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OH MY GOSH. That is the best room EVER. I just want to go back and look at it all again. The furniture pieces are wonderful! The space is so spacious. The tread mill, I have never seen anything like that, or even imagined it. I love all your finds and your "vintage storage" SO FUN, SO COOL. Thanks for sharing. that was so fun to look at, I am going to go back and look again.


Love Love Love this room!! It's stunning!!! :)

Nancy Ward


I recently posted an entry on my blog with a link to this entry.

Would you let me know if that's OK?


Nancy Ward


OH MY, luv it! So many unique and vintage finds. My next house has to a a LARGE room for my studio, just like KARENS. Cant wait to see the oversized orange chair, my fav color is orange and I want one for my space too!!!

Marcia Kauffman

Your use of space is phenomenal!! I love that you reuse "junk". Where did you get the card catalog.

Sandi Keene

Can I come and play?! If I bring snacks? LOVE this.


Wow! This studio space is to die for! I love the use (or I should say "reuse") of all the vintage items. They add so much warmth and character to the room. LOVE the treadmill desk - what fun! I think even I wouldn't mind exercising if I could be doing something else while I walk/run. You've done a beautiful job here - there's just so much inspiration. I've got to go back and study the photos more now.
Thanks for sharing!


Wow. That all I can say. Wow. I came over from Ruby Moon Designs, and was she ever right about this being an inspirational space.


Hannah Lemmon

Amazing room! You take beautiful photos, too :D


Holy crap... wish I was you!!! I have been looking for a card catalog forever... where did you find yours??

tajanee white

your room is very inspirational. Beautfiul

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The longest I could ever get used to was about 4 hours though.


I have a question, I have a very similar dewey decimal library file to yours and would love to put some dividers in it. Can you or Josh Downs let me know if you used a table saw? Would appreciate any help!!


Beautifully amazing! I love the red-trimmed enamel bins on your blue shelf - so lovely!

Jordans 2

To your blog at these shoes are very excited! Pleasure in your blog to see! I can be for reference? Thank you for sharing!


What an amazing scrapbook/crafting room! Everything is so neatly organized and easily accessible, not to mention beautiful! What a great space for you to get away and enjoy your scrapbooking.

Thanks for sharing!


Wow, this is gorgeous! Makes me want to start scrapbooking if it means I can have a place to work like this!


oeveryone has already commented on all of the delicious vintage storage pieces so can I just say the "treadmill desk" should be patented!!!!!???? what an amazing idea!

Sandi Hixson

this is the single most fantabulous room i have ever, ever seen...exuse me while i try to get my tongue back in my mouth.....i SO heart your style!!!


I don't scrapbook, but I love this room! I love the antiques, the organization, the colors.... BEAUTIFUL!!


Hi there. I just came by via a reference @ the lettered cottage fb page. I am coveting your craft room!! What an amazing space to work.


Very, very cool! Love it.

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i really need to know how to get those beautiful vintage labels/stamps that you have? i saw them online and need them for a big graphic design job that is on a tight deadline, and i can't find anything else nearly as beautiful as these! i don't know if i can buy them as a high res digital file? or i need to buy the stamps?
they're called 'vintage labels karen russell (cs-943) i think!
thank you

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Cool! I think I am getting that treadmill desk, and actually considering the one from Treadmill Desks


HI Karen-

I just love your Scrapbook/Office. I love how organized you are and all the pops of color. I love the rolling drawer/box under the table - great idea. I also am going to show my hubby the treadmill desk. I think he will be running to Home Depot to get the supplies. I enjoyed the tour.

My best- Diane

Melissa Kaiserman

I'm discovering your room over a year & a half after you posted this, but someone pinned it today on Pinterest. Love it. LOVE! I have essentially the same library card catalog in my craft area, and I never though of making dividers. Brilliant! Thanks for all the inspiration. :)


I love your craft room so much that I just blogged about it on my blog! You have such great taste and awesome organizing ideas. The thing that makes this one of my favorites is how INTERESTING your room is. It's difficult to be organized AND interesting but you have pulled it off. Congrats on a fabulous room and thanks for sharing it with us!

Jenny K.

Oh my gosh!!!! I LOVE this space!!!! What crafty woman wouldn't! You did an amazing job!!!


I have been looking for the library card catalog for months! where can i find one? where did you find yours? its beauuutiful. i love your style :)


Can I come and play at your house?

I am GREEN with envy. That's a beautiful room. I think the chair is a great idea and you should send the luggage to me. It just wouldn't feel right being replaced by the chair. ;)


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I use an old library card catalog to hold some of my stuff too - aren't they wonderful?

Beautiful room!

Claudette King

Wow I have never seen so much stuff so neatly packed in such a small space. Great job, I wish I was close to be able to scrapbook with you.


What an imagination you must have to do all these wonderful things with little treasures! You have given me an incentive that I needed to get off my you-know-what and be creative!


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Laura Altes

OMG. Your room is beautiful!! I am so jealous.

Alvina Luebke

Thanks awfully for your piece of news! Sincerely speaking I have never run across anything that informative.


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Kelli R.

Awesome room and so wonderfully organised! You have SO much stuff, it's like a cool shop in there. Enjoy your time in an awesome room!!!! Makes me want to go and reorganise all my stuff:)


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A2 Laminators

Your office is so organize. I wish I can be just like you. :)

cheryl smith

Hi Karen,

I dont know where to start. I have so many things to organize. If I sent you a picture, it would blow your mind. I am overwhelmed. Where do I start? Please help!!


Wow, what an amazing space. Everything is just great.


Amazing! So beautiful.

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