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Tammy Mellish

Looks like a great weekend! Your blog just never gets old. Always inspiring me to to want more, and to be okay with so much of what I already have :)

ady abreu

Happy Birthday Josh Downs... You too make a beautiful couple...


Happy (very belated) birthday Josh (:

Karen, the two of your are so cute together. In this day and age, it's wonderful to see a couple as in love as you are (:


Good stuff!


Happy belated birthday to the hubby! Looks like you guys had such a great weekend. The weekend before last was also my husband's birthday weekend!


There was an article on the KOMO tv website that I read just this morning, apparently the Experience Music Project (EMP - ugliest building in Seattle :o) has lifted it's 9 year ban on camera's. We've never been there, it said that you had to check your bags also, and they've changed that too. The reason is that most people have cell phones which are equipped with a camera. So it no longer made sense to ban plain ol' cameras. I think that's the way things are headed, and that eventually they won't be able to place a ban on them... Patience Grasshopper!


Karen - you two were MADE for each other. I can't get over the fact that he WORE YOUR SHOES!!! He is a treasure and his mother definitely raised him right! BTW, I would be celebrating my 13th anniversary today, but my ex-MIL did NOT raise my ex-husband right, and we only made it to 6 years before he had trouble keeping his pants on when he left the house. And there is no way on earth he would have traded shoes with me even if there wasn't another person in sight for 100 miles. I hope I get luckier the second time around! ;)


Happy Birthday Josh Downs! Love all the pictures!

DeeDee Roe

This made me so happy. Reminds me to thank my hubby for giving me his socks at the grocery store. LOVING your blog. :)


The pictures of you two together are swoon-worthy! So sweet. :)


Your man is definitely a keeper! I don't care if my shoes were the last on the planet, my husband, under NO circumstances, would wear my shoes!! Heck, he won't even carry my purse!! LOL!

And the pictures of you sweet!

I SO love your blog!! :D

domenico' mum

so so sweet


What a fun weekend! He is such a good sport w/ all your picture taking :)


Looks like a really fun weekend. Glad you could spend time with your sweatheart.

*Just one small correction - Cincinnati is the correct spelling. Not Cincinatti.


Happy Belated B'day, Josh Downs!
And Karen, just wanted to thank you.
I've become addicted to photos of our very large heads; I take a lot of photos from the end of my not-long-enough arm! But I never think to take a timed photo of us kissing or cuddling - and that is my new project!
I'm going to start taking photos like that, whether hubby is patient and smiling like Josh or not!!!


Happy Birthday Josh Downs! Love the pictures as always. You are a great storyteller Karen. You always make me laugh.


Happy Birthday to Josh Downs! What a keeper you have there! I guess you know that since you've kept him. Ha, ha. Don't ya know women put on weight when we're happy. I myself am ecstatic. Keep enjoying your life, you do it well!


Awww... what a great weekend it looks like the two of you had! So nice to have a "quiet adults only" birthday - hee hee hee. Love the pictures of the two of you and also of Josh getting into the game! :o)

Melissa Mann

Happy Birthday to Josh Downs! Great pictures...I love the "shadow pictures"....


What a great birthday weekend for both of you...I also like that YOU are in the pictures - way to go!!

Great lovie-dovie kissy pics of you two. :)


Thanks for always making me laugh out loud. I still can't believe that he wore your that is LOVE.


Happy belated birthday to Josh. Now why didn't we get a pic of Josh wearing your shoes?

Shauna M

Oh! I wish you had got a pic of HIS feet in your shoes to go with the one of YOUR feet in your shoes,lol.. cute story.

Elizabeth Lombardi

Love, Love, Love the kissing pics! In preparing for my 10 year wedding anniversary gift to my hubby it was hard to find pics of just the two of us - especially since our son joined the party. I'm on a mission to get sexy kissing pics like that - wish me luck!


Love your shots~ And your blog really doesn't get old! Love reading it every time!


Your blog is wonderful. You are such a terrific storyteller-you always make me laugh!


Absolutely too cute for words...LOVE that he wore your shoes...
and your cuddle pictures are more than precious.
What a treat to read your blog. Thanks for sharing so much of YOU!


OH MY!!! Happy Birthday Josh Downs! And Karen, you are one lucky woman! (and he is so lucky to have you too). I am so thankful for your blog, its a joy to read. I laughed out loud, kids wanted to know what was so funny, when I read he wore your shoes home. True Love :)
Fabulous shots too, as usual :)

Patty Hetrick

I'm disappointed we didn't get to see Josh Downs wearing your shoes:) Glad there are cool people in the world that will trust in the rule abiders! I get so mad when I follow the rules and other people are snapping away - especially when it's a no FLASH and they are using one. I'm afraid they'll target me because I have a big camera:(

Glad you had a great time. Love "my shadow needs to go on a diet".


I love the shot of you and josh at the gate and the one right after of just Josh! They are great!


Happy belated Birthday to your wonderful hubby... hey any guy willing to wear your heels and walk back home in them. Thumbs UP! Love it! Love your posts, Love the picture stories.


What fun pictures- I hope Mr. Downs had a wonderful birthday!!


We went to the James Taylor concert also - an anniversary present from my hubby (39 yrs!) WOW, it was really great. Obviously, you're a true photographer...and I'm not...I didn't even consider bringing my camera.

amy m.

I LOVE your blog!!!

I LOVE your photos!!!

I LOVE your storytelling too!

Happy Birthday to Josh Downs!!


I especially love the pictures in front of the gate.

I ripped up my big toenail almost a year ago and it's still not quite back to normal.

Lisa Bracale

You little cougar you. He is such a cutie. I have been following your blog for a long time and love the story how you guys met. He seems like a great husband and father. Nice calf's too. Great pictures.

Lisa in DE


the picture of you two by the gate makes my heart hurt it is so beautiful....seriously! :) i'm so glad you guys got away together just the two of you! :)


Karen as always a great post. Happy Birthday Josh! So where did you go to dinner in Corvallis? Big Fish?? McGrath's? Was it Big River? Always like to know where people go in my town.


We are Georgia BullDAWG and Falcons fans here...but I love your photos and it is so much fun to not have kids and embrace one another without the drama. I know you enjoyed yourself, because your photos are great!


Looks & sounds like you had an amazing weekend - Happy Birthday Josh Downs! I love how you document everything w/photos - they are beautiful treasures. Isn't James Taylor amazing?!!! We saw him last year and it was such an incredible concert - so much fun! Thanks for sharing your life with us!


ahhh Karen, love this post and the great shots of you two together!! Sounds like a perfect weekend!! And what a great guy JD is to trade shoes with you!! Happy Birthday to your wonderful Josh Downs!!

Sharon Peters

Hi I read your blog in the UK and love it - you are such a fab family. I went with my husband to see James Taylor in concert in July and he was great - he would have played all night if they had let him. I am much older than you and James Taylor is the soundtrack of my youth!! Love it XX Glad Josh Downs had such a great birthday - like everyone else i cannot believe he wore your shoes! Sheer devotion! X


Awesome shots at the game! So happy you didn't have to take your camera back home. And that was the nicest thing ever for Josh to wear your shoes home.

traci in virginia

What a lovely weekend. I am happy for the two of you.
P.S. Your shadow looks fine!

Paola Norman

Love the photos perfection. You two are wonderful together.

Rhonda P

Happy birthday, Mr. Josh Downs. Nice legs.

kathy b

What fun photos. James Taylor is my very favorite, lucky you, and I gave my husband an orange ipod nano for his birthday last month. Not sure I like it as much as he does.Now, sometimes when he is listening to it he completely ignores me, totally! I'll be talking to him from the other room and I get no response. It's the ipod. Sometimes I resent it. Josh is the best for wearing your shoes. Do you realize how few guys would do that?
Kathy b

Catina Leonard

OOOOH I LOVE that he loves you so much that he would wear your shoes! YOu two are the best! I love reading your blog it always makes me SO happy! Thanks so much for sharing!


I just LOVE (heart) your blog - it's like a mini vacation for me! Happy Birthday Josh - and I have to tell you that the week after Labor Day I drove from Phoenix AZ to Corvallis OR to help move a friend's DD to OSU. I fell-in-love with Oregon! I've loved your photos but thought the scenery was maybe not on this earth? But now I know that it is, oh yes, it is.

Go Beavers!

teresa b

That's right Josh and my daughter Britt have the same birthday! Happy belated birthday Josh Downs.. Looked like you all had a blast!! Love the photos and loved the one of you two sitting against the fence.. love it!! Oh and of course the bootaaahhyy pinchin' is hee hee so cute!!


Your blog is my favorite! You and Josh make such an sweet couple. You give me hope that life can get better. Happy Belated Birthday to your awesome husband. I love photos of you and Josh...I love all of your photos.



I am SO behind in my favorite blogs so I am last posting. I loved all these pictures of you and Josh. They were great. I got my book today in the mail and I told my husband that I got happy mail today. He asked did you address it to Stalker and not Melanie! LOL


Happy belated birthday Josh! Karen, love love love these series of photos. Reminded me I have to pinch my hubby's butt more often. :)


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