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Lisa Risser

Karen-- I don't often comment, but am a faithful reader and fan of your blog and of your gorgeous photography and scrap products. I absolutely adore the pictures you paint with your words and your photos--you really seem to capture and appreciate who each one of your kiddos are! I have to tell you that I would be the first in line to make the purchase if you ever did a scrap/photography book. Thanks for sharing your family with us!

Mary Ann

What a sweetie! Oh I can't wait to hear the soccer stories ;)


Fall always mean sports for kids. We loved going to soccer with our daughter. This year, it is cheerleading and scouts. Maybe she will settle on something.

Jennifer M.

What a sweet girl!


great picture and really cool border frame!

Charli H

Karen: after seeing how well mannered and respectful your children are, I know that is a testament to you and Josh Downs' parenting. After reading a while back that you are an advocate of love & logic parenting, I looked into it myself. It is how my husband and I have decided to parent our six month old. And after reading your blog today about Courtney Lee, I have all the proof I need of how this method provides the framework for raising good, kind and decent children. Thank you. Also, from one military wife to another, please thank Josh Downs' for the sacrifices he makes for our country, especially on this day. I know we will all never forget.


So adorable and sweet! Can't wait to see the soccer pictures!


She's such a sweet girl! You done good!


First off...great shot!! This is the first fall in 18 years that we don't have a soccer game to go to. It feels a little weird but we are ready to have our evenings back and time to do what we want. We gave our time to our children as you and Josh do and I would do it all again in a heart beat. It really does go way too fast!! Enjoy and have fun with your family.


My heart grows out of my chest when I see children who have that kind of compassion for others. What a honey.


What a sweet girl!


awww that is so cute! that makes my heart warm and fuzzy. what a kindhearted girl!

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