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LOL. How cute! Kids say the darnedest thing huh? Gotta love it though.


LOL! Jake brought home a note from school last week that said "Mom and Zack, when I'm at school I miss you guys hope you have a great day!" with a picture of me sitting at the computer with, um, a look of consternation on my face :p

Lisa Ceaser

Too cute!


Just precious! :o)

Jennifer M.

That might be the best note ever. :)

Patty Hetrick

Did that make your heart break just a little? Yesterday morning we woke up to a cool 54 degrees in Florida. Hannah's a hot body so even when it's really cold outside she doesn't want to wear a heavy jacket. So she told me she was cold and I asked her why she didn't wear a light jacket. She said she doesn't have one that fits....bad mommy! So I go home feeling bad that she might be cold (esp. after the car rider lady asks her where is her jacket). After school I told her we were going shopping for one because I felt bad for her and thought she might be cold at school. Her response....."Awww, the tin man does have a heart" and at that point mine broke a little:(

I'm harder on her than her daddy and that's one of those things I struggle with.




i think that is what my child thought at open house too....too funny

Elizabeth Lombardi

Oh that is funny Karen!! I wonder what my 6 year old would think I would rather be doing?! I'm frieghtened what he might say.


Well, that is just the cutest thing ever! My son always complains I'm on the computer too much. I guess I should listen a bit better.

jennifer Compton

I can totally relate!

Dee Dee

OOoh how funny. I'm sure my daughter would find something cheeky to say too. :)

Kim H.

I bet the teacher made an off-hand comment to the kids like, "Now, we're going to write a little note to your parents since they are taking the time from their busy life to come to Parent's Night." It makes you wonder because both of the kids alluded to the same idea, "I know you would rather be...." Very funny!!!

Julie Johnson

So sweet from both of them! I always hear from my kids "all you ever do is sit in front of your computer and scrapbook!" so I know how you are feeling!!
Trust be told though, I would rather be online doing your class too, I am learning SO much!!




Sally Davidson

If that were my son's note it would say "Thanks for coming because I know you'd rather be at home on the computer TAKING Karen Russell's photography class."

I miss your classes something awful.

amy kelly

oh my goodness - that note was hysterical. i think our children would get along great - they could surely share their tales of woe! lol

Jen Spain

"If that were my son's note it would say "Thanks for coming because I know you'd rather be at home on the computer TAKING Karen Russell's photography class."

I miss your classes something awful."



Both are sweet!


My note would be the same as Jen Spain's note! And it would be right!


Oh so sweet!!

Susan L (lily40au)

Ouch ... it seems no matter what we do we never get it right.


I am thinking when they learn to write...they can still put the guilt quilt on, huh? Absolutely cute and wonderful memorabilia to keep. I know about the "MAN" thing as well. For my DH, he loves putting on his flannel shirt and chopping firewood with an axe. Something about that testosterone meeting pharamones (sp?) is attractive to say the least. lol

Steph Bailiff

Oh gosh. I just laughed out loud! So, other moms have this same feeling? Thank you!!! I guess it feels good to know that I'm not the only one on the computer lots.


That letter is just precious!


Gotta luv the thinking of kids. My sons second grade teacher asked her class what she should do while on break and he suggested she do some crafty stuff like his Mom!!Fantastic idea on the plug ins in the linen closet Im so jealous:)

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