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Sheri T

Karen, that is the most amazing room! I love the vintage storage items, your table and that wonderful cabinet with all the drawers! You're room is so full of vintage goodies but is still very streamlined and organized! I'm in love....and I could spend days in the Narratives closet! Still one of my very favorites lines of product! Thanks for the wonderful tour!


Wow!!!! Can I come scrap at your house?! :)


Love your scrapbook room! I wish mine was just as beautiful!

Kristin R

Hey Karen that is a fantastic room! Has given me a little inspiration to go and finish off mine. But I will do that after i finish my photography assignments up for you first ;) Kristin.

Sharon Holden

Hi Karen! I'm normally a lurker on your blog but I had to comment on your fabulous room. I love all the vintage touches, those trays mounted on the wall and that card index cabinet - just stunning. Wishing you lots of fun scrapbooking days & nights in your new room :)

liz walker

I LOVE your room too!! Especially the old typewriter!!

Wendy M.

What a great room Karen! I love it... it looks just like I would expect it to look given how long I've been stalking you on this blog and after I've taken your photography course. Congratulations!


I love your room! It has so much charm! Glad you'll be scrapping more!


Fabulous I love everything. I have similar tastes (and goodies), I just need to get the bones of my room together, this is great inspiration


What a cool scrap room, I'm so jealous. the treadmill/computer idea is a great one, if I spent as much time walking as I do on the computer I'm sure my butt wuld be sooo much smaller :-)


Holy Scrap Room!! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Vanessa Menhorn

Wow, I have to start breathing again! I hold my breath while looking at those photos! Love love love this, it is the best scrapbook room I have ever seen! I am jealous! This is fab! Please scrap a lot in this beautiful room!


OK I just have to say I am in the process of redoing my room and I adored it UNTIL I saw your room! LOL! It is so fun, I am a huge antique lover so I am now drooling at all the fun vintage things you have! And that treadmill idea is just brilliant!


I adore every.single.item in this room - truly, it looks amazing. And further to your last post about your scrapbook page - as per usual you seem to articulate so well what alot of us think, I'm sure. A couple of times lately I've thought, why do I do this? is this just a phase, this scrapbooking thing? And yet when I'm in the moment of creating I love it and I know because I'm putting my heart into it, as all of scrapbookers do, that sentiment and the importance of keeping particular memories for our children & children's children to read is going to make it all worthwhile. I'm so pleased you enjoyed making this page about your & Josh's anniversary.


LOVE your space. You've given me several ideas for storage in my own scrap-room, which by the way is only about 8x8. But hey, it's something. ;-)

Allison Clem

Wow! I am so excited that you'll be scrapbooking again. You are my favorite-est scrapbooker ever:) No pressure, though. I am so glad that your dream house is starting to come together.


I'm going to come and live in this room. My organizational guru self wants to come and sleep beneath your card catalog. This room is magic.

Lisa B.

Love the room! I know you're enjoying it now that you've taken all the picures and made a mess? My DH thinks that the treadmill idea is I'll probably be getting one.
Wasn't it you that posted about going to a shoe store to have your walking analyze to get the right shoe? I really need to do that but have no idea where to go.
Great ideas! If you decide you're tired of photography I think you have a career in designing scrap/work spaces.


Your room is delightful eye candy!

Hey, if you haven't already been there,and you need another pick me up one day, try!

Melissa Stinson

Karen, you have the most beautiful and well-organized scrap room- I'm so happy you have it set up the way you want it now! And the natural light is just phenomenal.

Oh, and ouch about the big toenail. I know from experience how painful that is!!


LOVE your room! Especially all the vintage an antique findings. SO unique and personal.

Kathleen Kraft

Wow...that is all I can say. I am nearly speechless. If God came down and made a perfect place this would be it. Have fun....soooooo cool! PS..forgot your class. I think you should give away a day hanging with you in your scraproom.


Wow! Karen, thanks so much for taking the time to photograph all this and share it with us! Your scrapbook room is fabulous and I absolutely LOVE all your flea market finds. I've just begun collecting vintage things but I too already have some things stored away to use in my future dream scrapbook room. You have given me some great organizational ideas.

Tami B.

A MOST beautiful room! Wow.

Kimberly Gero

This is the most beautiful and functional scrapbooking studio I have ever seen! My heart is beating so fast just looking at it all. I have some similar funiture pieces (like the library card catalog, locker bins, and the stamp holder thingy- not to mention a boat load of supplies too :0)and now I have a vision of how to decorate my scrapping studio - although my room will not be a large as yours. I love the roll out bin that you made too! Thanks so much for sharing - your home is beautiful - and I can hardly wait to start The Photographer's Workshop next month (I received my binder yesterday - yay!). Thanks for the inspiration.


OMG Karen, I LOVE IT! I love everything about this room! Will you come to my house and set up a craft room for me? Enjoy it!


WOW!---Totally love it
I need to turn my treadmill into a desk.


Your scrapbook room is just WONDERFUL!! It is so much fun to see all your beautiful photos, and read your great descriptions, of the perfect pieces that make this room yours. I am so excited for The Photographer's Workshop next month!

Kathy C.

AWESOME!!! ;-)


Uber-uber cool! You are creative with a capital C! Okay - I know I'm gushing. But, really, it's fabulous!
And I always wanted one of those library cabinets and a post office stamp hanger! Now I'm going to have a new list of "wants"!
Thank you for sharing!

Nicky from Canada

Love it Karen - it is perfect!! It will help get the creative juices flowing!!
Wow - great job

Jennifer S

Amazing room!!!! (and of course the photos of it are not shabby either!) So happy for you! What a change from the closet huh? ENJOY IT!!!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Karen --

First, I am SOOOOO excited to see a new scrapbook page from you. I TOTALLY love it.

Second -- your room is so YOU! It is beautiful and all the antique stuff and found stuff is so Karen Russell. I'm so excited for you that everything is set up and so cute.

Three -- Thanks so much for sharing your room. I've already looked at everything in such detail twice. Love it!

Fourth -- me, queen of Narratives thought I'd be VERY jealous when I saw all the product -- and I was a little jealous until I realized that I have ALMOST that much stuff. :) Then I just laughed at myself.

Enjoy your room -- I can't wait to see more pages!

Becky (aka: beckywedd) :)


I can't wait to see what you create in there! I miss you being a scrapbooker!


Wow...just wow! That room rocks! Great vingate pieces, fabulous organization and I DO want to live in your Narratives closet! I am so inspired now to figure out my mess. You have wonderful ideas for storage and the display pieces are amazing! Thank you for sharing the pictures.


LOVE the room! It has the nostalgic charm added with a bit of whimsy to make it absolutely perfect! I SO wish I lived out there with you, as I'd love to go antiquing with you and Jill! You two always find the most amazing things!!! And, I admit, living in Florida....well, it just seems we get only the left over "junk". Not anything to brag about!! Happy scrapbooking!!!


oh my! I want to move in. All that Narratives? Heaven!


beautiful room! you have alot of fun finds ;) can't wait to see more of your pages that you will create in there and sorry to hear about your toe!


Wow! Your space is so beautiful and so you! Love all the junk shop nick-nacks! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your room you SCRAPBOOKER!


Holy cow, that is a great room! Infinitely better than working out of your closet! Thanks for sharing. :)


Your room is absolutely fabalous. It is really well organize and so neat. I want to redo mine to be just like that. I love it.


Wonderful. I loved looking at every detail. I love how you collect all the old stuff. What vision you have. I will be stealing alot of your ideas - especially the tray on the wall idea!

Thanks so much for sharing!


Now that is one really cool scrap room. I love all the vintage stuff.

Laura Carter

What an absolutely fabulous space which you absolutely deserve after being shoved in a closet for way too long. The light looks lovely in there. I am so very happy for you!!! Enjoy to your hearts content!

Terry Gardiner

What a beautiful room! Glad you were able to find your mojo in it! I wanted it from the first photo, before you even showed the fab closet! Enjoy!


i totally have office enfy!! well, except for the treadmill. wink!! that is one fabulous room!! LOVE NARRATIVES!! gonna have a give away?? wink!! thanks for sharing. the room is AWESOME!! totally jealous.


This is the most amazing room I've ever seen. I'm in love. I want my own room for scrapbooking and crafting now. I love how so much of what makes up that room is stuff you found at a junk store. It gives the room an amazing vintage feel. This room is absolutely perfect.


Karen, you have THE MOST AMAZING scrapbooking room/office in the WORLD! I'd love it if I weren't seething with jealousy! LOL! Seriously though, it's fantastic, and I'm glad you didn't get it all set up and beautified, just to find that you don't want to scrapbook anymore. You definitely deserve it!

Melissa Mann

wow. absolutely fantastic! i'm SUPER jealous of that old stand with the post office stamps on it...i spied that as soon as I saw the picture! Great job on putting all of that together!!


I LOVEEEEEEEEE your room! So OLD and cool.
Thanks for sharing the tour. Although mine is new stuff I can somewhat relate with you on the feeling good about realizing we still want to be scrapbookers. No mater the space we just love to do what we love to do photograph and scrap.

Carmen King, Avondale, AZ

I love the unstained feet on the desk - it looks like your desk wearing ballet shoes and standing en pointe! "She's" just waiting for you to dance around that table creating...


Wow. I've been waiting to see what you did with your new room. I love it!!


Wow! You have done an awesome job and all the detail and time that has been put into it is unbelievable. I will have to say my favorite is the library card catalog piece :) thanks for sharing all these pictures!


Your room is so full of neat, beautiful things! Except that treadmill monstrosity, it's a good idea, but scares me.

nancy in ks

What Lindsey said! !!!


Can I hang out in the closet? Just for a bit? Aw, come on, you won't miss much and I clean up after myself. Think about it...


your room reminds me of the way you scrap....:) it is very "you" beautiful!

I wouldnt mind getting myself locked in that narratives closet of yours for a while that is for sure *wink*

Lan Amphone

This room is awesome! Every piece looks like it belongs there. Would love to have you come over and decorate for me anytime! Love the tin plates on the wall!

Heather Wunsch

So jealous of such a wonderful dedicated space. I have a small corner in my kid's playroom. I had big dreams for a scrapbook room a little over 5 years ago and then found out I was finally pregnant and that room became the nursery. Wouldn't trade my baby boy for all the scrapbook space in the world but I'm still dreaming of finding my own scrapbook space one day.


Amazing...I love all your treasures.


Wonderful light! I love everything. I'm sure I could happily spend many many hours there.


That room is UNBELIEVABLE!! I'm in love with every little speck of it!!! .. and I didn't even know you scrapbook!! HA! .. yes, I'm a new follower of your blog. (I'm signed up for your Jan photographers class) .. can't wait to see what wonderful projects come out of that room. Gorgeous!!! :)


Wow, Wow, WOW! That's all I have to say! Enjoy it.


LOVED your room and how you took us all on a tour of it. What I think I loved most, though, was that there was a place for everything and everything had it's own space. You even had a special place for your "BEST MOM OF THE YEAR" trophy. Priceless!! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

 Lisa from Chicago

Karen, Just had to comment and tell you how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your scrapbook room. Having read (stalked) your blog for some time now, your room is exactly how I pictured it and it's so you! Love all the vintage touches. And I'm so glad you've rekindled your love for scrapbooking. Thanks for sharing your awesome space with us!


I can't even begin to tell you how fabulous this is. But it's so fabulous it makes my heart hurt a little, lol. You will dive back into scrapbooking big time.

ashley bugg

my dream. for reals. my absolute dream. I too, love old things more than new things, and have been collecting for awhile now. but as I'm only 25 (and our condo is only 1375 sq feet with a family of 5 living in it), I don't have too much yet. some day. :) Those furniture pieces have me swooning over here! goodness gracious. This room is LOVELY. so inspiring. :) and really, the fact that you've been collecting it for awhile and keeping it in storage, waiting for you day to come, has me SUPER inspired.

Melanie C.

WOW! What a cool room. I love your style...I would never know how to put something like this together.

Brianne Nevill

WOW, just WOW! Your room is amazing! I LOVE the old stuff! It really gives the room character and I bet its a really inspiring place to scrap or even just brainstorm! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! Oh and my first thought to your closet was, "Ode to Karen Russell" LOL!! Love the peg boards!! Need some of those in my room!


just dreamy......

Laura Plunk

Looks like Scrapbook HEAVEN...........

I need organization skills :{

Laura P
Southern OR


wow. I am totally speechless. your room is amazing!!!


That's it!!!! I have GOT TO start hitting the junk yard stores!!!!! I love your space.

Heather T.

YES, I would love to hang out in/live in your Narratives closet. It's the one thing missing from my CHA Summer shopping... :( I wish it were easier to pick up your old goodies!


WOW, your husband makes things? What is this strange concept?

One of the guys I work with has gerry rigged a treadmill desk. It's a cool concept.

Can't wait to see the rest of you home. ~j

Nancy May

OH MY!!! I LOVE IT! So beautiful and full of personality! BTW, glass works nicely on top of a table also. (You can even put photos under it.)


i LOVE your room! i have some of the same pieces (those hobnail pots for example - love those) and very similar taste...and i love how you mixed in some new with all the fabulous old finds! it makes me really wish i had a room for specific to crafting!

thanks so much for sharing your space!


Wow! I loved the tour of your scrap room. It makes me want to tear mine apart and start over again. Oops...that sounds negative. I guess I should say it inspires me to improve my own space. There, that's better. P.S. I spy another Martha Stewart item...I have that same light blue MS wrapping paper that stands in your bin in the corner...I used it to wrap all of my Christmas presents one year. Add a white grosgrain ribbon and a bell and a metal rimmed tag and I loved the look!

Cindy Elwood

I would love a room like this, especially the Narrative's closet.
I have been trying to get your Bloom Album since it came out. The one withe the green spine. Can't find it anywhere, any suggestions?


Amazing. I covet your space whole-heartedly! Lucky for me we have an unfinished walk out basement with a space I have claimed for my own - you have inspired me!!!

Carrie P

What an inspiration! I could move right in. Times I see stuff for what it was, not for what it could be.

Vicki Muszynski

Your room is AMAZING!! You have thought out every detail!! It looks like a room that is loved! I bet it's a great room to work in!! Great storage ideas I will definitely use! Thanks!

Maureen F

HOLY SCHMOLY - I love your space. You have found some really cool stuff. I love finding vintage stuff that can be repurposed - it makes me happy. Thank you for sharing. I woudl like to come and steal your card catalouge cabinet, so look the other way ok? :) Beautiful !!!


Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful photos of your new/old amazing space!! All of your eclectic vintage goodies look wonderful in the space, fits in so well with the vibe and style of your new/old house. Congratulations!


Wow, what a great room!

Terri Guerrieri

Wow, what an awesome room! I love all of your cool finds! Thanks for sharing!


WOW! That is about all I can say...WOW! I so want to be you. One of my favorite things are the 6 silver plates/trays that you have up on the wall....what a great idea!! thanks for sharing all of these pictures.

Allison W

This is by far THE best scraproom I have ever seen. I just LOVE all the "old" things you have found use for. Amazingly gorgeous!


Your room rocks! When can I come hang out in your closet?

Carrie Hicks

How long before this room is featured in a magazine or book? It is stunning and I am so jealous. If you're ever in Central Oregon again, we'll go antiquing, okay? Awesome job Karen.


that room is absolutely wanna trade houses with me...please?? :)


I love it all, Karen. We seem to have the same tastes when it comes to decorating our scrapspaces. I have a lot of my grandma and great aunt's treasures in my home and especially in my scrap space. Antique dishes, jewelry, pin cushions, an antique hutch, organ stool, antique sewing cabinet, crocks, etc. If it was theirs and I can use it, it's there. They were both very creative women and I feel inspired when I'm surrounded by their things. thanks for sharing!


OMG! Your room is amazing! I love all the vintage storage and of course I love all your goodies! looks like you could have a lot of fun in your room! The treadmill desk is awesome, such a great idea!!

Colleen Barron

Karen, you are such an inspiration. You now have me motivated to work on my scrap 'area'. If I could just add on to the house.........hmmmm. Seriously, I SO want that card catalog and I won't rest until I find one.


Wow! that is intense! I got the binder today! So exciting! Thanks! That means the start date is closer!
= ) really looking forward to it!


What an inspirational place - it is seriously better than DisneyWorld! Congratulations on building such an amazing creative space.

So excited to get my notebook for your upcoming class and my new 50mm lens delivered this week. Can't wait to see all you have for us to learn. Thanks Karen!

Jennifer S

I am asking my husband to make me a treadmill desk! (since im online looking at photos every night instead of getting on my treadmill) Thanks, Karen!!!


I am flabbergasted- what an incredible room you've created! Thanks for sharing all these amazing ideas!


Yep, I want to come over and play in your closet!! well, maybe your whole room!


Wow what an amazing workshop. Thank you for sharing. That studio looks like every scrapbookers dream. You are so talented at putting things together.

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