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Kathy C

AWESOME!!! ;-)

cj savage

i'm sure YOU probably already noticed this, but i like how there's a reflection of you (in the window past the kids) getting the shot in photos #3 & 4. nice work! i love those serendipitous moments! : ) thanks you for sharing your family with all of us!


I just love the fact that your share your life and talents with us! Thank you! I SO look forward to your posts!


The pictures are beautiful, Karen! I think it helps that you have such cuties to take pictures of. Coley is such a charmer!


Wonderful pictures- looks like everyone had fun!!

nancy in ks

My favorite one is the one with Annie's chubby arms crossed tightly in front of her - just makes me want to hug her for 3 hours.
And my other favorite is how her fingers are on the seat behind her. Love it when kids to that with me. Love it how kids know fewer boundaries than adults - which is mostly a good thing, I guess.
And my other favorite is the one with Coley and Courtney on the tire (w/o the boat) - love the turquoise water line behind her turquoise dress.
And my other favorite is Annie on Josh's shoulders, 'bumming' a ride.
And my other favorite...


What fun photos. Love Coley's new haircut. The blueberry cobbler is making me hungry. Always a treat to take a peek into your life. Thank you.


So not my cup of tea, I'm more of a slow boat, or no boat kind of person. But looks like everyone had fun.


I can't believe how Coley is looking like such a young man...the little boy look is going away. A Very handsome young man I might add. Love the shot of Josh hugging Coley and the last two...the kids all look so excited.

I love how you tell a story!


Awesome photos!! Hubby & I have been wanting to take this jet boat ride for some time now!! Looks like a blast!!


Great pictures! Looks like fun! I just was telling my husband I want to go do this. I saw something like this on an extreme speed show, and they were jet boating through the rapids in Hells Canyon, but it was in Idaho. They were going really really fast though, and everyone was soaked at the end. Your ride looks a little more kid and picture friendly. I'm very excited to be starting your workshop tomorrow!!! Except for the fact that my camera is in Irvine being checked out by the canon people. I hope to have it back sometime this week!



That Annie of yours is just precious! Her smile is so genuine and wonderful. I can see she is a truly happy child. You are blessed.

Kristy Klaassen

I LOVE your pics!
Question for you: are your pictures truly that sharp or do you do any sharpening in Photoshop? What lens(es) do you have?? It's/they're fantastic!
You're the best! :)
Cheers, Kristy

Julie McD

Too cute! I have to tell you that I snatched up both dresses that your girls have on for my daughter at Target when they were on clearance earlier this year! Recognized them instantly! :) We both must have good taste! ha


Love your pictures what cutie of kids you have.

aNgi b

love how you capture them in their complete randomness... and the blurry one, i cherish the blurry ones the most. the best part is you captured them in
their element with their hearts on their sleeves. love your work, Karen! it always takes my breath away!

victorian inn bed and breakfast

The Trip was so fantastic as it seems i also like jet boating its a real fun and
pleasure at all.All the pics were great.



We took that same boat trip last summer and it was fun and beautiful.

Marilyn Hardcastle

love your pics, karen. real life stuff. moments that matter. such fun!!!

Chanel Handbags

IT IS hard to look at the Capitol in Washington, DC, without a frisson of excitement

Mark Brown

I love seeing your kids’ smiles on the last two photos! Nothing is more fulfilling and satisfying than seeing them smile after a long day of activities. I am planning to go boating with my entire family this coming summer. I hope my 3-year old niece would enjoy the trip too.://

Delena Millener

It’s a fun ride, isn’t it? Your kids look so nice, and I can see that they really enjoyed jet boating. Not allowing the kids to go in the front row of the jet boat is just a precautionary measure to prevent them from getting hurt. But in your pics, I think it’s not that hazardous since there is a glass that could prevent the kids from falling. Well, they just have to be careful not to bump the glass since it can hurt them badly. You have a great post here, Karen! :)

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