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Patty Hetrick

We are planning to go to Germany in June. May have to see if we can go to Greece instead:)


Rats, my lack of an unlimited budget really stinks!! How I would love to take those beer-drinking lessons with Josh. ;) I will look forward to all of your photos, since it's not in the cards for me. I don't know whether you read Maggie Mason ( but she just returned from Greece and she said, "Before you arrive in Greece, they hose it down, and repaint everything." Makes for great photos, anyway.


Just got your email re: Greece and immediately forwarded to my sister, mom, and dear husband. This would be my ultimate dream vacation! Wow. And it would make an excellent belated 40th birthday gift to me. :) Alas, dear husband needs to get off the unemployment list, but a girl can dream! (and start re-reading her Photographer's Workshop!)


I know I already posted, but I just visited the hotel's website and I am headed now to list both my children on eBay. Kidding, of course, but WOW...

Kristin R

Karen I am so excited about this. My husband has given the go ahead and I am all there baring in mind I can get in!!


Karen I am so excited I will see you here next year!!!! And I sure hope you'll get some fab pictures of my hotel!!! lol


How exciting for you, will look forward to seeing all your gorgeous Greek photos.


Mykonos is great and Elina's hotel is fabulous!!!
So those are two good reasons to go. Add Karen, Ali and Jenni: what more can you hope for????

Ps. if you want to see pics of Mykonos and Elina's hotel, I have some on my blog.

Michelle B

I want to go to Greece! I married a Greek Boy. We said we would always go someday..... i would love to go. Think I can convince my hubby we should go next september?


Oh, beginning the planning needed to be there! (With Ruthie in tow)

elizabeth holder

would love to take your class again in greece - how exciting!!!


How crazy cool is that! Sounds fabulous and something worth saving for! :)

Cindy Welch

I am already on it. Cant wait to go

Sara M

Oh how cool. I mentioned it to my hubby this morning. I would be going alone though. Do you think I would still have fun? I just don't want to be wandering around Greece alone. :(
How long it the trip?

Sara M

One question. What will Josh do while you are teaching? Maybe I could bring my husband. He could help Josh with the beer drinking lessons. :)


This seems so cool. If I wasn't getting married next September I'd really consider going. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!


i know what you are going to are going to run through the streets of Greece singing "Mama Mia" everywhere you go :) I'm super excited for you....should be a trip of a lifetime girlie!! :)


Momma Mia! I want in. I so hope we (my family) can swing it....

I can't get the words from Momma Mia out of my mind. "Honey, Honey how it thrills me." (The thought of going). You can do the rest of the word substitution yourself. I know you've seen the movie..

Alis in Wnderlnd

HAVE FUN!!! WE spent our honeymoon there 7 years years ago. We did Athens for a few days to see the sites, then Mykonos, and Santori. The best two weeks ever!

Be sure to steal a little time to go to some of the beaches on the other side of the island--not all are nude beaches, but they are great for people watching! D

Driving there is INSANE...SCARY insane and you will see lots and lots of crosses in memory of people who have died on the roads. Just be careful. We rented a smart car and drove all over the place...had to to get to some of the beaches.

The night life on Mykonos is a blast, too. Partying starts around 11 PM and goes into the wee hours of the morning. Then, people go back to the hotels and put a towel out to save their spots by the pools or beach so they can sleep in and still get an awesome lounger. (I found that a little annoying, but it is was it is.)

it is absolutely gorgeous and everyone is so incredibly friendly. It should be perfect!


Momma, Mia!


You are going to LOVE Greece! Especially since you'll have your husband in tow. Every single spot there is so beautiful and romantic. It'll be a nice thing to share together. Please tell me you'll be going to Santorini! That was my favorite place there!


OH MY GOODNESS, I saw your email this morning when I couldn't sleep and I was SO stinking excited. I want to go!

Melissa Priest

OK Karen, this is totally random but do you remember the online store where you bought your girls dresses for your wedding? I had it bookmarked, and deleted it in a moment of craziness. I loved the store, but can't find it now!

Melissa Priest


HMMMMM! What a great 50th birthday present that would be for me. Can't wait to get details. Off to do that now. I would love to dance through the streets singing to Mama Mia!


Congratulations! So jealous. A little nugget to hoard to think of when you're feeling down, "Ah, only .... more months until I can go to Greece."


I can hear you now Karen Russell singing in the streets of Greece... Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, just how much Ive missed you
Yes, Ive been brokenhearted
Blue since the day we parted
Why, why did I ever let you go?
Mamma mia, now I really know,
My my, I could never let you go.
Please have someone take pictures of that! How exciting...I would love to be there!

Belinda H

Greece is not on the cards all the way from Australia but will you bring Josh Downs DOWN UNDER one day and my hubby will be happy to co-teach some beer drinking with him.


So what you're saying is there is class for both me AND my husband! (i.e. beer drinking)... SWEET! Sign us up!


I am already planning this and keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to be one of the few to get registered.


This would be the ULTIMATE dream come true....NOT only Greece but you and doesn't get better than that! UNLESS Josh Downs would include my hubby in his beer drinking lessons!!! DREAMING AND PRAYING!!!!!!

Nektaria Kazakopoulou

The greek scrapbookers are ALL SOOOOO excited about this!!! When I saw Elina Koutsoudari's announcement... I thought it was for 2009... I almost fell off my chair!!

We can't wait for all of you to arrive!!

Helen Tilbury

The idea is fantastic but perhaps it will only be for the rich & famous...wish we could have some idea on price. My friend & I so want to come but we are in South Africa so the airfare alone may break our budgets LOL!

teresa b

Oh Karen.. so excited for you!! I'd love to go and run around Greece with all the other Karen, Ali & Jenny fans but I'm gonna be a busy bee these next few years!! I'll have to enjoy the trip through your blog and photos!! Can't wait!!


It is my intention to be there and finally get to take some photography classes with you - even if I have to travel half-way across the world to do it.


I hope you are doing okay in the general vicinity of your neck of the woods, Karen! My hubby was sent from Redmond for the fires and was stationed in Medford for a bit.


Wow, Greece is only 5 hours flight from me...I'm in and hubby said "GO"! So now to
I wrote Tricia already.

Irini Liolia

A native from Greece here...can't wait to meet you in a years time LOL.
As for Josh Downs and beer drinking, forget that.... we will teach him to drink Ouzo!! LOL


What a dreamy and exotic place to do two of our favorite things: scrap and take pics! My husband wouldn't mind assisting Josh with the beer drinking lessons. hahaha


My hubby just asked where I'd LOVE to go (next). I just opened this, and said here. He said YES!
I can hardly breathe. PLEASE may I?

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