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Vicki Ad

I know everyone needs a break, but come back soon. :) I look forward to checking your blog and reading what you write. The blogging world is funny, it makes you feel a bit stalkerish. LOL But I just really enjoy reading about even the mundane things going on in your life; sometimes I feel like you're writing about my life (my daughter is just a month younger than yours) So enjoy your time and just know that we (your blogging fans) are waiting. :)

Northern California

Julie Pilch

Enjoy your break, you have done so well keeping it up to date. Will miss your stories but will keep checking back. Have a great Halloween! Would love to see your little Dorothy! My littlest who is Annie's age is going as "bumblebee this year and Dorofee next year apparently!"

amy m.

Have a great break!!! We will miss you.... :)) p.s. don't be gone too long-or I will miss you really, really, really bad! lol.

Melanie C.

Hi Karen,
I hope everything is going ok with you and your family. I look forward to hearing from you again after you've enjoyed your break.


I took 4 months off earlier this year. It was the best choice I ever made. I came back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running (but I pulled the blogging way back so it did not get to me again). We'll all be here when you get back!

Beth P.

Enjoy your time off. You deserve it!


Have a great break from the blog world :)

Kim P

Enjoy your break! Don't enjoy it soooo much you won't want to come back, though! I'll miss you and your pictures and stories way too much.


One more thing - thanks for sharing about the digital frames - I'm off to order a couple :)

judie in wnc

Take care of yourself!
You will be missed.
You are awesome.


I love you and I don't even know you. You capture the every day, and are honest with the every day, no matter what. I hope no one commented that you are a crappy blogger. I love your blog and I love your photography and your honesty!


You will be missed!

Paola Norman

Enjoy your time off we will miss you.

Nancy Wyatt

We'll miss you but we totally understand and will be here when you get back! Enjoy your break! Hugs from Conroe, TX!


hurry back! Your blog is one of the highlights of my day!

Jamie K

will miss you. enjoy your blog-free time. and, thanks for all the fun and wonderful posts.


I hope you enjoy..can gobble up some caramel apples, popcorn, cider and just enjoy the warmth and the coziness of the season. And, that the kids smother you with their love. See you whenever you decide to blog again! I'm faithful!

Tammy Mellish

Will miss you much! Hope you are taking time to love up on some of the things (and people) that you appreciate most in life. <3

Sharon Holden

I don't often comment but I wanted to say "you will be missed". Your blog is the first one I check on every few days because I can totally relate and your writing normally gives me a good laugh. You are a special person Karen! Enjoy your break and I have no doubt that all your readers will be back when you are ready.


Enjoy a break, but know you will be missed. I love your photos and how you share the 'real' stuff of your life - I can totally relate to having a son who is a senior and so many of the mom issues that arise with several kids. Hope you're back refreshed after your holiday.


I hope you have a wonderful break- we'll miss your posts!


You are not a crappy blogger! We love your blog-and will miss it-but you DO deserve a break. It seems somebody has made you sad, and I hope that is not the case, cause you have made us laugh so much you DO NOT deserve sadness! When I am laughing while reading a blog my family asks--"deoderant man's" Mom? (our nickname for Ross from a photo you posted last Christmas) If you are sad, I know you have the SPIRIT to overcome it, and laugh at it, because you CAN! Enjoy your break-know that you will be missed. Take care.


I am going to miss your blog posts! Your blog is the first one I check every day- I love your writing and pictures! Can't wait for your return!


enjoy the time off...don't be gone too long!


I think your blog is fantastic. It's hard to have a normal life and post on your blog everyday. This November will be 2 years for my blog and I can say that posting on an everyday schedule can be almost impossible. Enjoy your break. Please keep taking pictures so that you can up date us on what we've missed while you were gone.

Take care,


Boo Hoo.... (I come here everyday... you are one of my favorite bloggers.) Alright... Pity Party over. Thanks so much for the link to your frames! I just purchased a few cause they are digital goodness. :)

Enjoy your break....


You deserve a blog break, but man how I am going to miss your posts! Your blog is one of the 5 I have to go to everyday! You always get me smiling either from your true life everyday stories or your photographs which are truly works of art! Hoping to see some of Ross' Senior Pictures and Annie's catolog debut.



I hope all is well with you and your family, and you are choosing to take a break to give them more time. Thank you so much for sharing your ups and downs. Your moments of triumph, but mostly your moments of frail humanity. You have made me cry when I was struggling with my own life, and inspired me to slowly…very. very. slowly. let my arms fall open and risk more. I am sending good wishes your way. Thank you for sharing your family with us.



I'll keep checking back until you come back! :) Enjoy the time off!


I hope you enjoy your break Karen - but please come back soon! I love reading your blog and seeing your amazing photography, you are most definately NOT the girl with the crappy blog!
Trish - UK

Sue E



You've been a great blogger! All the photos that you put up - talk about time consuming. It's hard to blog daily, for anyone really. And it's good to set limits on blogging time too. Have a great break, look forward to seeing the refreshed, Karen!


Would it be childish to throw a fit?!?! Enjoy your time off!! Can't wait for your return!!!

Shauna M

I will miss reading you..
Hope everything is alright in your world..



Shelly VanWormer

You sooo deserve this break!!!
I thought I could handle it.
I kept telling myself it'll just be for a few days, you can handle that. Then a few days go by and I check back hoping it's a small break, (since it was left open) and I tell myself again, just a few more days. Then it dawns on me that it has only been 4 days, and well, it's official...I am having some serious Karen Russell Blog withdrawals. I didn't realize how bad my addiction to it was. I miss the stories (life lessons, really), pictures, instructions on photography, scrapbooking, etc.
No this is not a guilt trip, this is a "how much you, Karen Russell Downs, affect other people's lives in such a good way" trip, and I hope you enjoy this little trip of not blogging so you can (hopefully) come back soon (as I am unaware of a 12-step program for this) to continue inspiring all of us.
Miss you TONS.

A reader

I shall miss your wonderful stories about parenting and your amazing photography....but I will tell you, I won't be checking in everyday to see if you're back or not... Life goes on! Most importanly, your life goes on!
Enjoy your much needed break.
Thanks for sharing your photography with us. I shall miss that most of all!

Penny Grimsley

I will miss you! Have a happy fall. I know you've had a big year - physically and it's never easy on mom for the first baby to graduate or the last baby to go off to kinder. You have the unique juxtaposition of hitting both of them in one year. You are such an overachiever. :) Renew. Recharge. Relax. We'll be here when you get back.

Penny(scraps) in Plano, TX

janet lomajan

Hi Karen, just letting you know how much I love your blog and being allowed a glimpse of you life. Your blog is not crappy and if you need a break or two or three or four or... then don't feel guilty about taking them. I say, if its not fun and you don't have to do it then do it when you feel like it! God bless you and your family and enjoy your break! Nana Janet


I don't think you have been a "crappy blogger" at all. Although I understand needing a break from it all. But surely you will post some Halloween pics of your kids dressed up... (please)


Enjoy your break, and know that if/when you return, your fans will be waiting.


I just found your blog. I forget how--all I can remember is I originally began on Tim Holtz's blog and I think I was reading the comments people left and someone mentioned your blog??? Maybe....
And you're taking a break. I mean, that's great. We all need to take breaks. But I just found you and your wonderful family. And your amazing photos. My Nikon and I are just a bit deflated (Nikon is sitting beside me--we just came in from looking at some datura blooms not yet opened... lovely white green swirls...)
Anyway, I'm still going to visit and read what's been going on. And put your site on mine so I can remember to visit often.
Take care!!


Come back already!!!


When you come back don't forget your halloween pics!

Christa K.

When you come back, can you tell me where you like to go antique-ing? I live in the Portland area, but I'm willing to travel for some great finds! Thanks!!


Miss You Karen. Hope everything is OK.

Bernice Colyandro

You blog is amazing. I just found it and I love it. I can't wait until you return. But until then I will catch up and read previous posts.



jess from florida (willowgrove)

these are "dream" trick-or-treating pictures. these are the pictures every mother envisions in her head. those beautiful trees. the beautiful homes and the pretty empty street. i could almost smell the pavement from the pictures. you are so incredibly talented. LOVE your blog. it puts a smile on my face every time i read it. (from the pictures of course...but especially from the dialogue you include - it's over-the-top creative, fresh and real. thank you for the ongoing inspiration.


Honestly how cute can your children be?

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