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Oh the picture of Annie holding on to both of her Grandma's is priceless. Your photos give me such inspiration. Now I just need a better camera. Thank you for always sharing. You can see the love surrounding Cole at his birthday party.


you know what? grandmas are a pretty awesome thing to love.

(and you have quorn in the states now?! i am so behind the times for not knowing this.)


I just love your family, they look like they are soo much fun!


i never forget cole's birthday :)

only i wish that on the 17th i was turning 9 instead of 30.

wish him a happy birthday for me!!

decided the other day that yours is by far the one blog i couldn't live without :) i have a 3 year relationship with it ya know :)

thanks for always making me smile!

(btw i'm the absent friend that sent my clearly transparent book with another friend for you to sign in orlando earlier this year. right.after. you said you wouldn't sign anymore scrapbooking stuff... so THANK YOU again! :)

Shari Barnes

My little girl turns 7 on the 17th - GREAT day! It looks like Cole had a wonderful day surrounded by so many that love him. What could be better than that??? Great images, as always!


Thanks for sharing photos of your family BBQ. Looks like you all had so much fun! Happy Birthday Coley!

Melanie L.

Happy Birthday to Cole!


Love Courtney's expression when Cole is opening the red sports car, too cute!


Happy belated to Cole! These photos are just WONDERFUL! The whole family celebration (w/grandmas!), and all those excited looking faces! AWESOME! Looks like a fun time for all!


You catch so much - I love the Annie/Grandma's picture, that is precious. And heh- Cali's face when Josh is getting it :) We're having family birthdays this weekend and I wish we could be outside - great pictures!

tara pollard pakosta

You have such a close knit lovely fun familY!
these are GREAT!
where do you live that it's so beautiful, sunny and NICE out?!



Beautiful pictures again! The one of grandpa trying to figure out the chicken box is hilarious! I love the black and white/sepia of your mom (?) and Annie. Coley better hide that RED CAR from Courney-she looks as if she liked it better than he did. I could go on and on....

You have a wonderful talent for capturing emotion! Also, you have a great teaching talent as well.



I love the pictures as always! Happy birthday, Cole! He made out. Look at all his cool toys!


Just wanted to say that I'm all melty at seeing Ross hold Annie. So sweet. I hope my boys are as lovely to their baby sister (you know, when they grow up and I get them a little sister.)

Cheryl McCain

Karen, you really captured some awesome expressions in these photos.....of course you would. LOL I LOVE the photo of Coley and Annie together, how very sweet and loving. Also Ross with her is too adorable!
Looks like Coley had a GREAT birthday and everyone else too. Happy Birthday Coley!!


I love the picture of the cake. Great striped candles.

How wonderful to have so many Grandmas around!

Wendy Tienken

GASP!!! Josh Downs isn't wearing orange!!! Not even a Beavers hat!! Is he ok?

Paola Norman

Happy Birthday Cole!! You are such a lucky boy to have such a wonderful family to celebrate with!! I hope you have a wonderful day on the 17th!
Karen I love that cake pedestal, it's beautiful!


I love the one of Annie and her 2 grandmas, I love the look on her face. And I love your cake stand thingy.

Teresa Loop

I love how Annie is flashing her skirt, I have a flasher too.

Happy Birthday Cole, you got some pretty good loot!!!

Great post!


Happy Birthday Cole!!!! I have a little girl who is turning 9 next month....why does 9 sound so grown up??? I dont like it!!

I hope this party is "safe" enough for everyone and no one feels it necessary to pass judgement or leave rude comments this time around...

your photos are GORGEOUS and I am super jealous of the beautiful weather you are having down there...I think i am going to move closer to you!! :)

Catina Leonard

I love the way you capture your whole family! Great pics and I LOVE the grandma pics!! I want a cake stand like yours...where did you get it? Thanks for inspiring me ALL the time!


Amazing photos (as always) - I just love each and every one of your photos! Happy birthday, Cole!


Courtney Lee has the BEST expressions!
Great pics, thanks again for sharing!


thanks for your blog .... when i'm having a crap day at home and yelling at my kids, i take some time and read your blog and laugh, thanks for making me remember that mums aren't perfect but we still love our kids :)


great shots, as always! i am loving annie's orange clogs....will you share? ;)

Jennie Jensen

I LOVE the cake stand! Where did you get it?


The cupcake is priceless!


To funny! I love the faces Courtney Lee makes. Happy Birthday Coley!


Looks like such a fun birthday (:
Happy birthday Cole!

Ross and Annie are so adorable together! ^.^


Happy Birthday, Cole. what a lucky boy you are to grow up in the midst of such a loving family. You always seem to have such a good time when everyone gets together.


i just love your family photos when you have the whole family there!!! it looks like so much fun.
the photo with annie putting a hand on each grandma is just so dear


Looks like Coley had a great birthday. Happy Birthday Cole.


Love, love the photo of Annie with her Grandmas. You always do an amazing job of documenting the relationships in your family. Thank you for sharing them with us.


Fun, fun, fun!!! Your Dad has a great face.


LOVE that your family is so close! thanks for sharing. with all the bad in this world your blog does SOOOOO MUCH GOOD for those of us who read it.

God Bless!


Brilliant - I love all the bright colours in the photos of the children gathered around the table. Happy Birthday!


I just can't stop looking at the photos of the kids waiting for Coley to blow out the candles. The colors are so gorgeous and the kids are so funny playing with their hats.


Aww.. what a GREAT day - looks like you guys had a wonderful time and that Cole had a nice family birthday. Love the pictures! :o)

Kristal Jones

Ok,it is very hard to pick a favorite from these photos. So many things going on that are great...the grandparents & great-grandparents, the perspective and bokeh on the cake shot,the cake pedestal,the expressions and emotions of everyone, watching a "story" about your son's birthday party, the Fall colored bokeh in the background. This is just over-the-top fabulous!


Your pictures caputure wonderful moments!

marilyn hardcastle

Greetings, Karen ...
it's been awhile since i commented on your photos ... photo/journaling ... visual story-telling ...

just want to say how fab your photos are ... i just love the snippets of the everyday that you capture ... your kiddo's will forever be so thankful that their mom caught those everyday little things ... which through the years will be bigger things ...

you inspire me, girl!! truly. and i remain excited to be on the waiting list for your camera classes ... all good things come to those who wait :) i do believe that! gives me more time to make the right selection for my first dslr camera ...

thanks, with hugs,


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