor blog and learning about how it all progressed!

Soooo love this shot! Nice to finally see "the dog"
wanted to tell you that I finally got my Mac!!!!! Can't wait for it to get here!


You are NOT a crappy blogger. I could probably take that title. I've been horrible about blogging this year. Partly because I have 2 blogs and it gets overwhelming sometimes. You're doing great and I LOVE reading your blog. ;)


a) I've never considered you a crappy blogger. Since I am not one who reads anyone's blog on a daily basis, I can tell you I rarely visit your blog when there isn't something new to read. I like that!

b) That photo is one of my faves ever... the tentativeness of both the child and the dog is just too funny. I must bottle up what you do and drink it!


Love your blog!! I come here to get inspiration on everyday shots (and portraits). You guys always do the funnest stuff and you document it so well with what you capture in your camera. I strive to do that...even with uncooperative kids!


When you get burnt out from blogging it is better to take a break & come back then quitting all together like many do.

I had to comment though because I luv that photo! It is perfect with the little cutie looking at the dog & the tree framing it. Totally gorgeous!

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