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Oh my goodness- what a precious picture! And the story behind it makes it even better!


this. is. an. amazing. picture. The emotion it evokes is wonderful! And by the way, you're a good mother for enforcing time outs! Way to go! Wow, I would give anything to be able to take photos like this. I think your class would be sooooo worth taking, but I wish the waiting list would magically get shorter so I wouldn't have to wait so long *wink-wink*!



Brenda Weaver

What a sweet photo. I love the story behind it. Good for you for enforcing time out. We had some of that at our house today too for hitting big brother.
I wish i could take photos like that. My little point and shoot camera isn't anywhere near good enough to capture the details. I hate it. But a new one is just not in the budget. I'll enjoy your beautiful photos instead.


Yeah for you! Go Mom Go!


Oh this made me the little boy underwear and ruby slippers. I have a post of my little man from a few weeks ago where he is balling...refusing to wear pants when it was freezing!


That is the best photo I think I've ever seen! I LOVE the ruby slippers!


I love her and want her:) Wonderful picture.

Tammy Mellish

I LOVE IT! I quoted Chloe recently on my FB Wall. Apparently the kids had been upstairs preparing for a play (they routinely perform short skits which usually include a bit of puppetry, singing, cheerleading and/or gymnastics, and last but not least.. dressing up!). Well on this day, someone (mainly my daughter and Chloe's 10 year old sister), did not follow through on the plan to allow Chloe to wear THE ruby slippers. Next thing you hear is a pretty disappointed (and even more peeved) 4 year old stomping down the stairs.. "SHE SAID I could be Dorothy, but now she won't let me wear THE Ruby Slippers.. SO SHE CAN'T PLAY WITH MY DOLLS! And she's not my friend. ANYMORE!". I have to tell you that I was laying on the sofa with a banging headache when this all happened and when I heard her coming I was like.. oh no, I really don't need this today (of all days). But it ended up being EXACTLY what I needed. I laughed SO hard! I mean, really! I had to write it down.. I just didn't want to forget that!

Alis in Wnderlnd

That has to be one of the funniest and sweetest images ever! You should definitely print and frame that one.


Can I have her? LOL!
THis photo is tells such a story even if you don't know the story.

Sami Melton

Gosh! She is such a doll!!!!!


*sigh* This is so precious!! Love the ruby red slippers!!


This has got to be the greatest thing I've seen today!! What a pic! What a good mama! This should end up on a wall for sure!

Nancy Wyatt

I wish you could bottle up her adorable personality and send it to me! She is so adorable! I fall in love with her more and more each time I read your blog! Hugs from Conroe, TX!


Such a perfect portrait. I can't wait to see her in her Dorothy costume.


That has to be the cutest picture EVA!


ADORABLE! I swear, my Bianca and Annie are long lost sisters! That picture is Bianca to a T! Now that I think about it, I'm sure I've got hundreds of pics of Bianca in only undies and some sort of footwear, crying in a timeout cause I'm a mean ole' mommy too!


what a great shot!


I love it - beautifully lit as usual.

tara pollard pakosta

love the picture!
I tried time out, but never really enforced it at
the times I needed too. I just couldn't stand to hear them crying
in it!
but at 9 & 8 I am paying the price!
so good for yoU! super nanny would be proud!


That photo is probably my favorite photo that you've taken so far.. (It's gallery wonderful!)


too cute!


I LOVE this pic of "poor little" Annie! She's such a sweetheart and you are one great Mom!


Just classic. I think we all have a little out there in only in their underwear and some form of footwear.

Susan Dingess

Well, if you're gonna be in time out, wear your diva shoes!


This is great! Here everyone is commenting on Annie and I'm like--wow those stairs are gorgeous! Did you have to refinish them before you moved in?

As for the picture-absolutely beautiful--the lighting is just perfect, putting the "spotlight" on her. Boy's under pants, Ruby slippers and dirty ankle socks. Absolutely perfect!

Jennifer Camplin

so sweet!!

Cindy Welch

A time out never looked so cute. Brings me back to when my baby was 3, and she is now 22. Sometimes I would still like to give her a time out!!! Love the story


that lighting is insane!!!


Just too cute!

Alison Snow

Wow, that is such an amazing picture. Isn't it hard being a Mom? :)



Oh Karen!!
This one of your most beautiful photos ever! i look at your blog almost every day since teo years an this caught my heart. Thank you for showing!
mari from germany


This may be one of my favorite pictures you've ever shared. Thank you!


There is no other word than PRECIOUS for that photo. I could see it be a big poster on a bedroom wall.
I so love your photography and your willingness to share!


Oh no :( I probably need a time out sometimes, too.

Val from Down Under

Awww, isn't it amazing that one picture could tell a thousand stories? What an awesome photo!


Priceless! She is so adorable. Mom you gotta do what you gotta do.

Jan Larson

This photo melts my heart.


This is a keeper! Your little girl is a real character!

jodi lansink

Love the picture...and I must say good for you---she stays in timeout?!?!? How do you do that? I put my 3 year old in time out, and about 2 seconds later, she is up or kicks and screams and runs around...timouts don't work here----but would love to know your secret!!!


I'd take a time out if I got to sit on those beautiful stairs! And wear those shoes!


I love all of your pictures but this one is my most FAV ever! Priceless and adorable.


Awwww...she can even make boys underoos look sassy! Precious baby girl!


Love love it!
AND, thanks so so much for the png rounded corners. You are so sweet to share..I truly appreciate are a gREAT role model for your kiddos!

jennifer Compton



Oh my goodness - this picture is just too adorable and precious - this is one that should be framed - love the boys underoos and the little ruby slippers! Poor Annie - you're such a MEAN mommy! HA! (just kidding - I think you are an awesome mommy with LOTS of patience or at least lots of ways of hiding your lack thereof) ha ha! :o)


I love this picture. Would you mind sharing how you did the rounded edges?


Yep...definitely one of my fave photos you've posted yet. SO amazing. Composition, light, subject, story...perfection! And the cute...omg...the CUTE!


Okay, two hilarious things!!!----(1) At first read I thought the boys underoos were a punishment for having an accident at school and thought "oh dear"...and then quickly realized I was over-analyzing the time out (and that obviously the underoos were the only thing available to wear at school)! hahahaha! and (2) My Mac "Net Nanny" software that blocks pages just blocked yours today for "lingerie"---ohhhhh, THAT MADE ME LAUGH! Don't worry, I unblocked it. But good to know our Internet filter is hard at work. hahaha. =)


LOVE this picture. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Elliott

This is NOW my all time most favorite best photo of Karen Russell for all time!

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