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hmmmmm, will the "no thank you bite" rule still apply after tonight???? inquiring minds (like mine) want to know :)


That is so funny!! I can remember my son gagging down a slice of tomato off a turkey club pizza I made when he was about 4 yrs. I found this new recipe...went to the store for the ingredients and thought my family was just going to love it. I didn't know about the "no thank you bite rule"...I think I just yelled and scared him and he sucked it right down. To this day he hates tomatoes especially cooked ones. Ahh yes good times...your kids will never let you forget.


Dear sweet little Annie. She has such a strong personality. Thanks for sharing and for making notes of your memories.

Woohoo!!! I can't wait for a Saturday with Karen in Prairieville!!! Could you please pack a bit of cooler weather into your camera bag?


Ha! You are SO torturing these kids - zucchini!!! Did she really upchuck???? (Actually I like zucchini...but my kids? you would think it was lye) And...I have a vivid memory at about 9 years old, sitting at the table, dousing something in ketchup. You know what? Cannot think what it might have been. And sadly, Mom has gone round the bend and can't tell me what it was. So that makes me love scrapbooking (and you) even more. Have to save the brussels sprouts memories. And, btw, I'm pretty sure it wasn't brussels sprouts...probably something like asparagus. Which I now love.


Mmmm, I'll have some of those fried bikinis. My son would make himself gag (BEFORE he put anything in his mouth) when he didn't want to try something. At 13, he is still a whiny, picky eater. So frustrating!


Oh my goodness- my family followed that rule when I was growing up (we called them "no thank you helpings")... I didn't like it at the time, but it certainly helped to build character! Love your story- especially how your childrens' actions reflect their personalities!!!


I love that about her eyes.

Romantic bed and breakfasts

She is an innocent face baby i love her and want to kiss her on her beautiful cheeks that blushes when she smiles...

Jennifer M.

Bikinis...that is awesome.


LOL! We have "no thank you bites". And, even that little, small portion causes such an uproar! But, I have to admit, my little one will actually "discover" that she occasionally likes some of the things I make!

Annie's eyes are absolutely beautiful! I never noticed the color differentiation before. Lucky girl! One of my BFF's has a brown eye and a blue eye.


Same thing happened with my 4 year old and peas last night. Something in the air ...

Jen Spain

My 4 year old had a similar reaction to zucchini (didn't have the upward movement, but definitely the gagging...) but bikini bread -- now that was a hit! Totally unrelated, but I was thinking about Annie the other day when I saw a photo of Natalie Portman. She was at a press conference and was listening to a question (not posing for the camera) and pinching her neck, just like Annie.

Cindy G

The poor thing! I'm 56 years old and zucchini makes me gag too! I can eat brussel sprouts though.


You are funny! We have "no Thankyou helpings" and the gags. Nothing has come up yet though!!


Speaking of eye color---I have one blue and one brown.


That happened to me with egg yolk, my parents made me eat them and then they came up again, and to this day, I can't eat them, and if I do, I get an upset stomach. Which is what I told my parents 32 yrs. ago, but they didn't listen.


You'd think you were trying to feed them cabbage or something! LOL Kids are too funny and we too, do the "no thank you bites" in our house as well. They don't have to eat everything we make, but they DO have to try it at least once before they can really make a true judgement call on whether they like something or not! Annie is as precious as ever! I could just NEVER say no to that girl - I don't know how you and Josh make it thru the day with her cuteness! :o)


wow, those eyes! How unique. she's a gorgeous little girl. =)
At our house, I have told the kids that at dinnertime if they don't like a new dish I have made then they can say, "This is new and interesting."'s come back to bite me, though, because I now hear that too often. hahahaha!

Julie Johnson

Oh, poor sweet Annie!! I love the "No Thank You" bites, gonna try that!
My youngest son has a really weak stomach and is the SAME way if he eats something he doesn't like or eats too much. I have learned (the hard way) that if he says he is full & I ask for just 1 more bite, it's gonna come back to bite ME in the butt, LOL!


"bikinis"....I love it!! I'm all about filling my memory bank with the fun, sweet and simple moments in life. If this was my child, this would be one of those special moments that I would cherish I'm sure you will.

Such a sweet face. I'm not sure how you restrain yourself from kissing her all day long!

Blessings, Tracy

Mary Lou Fordyce

My girls called them "kinis" and they didn't like them either. Still don't but will eat zucchini bread...

Teresa Loop

LOL! I have a puker too. He'll even threaten me with it, LOL!!

Great outfits in the pumpkin patch photos, I can't find anything in orange!

Melissa Mann

great story!! And SOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting that you are coming to LA to teach!!! I'm only 3 hours away and I'm hoping that I can get there for one of those days!!!


Sooo, when can we be expecting a local class?


Poor Annie! This makes me laugh because I remember a similar experience as a kid, but the culprit was corn.

And I'm doing a happy dance right now because I'm only 3 hours from Prairieville! I'm signing up today!


Loving these photos.... Just had to say that I have the exact same eye colors as Annie. When I was her age, my aunt suggested they keep it a secret from me so I wouldn't develop a complex! Actually, I like because it makes me unique. Well, except for Annie that is!
Sharon :-)

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