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great shots, but she needs to show them pretty teeth more!! and yes, now its ross's turn!!


Well Done Karen! Fabulous as usual!


I was just going to say what Karla said...I know she has a beautiful smile with pretty white teeth. Pictures 2 and 3 are my favorites. Those appear to capture her "spirit/emotion/essence" better. But hey, what do I know, I'm just one of your students ;o) see if you can't get her to "lighten up" and then get Ross done.

Kim H.

Beautiful pictures!


She's so pretty Karen! These came out great! And I love that old car!


Great shots! I need to shoot my nephew, coordinating schedules is a challenge. Yep, Ross's turn!


Great shots! I'd like a co-operative subject!

Jennifer M.

It's so nice to have a cooperative subject, isn't it? My niece asked me to do her senior portraits and it was refreshing to take shots of someone who was more than willing to pose and play my reindeer games. The bonus of it was my 14 year old daughter saw the pictures and said "Wow...they look so nice! Whenever you take my picture I always make a face or stick my tongue out." Ever since then she poses nicely for the camera. And she is seeing the difference in the pictures...hahahaha...


There are many wonderful shots. My fav is the one where she's completely upside down:)
She needs to loosen up a tiny bit. She's so pretty!



your favorite is my favorite. I was going through them and said oh that's my favorite, then I notice you wrote that it's your favorite too. :)

Tammy Mellish

She IS so pretty! I love them all, but the last one is my personal favorite.

Tammy Mellish

I just have to ask though.. what is it with teenagers not wanting to show their teeth when they smile? My 20 yo step-daughter never wanted to, and my step-son (17) doesn't either. And he has great teeth! Cali does too.. tell her to show us some teeth! :D


beautiful pictures...i kept this is my favorite one...and she's such a cutie too!


So beautiful - both Cali and your shots! I like the upside-down one (number 3). Also number 8. Oh and the 3rd from the bottom.

Melanie C.

Very pretty! I love #4 & #5!


She is so gorgeous - I love how Cali pops up in your family pictures. My own 18yo won't bring his girlfriend around just yet, and it's killing his 9yo sister (and Mom, lol). I got some lame pictures of them at homecoming, and that's it. Waiting patiently...


What a gorgeous girl!


They are beautiful and so is Cali. I am with Tammy though, wondering why all the closed-mouth smiles.

Marilyn Johnson

Beautiful! She is a very pretty girl and your location is great!

Patty Hetrick

wonderful!! Where do you find these places to take pictures? Do you ask people when you find the perfect scene?

tara pollard pakosta

I love all of them!!!
I also was wondering where her teeth smile was though!
she needs her boyfriend there to make her crack uP!! ha!
she's so PRETTY! and I love all the different images you got!
such a varietY! my fave is the one in the grass upside down!

DeeDee Roe

She really is beautiful, and the pictures are so awesome. Love the colors.


Beautiful photos & she looks gorgeous! I love how summery everything looks still.

Melissa Mann

what a beautiful girl!!! Awesome pictures!


wonderful photos!

gina f.

beautiful photos!! Wish i was related to you!, if you ever decide to do photos of non family members i would like to be the first to sign up. If you can wait till Wed. or later to go to your p.o. box there should be some "happy" mail (no bills!)

she is beautiful. I only wish you lived near me in 2 years, so that you could take my son's senior picture.LOL You must just love her.


The pictures and Cali are beautiful!


Cali seems to be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! Nice pics too!


Beautiful! Maybe she can talk Ross into being cooperative :)


Karen & Cali - these photos are GORGEOUS! Cali, you have the sweetest, most light-up-a-room smile; don't hide those lovely teeth! You look.... skeered.... (but still very, VERY lovely). I'm sure that Karen isn't THAT threatening!!! LOL ;-D


Lovely pictures of a lovely girl. Well done.

Rachel Dallaire

Beautiful!!! Is she self conscious about her smile? Because I smile that same way (with closed lips) because I hate my teeth and the way I look when I smile. :-)


she is beautiful!


Karen these are so good...I am a little sad that I didn't get to take them like I was supposed to though:D!!!!Thanks for stealing my gig! It's okay, I'd pick you too. :)


Beautiful shots Karen of a beautiful girl!! Love the old green car with the wide white wall tire!! Did you use a reflector at all?? Your catch lights are awesome!

libbi m.

love all these shots. great job karen and cali! please share the location of where you shot these great pics. does the same man who owns the old school bus own that old car too. just love props like these.


I sighed my usual Karen-takes-such-amazing-photos sigh while looking through this post. My favourite is directly below your favourite. Renee


Great pictures :-)


Beautiful Young Lady...Beautiful Pictures!

Sarah K

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful girl. I love the way she looks in 3 & 4 though my favorite backdrop is with the car. I agree with the other commenters about Cali needing to show her teeth more, but I'm a closed-mouth smiler too, so I get it. It feels forced when I smile wiht my teeth showing.

Paola Norman

Beautiful photos. I bet Ross loves them.


Beautiful - she is SO PRETTY and I love the pictures - great job as usual! :o)


Beautiful photos. She kinda reminds me of Reese Witherspoon. ;-)

Robyn Clark

Oh Karen..... How wonderful it is to have you in our lives..Madi keeps saying "I hope Ross and Cali are still going out when I need my senior pictures done, I want Karen to do them".... :) Tell me whatever you want...I OWE you missy! XO,Robyn


these are BEAUTIFUL!! I love her expressions in EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.!! I wouldnt change did AWESOME!!!!! :)

cindy b.

LOVE that car!! Your locations are freakin' AWESOME!!


she is gorgeous and you can just tell she's a sweetheart. lucky ross! :)


gorgeous. those blue eyes.

Mary Ann

She's just beautiful! oh and I know she must love how these turned out. I would love to be there when she's comparing sr. pics with her girlfriends, they will all be wanting to come visit you and Ross. lol
as always, thanks for sharing!

teresa b

Simply beautiful!! Great job..

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Any information how you took these great photos?

Jenna Schrock

She is so beautiful. Much more beautiful in the photo where she flashes her pearly white teeth.

Calandra Janocha

Her simple beauty is exemplified by her smile and angelic face. She doesn't even try hard to wear make-up and find fancy clothes. She's just so natural.

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