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Your photos are amazing! I look forward to your Sept. 14 class to start so I can learn from you.


Love how Annie holds up her pants, I do the same thing. My legs are about that short too. I'm with Courtney Lee on the cleanliness of Costco cards, yuck! Love the one of your uncle and his dogs and the one of Annie and the rolly polly puppy, so cute!

Patty Hetrick

Bring it on!! Can't wait to see more pictures:) We were in Cali last July and went to the Santa Monica Pier. It was freezing to this Florida girl. So I can't imagine how cold it is there in Oregon.


Love all the pictures Karen! Can't wait for more!


What a great family get together! Nice to see Ross &'s the senior year going?


Gorgeous photos from a special time. Every time I see Annie she makes wish I had of had a daughter (four sons) she is so cute and has the cutest collection of bathing suits I have ever seen,lol.


Washington beaches are colder!


Love them and I can't wait to see more.

TerriB in Oregon

Bring 'em on! I just love that you share your family, itis really great!I have been reading since before Annie was born and I hsve taken a few classes from you, so you are almost like family!


i read your blog since i was in it today, and decided to leave you a comment :) love you :)

ps. where is the picture of me jumping over the huge body of water? ;)

Jennifer Hisi

These are lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.
Your blog is one of my favorites!

Jennifer M.

Beautiful pictures! I still aspire to get shots like yours!

Shaun Paddock

Great photos!!! I cannot wait to see more and I truly mean that.

Ada live a loved full life.


I've always loved your photos but I think with this post, you're officially my favorite ever :)


Love the pictures as always. Like Annie, I do not like jelly with my peanut butter sandwich. Loved the Costco card as a knife!


I love the photos and the story they tell. Reminds me of a trip to Washington and Kalaloch. The beaches there certainly are different from Florida, but in the Northwest you DO things on the beach, not just lie in the sand and bake in the sun. Looking forward to the next chapter!!


I always love beach pictures. There's this shot I've been dreaming of for almost a year. Ever have those? My cousin...her wedding dress on the ground..her running, veil in hair, in red bikini towards the ocean. Can't wait, and your photos make me more excited! Now, I'm thinking something with driftwood! Thanks for always being inspiring;)

Sandra (nachtschwinge)

I think I said it before, but I'll do it again: I'm in love with your family!!! Wish I was as close with my aunts and cousins as you are!!! Won't you adopt me? *lol*


I just found your blog! A friend of mine sent a link for the best craft room ever and she was right, yours is definitely the best I have seen! I am very impressed with all your creative ideas plus your pictures are amazing. I am glad I found another great blog that is full of ideas and overflowing creativity!


mmm... cannon beach? I think that's haystack rock?

Love Wa and Or beaches :) great shots Karen. Duh. They're always good... but these ones are really awesome. Especially love the bonfire ones :)

cj savage

i'm starting to think you don't go anywhere with out your camera! ; ) and i've decided to adopt that policy! my baby girl turned 10 yesterday, and i took her out for pedicures, AND i took my camera too! thanks for the inspiration & motivation! can't wait for the class to start!
have a great day! : )


I KNOW we're related some way! Maybe even separated at birth! I grew up in Helena, and my husband grew up in Gold Beach. I've spent tons of time in both places so I love it when you blog about them!


SERIOUSLY, Karen, HOW do you manage to get anything done when you have that sweet little Annie around all the time - I would have so many pictures of her that the other kids would be jealous! HA! I swear, I don't even know you and just want to come and pick Annie up and squeeze her and hug her and kiss her sweet little face! Great pictures as always... can't wait to see the rest! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Trac~ :o)

Melissa Mann

beautiful pictures!

angi b

wow. just wow. please keep them coming. i will never tire of these. promise. you are my favorite photographer in the whole wide world. promise.


Love the picks, and can't wait for the rest! Is that a special ring of any sort on Cali's left hand (last pic)?


you are sooooo lucky!
count your blessings.
love love love your pictures!
thanks for sharing with all of us!

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Nice pics it looks great you all are together having fun with each other.Lovely moments of life never be forgotten.Real Pleasure and fun.

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