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tammy t

What a soulful, gorgeous guy. Great photos. I love them on the train.

tammy t

TerriB in Oregon

Karen, seriously, you are doing a great job with the photos! Now I know why you teach the class! Cute boy, and tell him we missed seeing him in the photos, especially the pumpkin patch photos!

Laura Carter

gosh what a handsome guy. they are all wonderful - all of them but I especially like the 5th from the bottom and bottom :)


Your "Annie stories" kill me! Hilarious!
Great pictures, as always.

Nancy Wyatt

Great pictures and I agree he is a cutie! And that Annie, she is just so adorable! I think you could market her cuteness! hehe Hugs from Conroe, TX!

teresa b

My how he's grown!! Good to see him again!! Great photo's Karen!!

Susan L (lily40au)

What a honey ... you and him! The photos are divine.

And I love Annie offering back rubs. What could be nicer?

Carrie P

Love how you captured Dyan. Don't even know him, but it seems like you captured "him."

allison Gottlieb

Really wonderful photos - what a handsome young man!

Shaun Paddock

Thank you for the Annie stories. They never fail to make me laugh so hard I cry. Amazing photos! I wish you lived closer so that I could have you take my son's senior portraits.


Love the pictures! Such a handsome guy! Can't wait to see Ross' pictures!

Amy Ballard

GREAT shots!!! SUPER handsome "man" and you got some great looks out of him! SO much better than my cheesy ol Senior Ports!


what a great looking kid. killer blue eyes and you captured some awesome shots of him. i'd been wondering whatever happened to "ross's best friend dylan" in the last few months. so are ross's pictures next??


Karen, the pictures are gorgeous but some of them seem partial (the right half of landscape pictures is missing), I am curious if its just my PC or somebody else noticed it too...
Thank you for posting such great pictures...


LOVE the one where he's smiling!
There's time enough in our lives for us to be moody and mysterious!
You're graduating! SMILE!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Damn girl -- that is some beautiful photography. Although I'm feeling a little perv-y right now that I am finding a 18 year old boy pretty cute to look at! :)

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


Great Pictures! I like the photos where he is not thinking about having his photo taken...


What a handsome young man you are Dylan!

Darrell Real

You say that you care for this boy, so I ask WHY? Why did you break the law and risk both of your lives by taking photos of him by the tracks and on the rail cars. I am glad nobody was hurt or killed by your illegal acts. It is photos and people like you that make others think that it is OK to play around the tracks. Over 400 people died last year tresspassing on the railroad rights-of-way. PLEASE if you want a safe photo shoot DON'T do it around the TRACKS.

tara pollard pakosta



I just read the comment by Darrell, and I had a little laugh. I can tell from your photos that it was very dangerous for both of you, and it must have been so hard to get that boy to stand next to the moving trains! You did a very good job of making it look like the trains weren't moving. And even though he's not smiling in all the pictures, he did a good job of covering up how afraid he was to be there!
You still rawk in my books!


Darrell is a freak!

Tammee Donaldson

Great photos but I think they look a cut off on my computer, too. I mean I am taking your class and I know you like to put people way off center sometimes but on my screen at least 3-4 of them show only part of his face and one is really just one eye. Just an FYI in case you did something different posting this time. Number 7,8, 10,14 and the last ones are all oddly cut I think, with 8 the worst.


he is a cutie! great photos!

Dawn Morgan

Cute kid. He's pretty photogenic. You did a great job with his pics!


My favorite is the one where he is wearing shorts. His eyes look so blue. I am sorry that there always has to be someone (Darrell) that wants to ruin things. Hope you let his comment slide off your back. Have a great day!

meg duerksen

he is a handsome one. i love the black and whites especially. when did they grow up?

Teresa Loop

Karen, I found an orange chair for you! I've been looking for your email address to email the link to you, don't know if you'll read the messages here or not, but here it is:


These are great photos Karen (as always)! I love the texture the train tracks and the train provided. Your photos always inspire me to strive to be better at photography.


Karen - your photography amazes me. I truly love visiting your site just to see the new pictures you might have posted. Keep up the great work and I hope to one day make it into one of your photography classes.


Not sure if Darrell is aware that there are many places around here that the trains no longer run on that part of the track and yest there are still cars sitting there. Perhaps he was there with you and knows that for sure this part of the tracks are used constantly and it was dangerous. I happen to think that KR would NEVER intentionally put Dylan or someone else in harms way. BTW all the pictures came up fine on my computer and non e look wonky, great shots as usual I think my favorite is the one with him in shorts. His eyes are sooooooo blue!


Awesome Pics as usual Karen Russell Downs!


Karen, you take fantastic photos! I dream of being able to take family photos that look half as good as yours. I can barely use my point & shoot camera.

Let Dylan know he is a very handsome young man. And, I really love his face when he smiles with those pearly whites!!!!


Who cares if it is cliche`. Those photos are fantastic as always. Love the bright red boxers? peeking out of the ripped jeans! NC regarding that one post. We "know" you. But it still makes me mad that people are so negative. Hmphhh.
Love you, love your blog, love your photos.


Karen - I always love your photo's and the amazing results you get.

However, my husband is a presenter for Operation Lifesaver ( He volunteers to educate children and others about train and track safety. Some of the stories of pedestrians being injured and killed are heartbreaking. I hope you will encourage others to ask permission to be there, or better yet, encourage people to visit historic railroads, that are open to the public, or train museums for these type of pictures.

Helen Tilbury

Aren't these teen boys funny? I have a teenage boy myslef & trying to get him to break out into a full on grin is near impossible! I would love to know how you got to take all those pictures by the trains & containers without an audience (I find that really puts me & my subject/s off) & also how you get to take so many pictures looking down on your subject? Do I need to keep a mini step-ladder in my boot? Seriously...


Great photos Karen - I especially like number 11, 15 & the last one.


WOW - what a HANDSOME young man! The one of him in the field is my favorite! Too cute about Annie wanting to rub his back - how sweet and precious. :o)

Lindsay Bateman

AWESOME photos...LOVE the vibe.
Great captures.


He's a goodlooking young man! Y'all both did a great job!!! I wouldn't know which one to pick as my favorite!!!

glee stormont

so which one did he pick for the yearbook and which to give to his friends?


Great shots Karen! The 1st and 5th are my favs. And who hasn't walked to played on train tracks!!! Give me a break.


awesome photographs ... those boys grow up too fast, don't they?


You better photoshop in on the first photo
"warning, shooting on train tracks can be hazardous."
the one shot of the tracks, weeds have grown up over the tracks, pretty sure that trains aren't running there.
I would think that if there were moving trains, you wouldn't have shot photos there....someone always has to spoil the fun.


Annie just cracks me up! What a kid and so adorable. Nice to see Dylan again!

Dana Thompson

absolutely stunning pictures!Dylan is by far, the reason my sun rises and sets,the food in my belly,the air in my lungs,he is the reason God gave me life.I have messed up alot in my life,I consider Dylan (and his little brother)the only perfections that I had a hand in creating.Thank you so much for all you've done for him!Dylan..your shine my absolutely SHINE!
Loving you beyond any words could ever express,Your Mom


Such a good looking young man. You did an awesome job with his photos. How nice it must be to have someone you know and feel comfortable with take your senior photos. You are my favorite photographer.

Tanya A.

Dylan's mom made me cry.

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