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Libbi M.

sounds like a really rough part of your day. did you eventually retreive the dolly from the garbage? hang in there... you have a great family who really loves you even if they don't show it all the time.


I actually DID cut up my youngest son's teddy bear. He was seven and took a rock and carved some drawings into the side of my brand new vehicle (when he was SUPPOSED to be getting in and buckling up). He knew better. He was purposely destructive so I was purposely destructive with one of his teddy bears so he could identify with how he made me feel. I thought I picked one he didn't actually care much about, but it turned out that it was one he shared with grandma. Sooo... I had to explain it all to grandma without making myself sound too morbid. I usually don't threaten their belongings anymore, but sometimes special toys have to go live in the attic for a while if someone can't behave.


Even though I'm not a parent, I had to laugh when I read this. She needed to learn though...


I can't tell you how much I needed this story. I recently took my thirteen year old's clothes for a week. We left her only two sweatpants and her biggest oldest tshirts. We also donated some of her clothes to the salvation army because she wouldn't keep her clothes in her drawers. She has now quit using the excuse that there were too many clothes. It does work but its hard. Keep the faith.

DeeDee Roe

Just wondering if this child is 3, as I have an almost 4 year old who sounds SO alike. Sigh. You did good Momma.


A friend just linked me to your blog today. I have to say "Been there, been there, been there!!!" Just haven't thrown a baby away however, my little girl is only 20 months. It's my almost 4 year old who's lost toys to the trash. Sometimes he doesn't even care but other it's heart breaking.

I have a cryer too. I just remeind myself it means they have a lot of emotions and care very deeply for EVERYTHING. As they get older it will channle into more positive things to care about, not everything right or wrong. So our kids are the one who will cry with their frineds or for people they don't know. Will worry about the child with no food and the homeless man they see on the corner. God Bless them.

And funny timeouts in my house. When Brother is mean to sister and get put into timeout, she sits with him. LOL Course this is after he tries to ru from me! Yup, he does that too. I think James and Annie would be great frineds. ; )

Cheryl M

Karen, I applaud you for being consistent. I wish I'd been moreso when raising my kids. I know it must've broken your heart to throw away the baby and I feel for ya. But there's not a whole lot of parents doing parenting correctly anymore in my mind and I'm so proud of you!! Your children will love you all the more for it when they're older and have children of their own.


Great story. I wish I could take back some of the things I have said and done during the raising of my son. He is 15 and has turned out just fine.


I enjoyed these characters I still a boy, he enjoyed seeing how "saved the world of evil '(I forget their names) excellent blog hahaha.!

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