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Jamie K

These pictures are adorable!! I am absolutely going to steal Annie's line..."You hurt my feelings, so I'm going to pinch my neck" (that's awesome!). Too cute. Good luck with school. :)

deAnne Wakefield

These are awesome, Karen! I can't wait to see what you come up with for Ross's senior pix!

gina f.

cute pix's!! senior year-- yikes! i have a freshman and am counting each day precious; the years go by too fast and then they are all grown up.

Kim P

Well, I was going to tell you my favorites but I've lost track - there are just too many! There are advantages to having a neighbor with a school bus! Annie's hair is getting so long. Such adorable kids you've got there, Karen.

P.S. I ordered my 50mm lens today and it should get here on my bday - so excited! :-)

Teresa Loop

OH!!! I *love* the picture of Courtney Lee, what a beautiful shot! My Teagan has the same white shirt Annie is wearing - love it too. And Coley is looking like such a dude.

We spend this weekend in Medford (from Sacramento), poked around in Grants Pass on Sunday everything was closed =( But loved the small town feel of it, so we got over it quick! We stopped in Ashland today, super fun and cute. Plus, the weather was perfect, so glad to get out of this heat.


i just LOVE your photography. thank you so much for sharing it all!!!


Great pictures! Glad the neighbors bus came in handy!


These are so beautiful, they are breath taking!

And Annie is getting so big!

Gorgeous, as always!!

Melissa Mann

just wonderful pictures!


i just knew those busses would come in handy one day!
beautiful pictures! i did the same thing, minus the bus, at my house ... i only had to wrangle one into somewhat-posing ... i need to practice a lot more before venturing into 3 territory!
your shots are lovely!


Time goes so fast. This looks like is was a good time. Love your photos.

Jennifer M.

That picture of Cole and Annie is one of those shots that rips your heart out and stomps all over it. So awesome.

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Karen -- This is a great series of shots. However, I refuse to believe that Annie is old enough for Pre-School and that Ross is actually a senior in high school -- how can those two facts even be possible????? Frightening. Congrats on raising such great kids!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


I think Ross jumping out of the back of the bus would have been a great picture to start his senior year. It will go by in an instant, trust me.


I love that even your posed shots look candid! They're all great. Thank you for sharing!

tara pollard pakosta

these are fuN! love the outfits!
where is the one with the blackberries dripping down
her arms?! LOL!


That shot of Coley and Annie is my favorite too! I think they turned out awesome. I wish I knew someone with a bus! Although, none of my kids ride the bus yet, so it might look kind of silly!


that picture where annie's pinching her neck? that's my favorite. i love how the older two are sort of bored, all grown up, and annie's just all stressed and little.



karen karen karen... your kidlets are the cutest things on earth!! just love your blog. enjoy your day.


awesome shots. the light in their eyes, the interaction. wow. i just tried some back to school pics on the front porch before we head off to first day (2nd & 3rd). could you zap yourself up to sherwood, OR for some help? :)


absolutely adorable....every single one. Precious kids, precious times! Enjoy.


So it paid off to have a neighbour with a bus grave yard! Love the shots! Love that Annie recognizes her neck pinching as a destresser. Mine is to eat everything in sight. It doesn't work, I might take up neck pinching.


I just love the pictures. The kids are adorable as always. Hope they have a great first day of school.


These are the most adorable pictures! They are so photogenic.



I love your post today. Love it.

Shari Barnes

These are AWESOME images!!! I love them all! How cool to have a bus residing next door. :-) I have been wanting to do something similiar myself... just trying to find a bus to use! I second Cathy... even your posed shots look candid!

Melanie C.

What a cool backdrop! The kids look adorable!

Kristy Klaassen

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!! I want a bus to pose my kids by - these are FANTASTIC! I'm quite simply jealous! ;)
Kristy Klaassen


Again -- beautiful photos of your kiddos. I love the fact that they are so accustomed to your having a camera that they just continue doing whatever is natural while you shoot away. And that is apparently how you are able to get the shots of bunny-ear battles and neck pinching and such. love it!! Aren't we all thankful that we can get photos of those moments that will soon be gone forever. . . .


Just fabulous! Great photos!


You are lucky to have a neighbor with a school bus! I think it's great that you could do the shoot separate from the first day of school, it can be so busy that shooting photos becomes a chore instead of a fun thing! I think that senior pics of Ross would be cool shot around the bus, it's not anything anyone else would have! Looks like you sure have 3 characters to parent!!


Those are THE BEST back to school pictures I have are amazing!! So lucky to have a bus for photo purposes at your finger tips....nice neighbor! Hope the kids had fun days at school!


sooooo jealous of the bus right now....these are so awesome!!!

i cannot believe you have a senior in high school missy...that is INSANE!!! Hope all your kiddos have an awesome year in school :)


the picture that you think is your favorite... you have the same expression when you've taught your class!!!


I have to agree with you on your favorite...but the last one is pretty darn cute too!! I knew you find use for that bus parked just behind your back yard.


They are all my faves! Gorgeous shots! Who would have thought that the school bus would come in so handy????

Jen Davis

I love the photos so much, and my dd has a little quirk that she's done since just a babe too. For her it's pinching either my ear lobe or hers (she pinched mine when I was nursing her and then would switch to her own when she was close to falling asleep) and now it's a comfort thing for when she tired or stressed (strictly has moved on to her own ear now thank goodness!). I've never journaled about this yet either, thanks for the idea to do so!



I like those posed bus shots! Coley loves driving the bus...he looks so serious!!!ha.

Happy first day of school everybody (and Ross tomorrow)! Happy serenity in your house, Nellie, while they're there! :)


All of your kids are beautiful...but that Annie is precious! She is so full of expression I never get tired of seeing her little face.

Cindy Welch



What an awesome idea! Wish I had a neighbor that had a school bus...LOL!

Carrie P

Love your back to school shots. I've always taken them at the siqn in front of school. This was the first year I didn't get that shot because I only had one child going back to school, third year of college and he just wasn't into it. Thanks for sharing the memories.

Erin R.

Oh my goodness, those are fantastic. How cool is it that your neighbor has buses AND that he brought one out for you to take pics?


Love, love, love those photos!! You have the most adorable kids, and you capture them well. How cool to have access to a bright yellow school bus for first day of school photos!!


Beautiful Pictures Your kids are so darn cute! I love reading your post!


Those are so fantastic. I don't know what I want own bus for shots like that or your kids! Soooooooooooooooooooo cute.

Mary Ann

I LOVE the photos. Using the bus was such a great idea! Yannie looks so grown up, I can't believe it.
I hope they all have a wonderful first day!


a-MAZ-ing yet again. And you had to know those buses would come in handy sooner or later right? Thank you for sharing these. And BTW, Coley is one serious cutie patootie. Not that the girls aren't, they are, but those eyes...killer.


Fun idea to shoot with the bus.... Have a good week. How quiet your house will be. :-)


I love your photos!! Such a great idea to use a school bus! These are AWESOME!!


Beautiful! The big yard ornaments came in handy, what fun photos.
That Courtney Lee is a photographers dream, lovely girl!

Libbi M.

what an awesome idea and fabulous photos. i too know of someone who has an old school bus in his yard and i took my daughter's back to school pictures at this location. thanks for the wonderful idea.


These are amazing! I can't believe how long Annie's hair is now! They are all so so cute and I love to see their relationships shine through your pics!!

Tonia Borrosch

I sooooooo knew that bus would come in handy some day! These are FABULOUS Karen-just beautiful. I also love the one of Coley looking at Annie and vice versa. :)

Lan Amphone

Annie is still the best dressed girl, love the outfit! Although I love that dress on Courtney Lee too. These are wonderful, the first day is always so busy that there isn't enough time for good photos, I wish I would've done a staged shoot although yours doesn't look staged at all!

traci in virginia

Just love them! Thanks for sharing. I would imagine that cuts the stress of taking pictures the first day of school!


i'm in love. definitely love the shot with annie looking up at coley - pure adoration.


What a fun idea - there's one good thing about the bus next door! Cute, cute, cute kiddos!


My oldest starts his Sr year this fall too. Aren't you freaked out? I am...can barely discuss it without tearing up.

teresa b

Great photos Karen.. I love the one with Coley and Courtney on the steps.. where you can see Yannie in the driver seat!


Gorgeous photos! The colors are amazing and so vibrant. Did you use any "actions" in photoshop?


Thanks for sharing. My four year-old also has a pinching soothing habit. But it has always involved pinching ME!!! Started when she was nursing and she'd pinch my arm and/or neck. So sweet though, I can't bear to think of the day when she'll no longer ask to pinch!!


Have to say that I am so in love with your photography, check your blog daily (or atleast I try too) to snap up some fun tips on how to improve my photography skills.

So love the Photo of Courtney in the second frame....such a beauty! And her eyes are so beautiful.

Jen Ely

Karen,these are great!!! I love them!! Great example that sometimes all you have to do is ask! I wonder how many opportunities we miss to get those shots that we dream of because we simply do not ask.


These are too much fun!


I love your photos of your kids and the anecdotes make your blog my favorite. You and Josh have really done a great job with your kids and are so sweet together. I love the story of how you met and fell in beautiful and gives everyone hope for a happily ever after even when you aren't looking for it. You are an amazing photographer.

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