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traci in virginia

Love his buttoned up collar and the way Annie is looking at him! Hope you all have a great day celebrating Cole!


He he he. Love the bedhead-ed girls, and the birthday boy all buttoned up, clearly ready for his big day. Adorable shot!


happy birthday Cole!! many blessings on you today and every day.

nancy in ks

Dear Cole,

Does your mother let you have your waffle and eat it too?

Happyhappyhappy birthday, you cool kid.

I think on your birthday, your sisters should do anything you tell them to. (But it won't happen.)



happy bday to Cole! So fun to begin the birthday persons day with a candle and a song! Those sleepy girlies are pretty funny!


That's such a cute picture! Love their bed heads and Cole looking like he's ready for the day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE-MAN!!! Eat some Texas-sized cake!!!


Happy Birthday Cole! I love your blod


Happy Birthday Cole - hope you have a fun day. Renee

Nancy Wyatt

Happy Birthday Col! All the way from TEXAS!


Great vantage point. I have been getting lower lately and loving the results. =) Happy Birthday, Cole!


Happy birthday, Cole! Love the bead head on the kiddos!


Happy Birthday Cole, all the way from British Columbia!


Love this picture!


Happy Birthday Cole!

Loving the girls' bed-heads! (:


Happy Birthday, Cole! Love those three kiddos!

TerriB in Oregon

Happy birthday Cole! Those waffles look good!

Melissa Mann

Happy Birthday to Cole! Great picture!


Happy birthday COLEY!!!!

ps: LOVE your table!! :)


The "just woke up" hair on the girls is adorable... and Cole is as cute as always!

Romantic bed and breakfasts

How this boy is looking blowing the candle.It is certainly a memorable moment of Cole in his life.His age is passing on and he is getting more mature than before..
My prayers for him to have as many birthdays in life and a long happy, healthy life.Cute sisters watching their beloved brother enjoying his birthday and cutting the cake.They are also preparing in minds their birthday time how to celebrate it
invite how many friends at home or do a huge party outside.Collecting presents from friends and family is a great fun.Wishing you a more happy birthdays in future...


Happy birthday, Cole! Hope you had a great day! :o)

Paola Norman

Birthday Cole!!
That is the coolest waffle cake!


What an absolutely precious picture :)

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