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Michelle B

Love the pictures and the girls dresses! Makes me want a girl just to dress up cute!


Beautiful and I loved the dresses, Karen! The girls were just adorable! Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures this week! :o)

Sally Davidson

Did the girls dresses come from Gymboree?


"So you can expect lots & lots of photos from me this week."...

Ok, those words just MADE my week! Your photos and writing are so inspiring! I can't wait to see more throughout the week! I hope you are feeling better too!!

The Lady of the House

Love your pics! Anne is a doll! and I love that name tater-tot Hilarious! They're super cute with their little fall couture. Adoreable!


Love the pictures! Can't wait to see the rest. Hope you are feeling better, Karen!


My little girl has the same dress as Taylor--and the little polka dot clip. I'll definitely put it on her for our trip to the patch, great colors with the pumpkins! Your photos are gorgeous as ever!!!

Cathy P.

My daughter's preschool field trip the the pumpkin patch is next week!
Now I want to get her (and her 4-month baby sister) some brand-new fall outfits!
Love your photos! Thanks for the inspiration :)


Hope you're feeling better, Nellie!


Oh my, those little girls and those dresses are just beautiful. I love the sweater on Annie. She is about the cutest thing in the world!! Your photography makes my day!


Your photos are going to be in a catalog?!?!?!?! Thats awesome! Annie, photographed by you, in a catalog! LOVE it! Beautiful fall photos!!!...and my kids make that pouty face all the does the husband when I'm walking around taking photos!


I can't wait to see them all. Looking for the class in March. I will be well rested by then.


So much fun 3 year olds in a pumpkin patch. Pouty faces and all!
So excited for you and Annie in a catalog!


how cute she is! where did you find her dress and tights?

Shenandoah bed and breakfast

She is a gorgeous little girl who is a darling of every one at home.Nice pics taken
she enjoyed the most with her school mates.Nice trip.


Love the pouty lips! I get my fare share and my youngest is 9 now! Beautiful outfits on the girls. Love the orange courduroy! Hope you are feeling much better and looking forward to the posts of the pictures later this week.


It's much cuter to see a little kid pout than it is to see a 13 yr. old pout.

Paola Norman

Great photos some of the looks on Annies face are priceless!

Wendy M.

Karen... your photo of Annie sitting between her grandmas looking up and each one holding her hand made me gasp! What a beautiful image. As always - your photos are so inspiring. And I started my new blog.. but I still haven't figured out how to link to yours yet... It's taking me awhile to get up and running....


Karen your family photos always cheer me when the empty nest is depressing me. I really love these photos and Annies outfit from head to toe is soooo cute.

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