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I just love these pictures of Annie! Her hair is getting so long. I love the top 10, but #3 and #4 are my favorite.


I think Annie would like my Raiden. He's one and he cries ALL the time... or whines. It's cute ..until a certain point, right?! LOL.

Love the pictures though!


Tell her that my 8 year old girlie still sits in her carseat, cause she's not big enough for a booster yet! (Don't share that she uses the seatbelt from the car instead of the straps though!)


Although I'm sure many of these things can be gosh darn precious are they at the same time?!

Just makes you want to squeeze those cheeks and give her a big smooch! She really is beautiful. Great pictures.

Blessings, Tracy


You forgot one:
11. She is the cutest thing ever.


Your Annie and my Brayden could be the same kid right now based on that list! Holy moley! Except she's a girl and he's a boy! :)


My Chloe does the same with asking Mommy? repeatedly until I acknowledge it before she can go on with her question or story. Hearing Mommy hundreds of times like that can be so draining. It's good to be needed, but I wish my husband heard Daddy? just as much.

Love that you took a moment to write down all the things you don't want to forget about Annie at this point in her life so you don't forget later and they can be reminded. :)

Laura Carter

I think I have the boy version of Annie. :) Seriously...the crying about everything...the loud talking (must be pre-school/daycare.... but oh how we love them :)


Wonderful the last one. Your grass is so green and lush!!

Tammy Mellish

I've totally got to make a list for each of my kids (it's been a while). My Chloe does the mommy thing too and it reminds me of the Family Guy commercial/preview on TV (have you heard that?! I don't watch the Family Guy, but that commercial is funny!). Chloe also gets VERY annoyed when people cut into her conversation. She's the last of 5 kids (she holds her own ;).

I think the funniest thing she does is label my mother, her grandmother, as the grammy with the Sheeba Cat. "Are we going to Grammy Sue's or Grammy with Sheeba's house?" LOL!!

allison Gottlieb

the crying thing - my six year old has been doing it FOREVER. It drives me INSANE. TFS!

Jennifer Hisi

I love this post, even though you said you don't do it as often...

Jennifer M.

Awww...that was so sweet!


Oh, my she ADDDDOOOOOOORRRRRRAAAAABBBBBLLLLLEEEE or what??? (that's cuz my kids are 23, 19 and 17 and I miss this stage cuz when your kids get this old you only remember the fun + cute


OMG! I could have written this post WORD FOR WORD about my 5 year old Emily! I laughed out loud - if only to keep from crying!


I think she might be a clone of my little Madison who is 8 now. I know how you feel about her having to get her point across Madison does the same thing. Don't dare interrupt her or you will hear the story all over again from word ONE!! Your Annie is so precious keep the lovely pictures posting. Love to view them. Tina :)

Melissa Salomon

Priceless....good for you for recording these conversations and cute things. think you will never forget but you do unless you record them.......later on you will read them as if the first time and experience them all over again!


cute pictures and love how you stopped to journal these great scenarios! she sounds look a hoot!!

Melissa Mann

absolutely priceless!! i loved reading this..her remark "because that's just how I roll" so made me laugh right out loud!!!

Julie Pilch

I have a little girl almost exactly the same age as Annie and I find it amazing how similar they are. The crying is spot on! Everything makes Charlotte cry it does drive me crazy. Also as Charlotte has two older sisters it drives her totally over the edge when the other two talk over her, she just gets louder and louder until she gets heard! I keep telling myself that I should enjoy it as they won't be this age for very long :)

Marilyn Tschorke

I have 25 years experience teaching preschool and have known a lot of cute 3 year olds, but never have I seen one as absolutely ADORABLE as Annie! I feel I know her from your great descriptions and photos. She wears the cutest outfits ever! I enjoy your blog and photos so much!


She is so adorable and always has the cutest little outfits. I swear, Annie and my Bianca could be long lost sisters. Especially on the crying part. It's getting better since I started saying you can cry but it needs to be done in the time out chair. She doesn't really like the time out chair so she usually stops right away.

Anyway, she's adorable and beautiful pictures, as always!

Joan Fowler

For the longest time, every sentence that my granddaughter uttered was preceded by "Nana". It drove me crazy as well. I talked to her about it and it would disappear for an hour or two. Trust me they do grow out of it. Sadly, I do remember when that happened - when her friends started replacing me as the most important people in her life. So, maybe that might take the sting out of constantly hearing "Mommy". It ends way too soon.


She is so stinking cute. And so much of what she says and does sounds like my 6 year-old daughter, Edie. And she went through the crying phase - it does pass, although this morning she started whipping up some tears over the lack of enough bread for cinnamon toast.


Oh Karen! I read #1 to my husband and he howled. We often use the "how I roll" bit in jest. I am sure your clan does too for her to pick up on it. Way Way Way hilarious. Thank you for sharing Annie-isms. Both of us get such a kick out of it.


I love these little stories of Annie and who she is right now. She's definitely a cutie and a handful all at the same time. But such a great kid!


I cry all the time too, like when the construction for the garage meant that the little digger had to take my rocks in my side garden, when I think about how my 'old' camera has to go to a new home and all the memories it holds for me, and when I watched the last episode of King of the Hill.
My daughter also cried all the time, up until about grade 4. She was just emotional and we had lots of discussions on how to use our words instead.
And I want an Annie. Instead I have a 13 yr. old, she doesn't say many cute things anymore.


#2 & #8. It's so easily to lose our tempers when we are in a frantic state trying to get things done like cook dinner and put in a load of laundry.

Oh the crying is enough for me to commit myself in a padded room however, they do have their cute moments. Parenting has it's constant ups and downs.

Hang in there.

Suezi gurzi

she makes me laugh out loud the cute one of yours. Your pictures are beautiful all the time. I really love all the ones you captured on the bus a couple of posts back! All three of your little ones have the best expressions!

Kim P

Aww, poor little Annie. And poor mommy too! I feel your pain. My little Ashlyn cries way too much. Annie is such a little cutie though and those sweet innocent statements help make up for the crying. Great pics - she's just adorable. I know I've said it before. I can't help writing it again. And I LOVE her fun, colorful dress too!!!

Elizabeth B

Yeah but she's so cute you just want to squeeze her...that can make up for it.
I love the "how I roll comment"

She's always been spirited!


well Karen... its tough being the youngest!!! wink!! thanks for sharing. adorable.


She's adorable. I loved hearing about Annie -- and I thought of this regarding #8 --


Great post & gorgeous photos, Karen - especially love the top one. My daughter, Rosie, has said the word 'Mama' approximately 20 times in the last 1/2 an hour. I've no idea where the 'Mama' comes from - I feel like I should be in some quaint italian village or somewhere with a european feel as opposed to Australia! It's cute though - although with the whinge effect added it's sounds more like 'Mum-aaa' and the whinge effect is something she uses alot.


Annie is all things CUTE (and a little tiger too)!!!

I tell my kids we're going to see Jesus TOGETHER one day--no one left behind. (I hope it goes that way for ALL of us reading this!) But we have to be ready for when that time comes. (Because I don't like to talk about anybody dying...that's just too sad and traumatic!)

Give that precious baby girl lots of lovin. She's getting so big!!!


Oh so cute. Can't wait to see your top ten lists for your other three.
D.B.'s mum


So adorable!! Love the things you wrote about her. What lens did you use? Love the photos!

Deb Wisker

great documentation. you know she'll deny remembering any of it when she's 18!
BTW, I really miss those black glasses!

Melanie aka browneyedgirl

This post made me smile after a pretty crummy day. It reminded me that I too have a little girl that is stuck forever at 30 pounds, who is 4 going on 21, interrupts adult conversation way too much, cries (well actually whines!) a lot, and says the darnedest things. I am crazy about her and will follow your lead and record my feelings in a blog post... You're right, we do tend to forget, but that's what our scrapbooks are for...
Today my daughter Grace told me that her pre-school teacher Maudie doesn't brush her teeth. When prompted why, she explained that she had gold "toothes" and that means she didn't' brush and lost her white "toothes". LOL
Lovin' your blog in Bellingham, WA

(TOM Girl)


It's hard to be the youngest. I had no idea (since I was the oldest) until we had our third and last child. She has it rough, with 2 extra 'parents' telling what to do all the time. At least, she's cute. My husband and I always joke about that - saying its the "I'm cute - don't eat me" defense mechanism.

Jen Ely

I love that she has a tender heart! #2 reminds me of my daughter. For the most part it is a beautiful thing...just be ready! My daughter will be 12 on Friday and i know there are times when she is crying and she doesn't know why. She would cry if she knew i was writing this. lol What a great idea to put this down here!! I keep wanting to scrapbook... The Funny Things My Little guy says. I should blog it so Idon't forget. I forget the last time I scrapbooked. These shots of Annie are great by the way!!!


. . . and she is just down right beautiful. ;-)


totally unrealted to this post... but has your email changed?? if so, can i have it again?? send me an email?? smooch!!

amy kelly

oh my goodness i am going to cry too about the dying comment! i love how you handled it. i enjoy your posts so very much!

Penny Smith

My 6 year old son...

Still crying about ALL disappointments.

Still saying Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy... over and over without even a breath until I acknowledge. {sigh}
And I only have 3 kids. :)

She is a cutie!

teresa b

Wow she's growing up so fast Karen!!


Wow...These all sound oh so familiar! Def. a loud talker...says MOMMA, MOMMA, MOMMA until you look at him and say "yes, Bryson" the point where I told him he couldn't call me that anymore today. He came in a few minutes later and said "Ember?"...all confused like. (sorry this is getting long) And we have also struggled with the crying thing A LOT. I googled the other day, just for kicks, "3 year old cries about everything" and one link that popped up talked about paradoxical techniques. We've been using it for about a week and IT IS WORKING! Weird stuff. We acutally laughed about it, like YEAH RIGHT, psh...but it is working. Just in case. (again...sorry so long!!)



I love Ms. Annie, you can tell she has older siblings, especially with the "that's how I roll." I was reading your blog at work today and I just starting laughing so hard. She is a doll and will keep you young and on your toes. Thanks for sharing. I am off to read my/your photograph lessons.

Loving your class!

virginia bed and breakfast

I Love the baby.She is such a cutie doll.Her all actions are so innocent and lovely.She Loves everyone and want to be with family all the time.She is so talkative and will make you mad sometimes.


oh, she is so gosh darn adorable. My little girl is 15 and it makes me long to go back in time to when she was this age. I miss it so!
Please tell me that you have seen Meg's "Annie" on her Whatever blog. She's pretty famous, so you've probably seen her blog. Her Annie is about the same age as your Annie, maybe a year or so older. They are both such cuties!!
Here is Meg's Whatever blog (Annie is all over it):


I just happened upon your blog, and I am so glad I found it! This post is precious and the pictures are beautiful.


Annie sounds just like my son who is 4. Wish we could have the two meet...then you and I just might have some quiet time as the two of them could entertain each other for hours, days or even weeks I think!! Aren't they so much fun though?

DeeDee Roe

Oh I just love it. I feel like you were talking about my 3 year old. :) So sweet, and frustrating too!

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