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You Inglorius Basterd you... at least I got a good massage...
but I'm having issues with my back/neck fat in the peacock photo.


Such a cute story!

Patty Hetrick

what a great way to recall all those special memories! I love this and all I can say is if it get put in the coffin of the first one to go and then makes it's way back ----that will be just plain weird!

Nicole Beltane

such a beautiful story.

Nicole Kberg

*giggle* This story made me smile.

tamara dunkin

my favorite part of this story is jill's comment (which i just read)! LOVE IT! and love that you have such an amazing best friend who's been part of your life for forever.


That is simply toooooo funny! And I simply love Jill's comment.....hee hee hee!!!
A few years ago my daughter moved into a home and in the garage we found an ugly print of flowers in mauve and purple framed in a cheap gold frame.....when she wasn't looking before I left the house I hung it on her wall. It took her 2 months to realize it was there. She called me wondering "how the heck did that get there??" We both laughed so hard :) Months later, a few weeks after returning home from vacation, I noticed the thing hanging on my had been there for 2 weeks before I noticed for the past year we have been passing that ugly picture back and forth waiting to see how long it will take for the other to notice.......hee hee hee.....currently it is back on her wall.....about a week now...and I haven't heard a word......wonder if she is planning her strategy ......:)
Thanks Karen for the chuckle.......and a great story for my blog too!!!!! Have a great day!!!!


that is the best story!


lol, you guys are adorable!


I love that!! My dad and my Uncle did the very same thing for YEARS...but with a figurine. We would find that little sucker in the weirdest places, under a mattress, in a suitcase we hadn't used in ages, under the bathroom sink. My dad was very clever, he would wrap it up, put it in a box with a return address of some company my Uncle worked for, and then have a friend send it from overseas or some place far from our home....and we would get the same type of packages in the mail. It was a secret as to who had the item...and you never let on you were suckered into opening the package!!

My Dad has passed away and my Uncle is in his 80's...I wonder where that darn thing is now??

You made my day cute story!!

Wendy A.

What a great "tradition" to have with your sister - so much fun!!!


LOVE this story - just started the same thing with $40 and a couple of friends of ours.
We alternate paying for dinner since "splitting" the check never ever happens! The last time they ordered in and it was our turn to pay so obviously I said, "Let me pay for the take-out." "NO. Abso-freakin'-lutely not!" was the response!
So I took $40 and left it on an end table with a note that read, "Dinner's on us!"
She sent a local newspaper home with my husband for me to read, and I almost tossed it without reading it. Good thing I didn't - stapled to page 6 was $40 in cash with a note, "HA! Got you back! Love you guys!"
It's my turn to get it back to her and I'm plotting feverishly...


This is fabulous! My sister and 2 of her friends had a sweater they did this with...lots of laughs and stories from that!


my mother in law and i do the same thing but with an ugly pickle ornament. i got her back last year when we were in hawaii. {yes, i took it to hawaii with me!} i wrapped it so it looked very professional and had the front desk place it in their room to look like a thank you gift from the hotel for staying with them. we were both in tears from laughing so hard when she opened it!


That is super funny and really is an ugly ribbon. LOL!

Shannon Riggs

I really love this story! It's wonderful that you have such a great, long lasting friendship like that.


Awesome story! My mom and I have a similar thing going on. All my life she loved to torture me with the song "We Need a Little Christmas." She'd play it for me when I least expected it, as a kickoff for the holiday season. About 5 years ago, I found a soft-sculpture snowman family that sings the stupid song. Of course I had to buy it, thinking she'd LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE her prized possession. But no, the following year, it made it's way back to me. Each year, we try to out-do each other in it's presentation, so the recipient never suspects it's coming. One year, I snuck into her house while she was shopping and left it in her refrigerator. Last year, I videotaped it, put the video on youtube, emailed her a link . . . and then left the stupid snowmen on her doorstep. (I thought she's never do better than that!) Not to be outdone -- I received it as a Christmas in July present last month!! (She tells me it's "dead" until Christmas 2010, but she obviously doesn't know who she's dealing with . . .)

Tammy Mellish

I love it.. super cute and funny story.


If I were Jill.....I'd shove that ribbon deep inside that Chandy of yours;-) She would win for sure!


that really is ugly ribbon...


That's so funny!
We used to have a 2 liter container of French's Mustard. It was a house warming gift, it had been passed around to dozens of people. But now someone thinks it was mistakenly eaten, not by us. But no one has seen it for about 11 yrs.
And if Jill has problems with the back/neck fat,(which I didn't notice) can't you, as her very good friend 1. take more flattering photos, or 2. photoshop them for her?


You and Jill missed one of the best salvage yards. It is located in Spokane WA. and is called Browns building supply. You can spend hours going through the acres of stuff they have. Next time your in Spokane you need to visit it is a junkers treasure trove.
Spokane, WA

Jessica K.

My husband and his college roommate do the same exact thing with an old ratty royal blue and dark green towel. They even made the death pledge but that whoever dies first without it doesn't win, they get buried with it!

Glad to know that their are more sick puppies out there. Can't wait to see what Jill does with the insulators...

Teresa Loop

LOL! I love it, thanks for sharing... =)


You tell the best stories. Easy to do when you're talking about your best friend, huh? :)


what a great story. i enjoyed reading it so much, very funny!!


Oh Karen that is the MOST hilarious story e.v.e.r!! I LOVE it!! thanks for sharing it!

Jessica Woodford


okay, only you could make that ugly ribbon look beautiful. loved the story, teehee :)

Melissa Mann

greatest story! you totally made me smile with this story....


why dont i think that ribbon is ugly? :) LOL!!!


My husband and I have a similar thing going on with our youth pastor and a post-it note. I don't even know where it currently is and that frightens me!!!

Jamie S

I think you may be a member of my family. We do this! My mom and aunt actually started it with a Valentines day card my mom bought when my brother was a baby and being horrible only to get home and realize it was a happy birthday on valentines day card. They now pass it back and forth every year. It's 28 years old now!


That is so funny...and ugggly ribbon. ha ha


What a fun thing to do! A morbid thought but I wonder who will win?



Rachel Tucker

Hey you know a funny thing about this story Karen. I have you on my bloglines list and for the last day each time I read about the ribbon the post does not mark as read. There it is again on my bloglines that weird ? maybe Jill has something to do with it. LOL


Oh man, too funny! And it's funny to read the comments... I can't believe how many other people do this! My dad and I did the same thing with little happy meal trinkets that he had saved from when I was a kid! Too fun!


you, your stories and everyone around you are so cute! it makes me so happy!


what a perfect scrapbook page!!! get scrappin! :)

cindy b.

LOL! That story is HILARIOUS but the whole time I kept thinking, "I really am so jealous of the wonderful friendship you two share. How lucky you BOTH are to have each other." peace and blessings and TGIF!!


Awesome! That's fun!! Please keep us all updated with the ribbon war! Really . . . it's not that ugly.


Love this story and that is ONE UGLY RIBBON!!!

Wendy Goodman

Oh my. That is the ugliest ribbon I've ever seen! Great story...

Annie L.

that is so funny... LOVE IT....

Helen Tilbury

That is so funny! Just love that story...


I too have a story like this, when I was about Annies age my Grandmother, Mother and I were at a restaurant [greasy spoon type] and there was those little gumball machines with prizes for a quarter in the lobby. I saw one with a little girl in it I just “HAD” to have, each time I put in a quarter and turned the crank I got this little tan goblin instead, and I got so frustrated I cried and cried and cried. We left the restaurant with me heartbroken. A couple months later for Christmas my grandmother had wrapped up in the world’s biggest box a little goblin and with him was the little plastic girl that I wanted. I chucked the goblin so far and was so excited to get the little girl. Grandma continued to give me the goblin for Christmas the next year, and the year after I returned it in a little green casket from the Halloween candy with the little plastic girl, and they’ve been boyfriend girlfriend ever since. I am 25 and our tradition still stands – but now we have to ship it to each other.
I can’t wait to start a tradition like this with my little one.
Thanks for the story Karen, as always cute and inspiring.


What's a glass insulator?

(BTW, I don't think that ribbon's so awful.)


Sherri Rodgers

Karen, I am soooo glad you are back... and telling stories again. Your blog is part of my "secret time of solace" every morning before work-- I enjoy it so much. I am glad you had some totally indulgent time away with Jill!


I loved this story because my sister and I have been doing the same thing for the last 6 years with a pair of underwear (clean of course)! :)

Kim Colletto

What a great story! Having that one true friend who gets you and you can count on is priceless!

allison Gottlieb

I LOVE that story! In my office, where I used to work, we used to do the same thing with this super UGLY pair of earrings. The person who gave the earrings as a gift to someone else in the office quit, so we decided it would be funny to pass them around for birthdays, christmas, baby/wedding showers, etc. It went on for years, until the original giver came back to work for the company, and the last person who had the earrings was new, and not completely in on the whole story....well, guess who's birthday it was next? Yep - the original earring giver. OOPSIE. She did not see the humor at all. Oh well. :) Long live the ugly ribbon!!!

Lol I have the same game going on with my dad! We have an ugly yellow and black clamp - used for building stuff. Anyway, I don't even know how it started but we've been passing it back and forth for at least 8 years. Maybe longer. I need to send it back to him this Christmas. :-) Or maybe I'll send it for a Thanksgiving gift. He won't be expecting that! haha


I loved this story because my sister and I have been doing the same thing for the last 6 years with a pair of underwear (clean of course)! :)

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