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Mary Ann

OK, I have to admit up front that I laughed so loud about the baby wipe/hanky story that I woke up the baby. LOL
It looks like you had a great time with your very best friend in the whole wide world.


I am SOOO glad you had such a good time!! I was thinking about you during my long 13 hour drive to and from Montana....and Rylee kept calling it Hannah Montana the entire time we were there too LOL!!!

Tammee Donaldson

As usual, loving your blog stories and thinking once again that my BFF in the whole wide world forever get together for a weekend of just us.


I've been waiting all weekend to see what treasures you two would find. I would not have been able to leave that magazine rack behind. At least not without paying for it and saying I'd be back. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You deserve it.

Jennifer M.

Hannah Bontana! That is awesome.


I have been "blog stalking" you FOREVER and to think you were right here in Hannah Bontana, right in my back yard for days! Had I know you too had an obcession with Staggering Ox I simply would have put up camp on the sidewalk and waited so that I could finally meet you and tell you just how awesome you really are and to thank you for all the laughs you've given me over the years. So so glad you enjoyed our big sky country...oh and if you really have your heart set on some photos of our grand scenery just let me know, I've got hundreds. Though no matter how hard I try the pictures never seem to do it just have to see it in person. So glad you had fun. : )


I really love the b&w photo of you and Jill-it's so precious. Loved hearing about the weekend!


GREAT to see you back posting! Your blogging breaks always seem so long... always look forward to your inspiring posts! LOVE that black and white. Would love to know your conversion method!


Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing it with us. In the photo of you looking at something wonderful---LOOKS JUST LIKE ANNIE!!!!!!!


Welcome Home! Glad you had an awesome time rummaging thru Montana. I admit too the scenery is WONDERFULLY AMAZING. I took lots of pictures but they really do it no justice. Bonnie


Karen, sounds like you had a wonderful time in one of my favorite states. I just love Montana, course I am biased. I grew up there. Love your photos. Glad you had a good time.

Ree Donnelly

Wow, what a lucky person you are to have a friend like Jill, and she you! And, husbands that put up with the hilarity!!
I laughed aloud at the baby-wipe story too!


Looks like a fabulous time. So glad you posted about Helena, as I am going to be there in a couple of weeks and cannot wait to go to the Staggering Ox. Loved all your photos. Happy homecoming to you!


I am so jealous. I have a good friend who lives in Montana... I think I'm going to have to visit her. Soon.

I love Spokane too but have never been junking there... I bet they'd have some good junk shops there as well.

Glad you had fun.

Glad you're a rebel and post pictures that have not been approved by Jill. I like them :)


I have read this blog post twice and I cannot stop laughing at all your encounters. I love your perspective, the way in which you write about your love of people and places and things. You have such a gift!! Glad you had fun. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. I missed you!!


Jealous! I went to an antique store near me just the other day. It was heavenly. My house is 100 years old and decorating it is fun. I found an old ventriloquist doll that will be a birthday surprise for my husband. Anyway, just wanted to say I was jealous. Sounds like the best vacay ever.

Melissa Mann

wow. i so need to just plan a trip to see my best friend and do something like this. we haven't seen each other in 6 years. it's just been too long.

sounds like a lovely trip! and jill sounds like she is just the bestest!


Thanks for the laughs this morning. I really needed them.

Danella Perkins

re: 'massages' and other such experiences. ha. I've the answer for you in 'having' to listen to them talk and talk and... I'm 'deaf', but have a cochlear implant. I TELL them that I can't hear very well at all, and lo and behold, I don't think anyone EVER talks to me! Too funny, 'cause since I have the implant, I actually can hear pretty well, but... you know, just in case... So maybe you CAN try saying... 'uh, I can't hear too well...' THANKS for your VERY entertaining BLOG. I'm one of your long-time 'stalkers'. My hubby THINKS your one of my 'best friends'!

TerriB in Oregon

Great trip! Loved every minute of it! And I am glad to know everyone's children are stuck on "Hannah Bontana". PS the picture of you gazing at something up in the air looks just like a picture of Annie!

Melanie C.

Hey Karen, don't listen to the nail guy about your toe. I completely ripped off my big toenail a few years ago when I dropped one of those fold up banquet tables on it. I saw a podiatrist who would do stuff to it (I kept my eyes closed because I'm super squeamish) as it was growing back. It looks completely normal and I've only had one nail person ask me if something had happened to it during a pedicure. It took almost a year to grow back but seriously, go have a podiatrist check it out and you will probably have 10 pretty pink toes next Summer.


OMG! You are so funny! We don't have shops like that around here! I had to get my antique doors from my friend's mom's garage because the previous owners removed them and then tossed them in there and there they sat for years until she met me. Now I have 3 being used in our basement, one has leaded glass! I love them!
I love the sink! I love the chandelier and the shot of you kissing it!
And those sandwich things! My mouth is watering! Kerry wants to take a US trip where we just go to places that we have heard about their good food! That would be one of the places we'd have to go to! And I'd throw up too! After a trip like that Tums would be my best friend.


I just love hearing your stories, Karen! Thanks for sharing. I really love that chandelier! And those sandwiches really looked yummy!

Patty Hetrick

Oh how I've missed your posts!! Love all the old stuff. I always liked old stuff but I see more beauty in it now because you enlightened me with your style during the scrapbook classes. Now I want to redo my office/scrapbook room in old stuff!! Wish me luck convincing my husband:)


Glad to hear you had such a great time...minus the stomach aches! I had to laugh at the missing keys story...I left mine the other day in the Wal-Mart bathroom...thank goodness they did make it to customer service. What a fun shopping trip, can't wait to see a pic of the chandelier in your house!!


What an amazing trip to spend with your bestest friend in the whole wide world. Lots of fun, laughs, and belly aches, just the way it should be.


Thank you so much for the recap of your great trip; kind of makes us feel like we were along for the ride. You are a great storyteller.

In one of the pics of you at the antique store are you carrying a Miche Bag? I just got one and the chain straps look exactly the same and the shell looks like one I have.

Vicki A
Redding, CA


Sounds like such a fun trip with lots of fun stories. Thanks for sharing! :)

Libbi M.

it's so wonderful to have girl time with your bff. please tell jill that she's beautiful in all your photos and i would love to see more of you and her in your lovely shots. thank you for sharing this wonderful memorie with us. oh, and i'm so curious what you have in store with the sink and all your vintage finds. please do tell. have a wonderful and glorious day with your family before the school year starts.


re: can actually tell them in advance that you prefer a massage in silence as you're easily distracted. ;) don't give up on massages because of these two experiences. they really can rock. i swear! LOL

thanks so much for this fabulous post and for your humour and brilliance! congrats on the chandelier! :)


I love Montana, I'm from Vancouver Canada and me and my girlfriend did a road trip allt he way there in June. We went to the battlefields in Garryowen but stayed a night in Butte on the way. What an old awesome town. Glad you had an amazing trip, makes me think of my own :)


That cabinet totally looks like something that would be in your house. (Not that I've been to your house. I'm basing it on the pics you show here on the blog.) Oh, and I really miss your class. I might just have to sign up again so that I can "talk" to you via the message board. :)

Maureen F

WOW - That sounds like the best weekend ever !!!! How fun that must have been - thanks for sharing !!!!

christina cole

looks like you had a really fun time in those antique shops! i was actually driving by butte and helena on thursday(on the I-15)...we were driving back from calgary (where we were for six weeks visiting my parents), and going back to salt lake...hope your tummy feels better!


Karen, how I've missed your posts and laughing out loud! I'm so glad you had a great trip with Jill, and I'm just as glad that you're back posting!!


Nelly...that's some of the most funny to date! I'm with Jill...hate pics with me in them...I can totally relate!!! But what a fun trip!!!

Love your new chandelier! Adorable!!! It's gonna look soooooo good in your new, old house. I can get you the hook up on some fine vintage italian crystal sconces with macaroni beading for your new, old house too. (My sister and her husband are getting divorced...sigh...and they have a really nice lot of antiques, and shabby, wabby light fixtures to sell. I'm helping her with that, or I wouldn't know a thing about macaroni beading...)

Let me know, I can email you some pics (Jill too). Glad y'all had fun!


I'm so jealous! Sounds like a great time!

My Mom is a masseuse. And she doesn't chat during a session! How unbelievably rude and unrelaxing. If you are ever in Modesto, CA, I will see to it that you have a great massage!!

Patty Hetrick

As for the toe---I damaged my big toe nail Feb 2008 in Vegas (wore shoes that were too tight). Then I may have damaged it a little more running/working out in tennies that needed another inch. Why didn't I know these shoes weren't the right size? Anyway, podiatrist told me the funky, tender ridge in the middle of my toenail would grow out. A year and a half later it is still not right but it looks a little better. I thought it was a fungus at first. I don't know if it will ever be right!
Ugly toe girls UNITE:)


Oh, that sounds like such a great time!


Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I love the read and the photos.


Sounds like a great trip!! I have never been to Montana and now it is on my "places to see" list!

I would love to see that chandelier hung!

Jessica K.

oooohhh, I wish I had a "best friend in the whole world" to go junking with and eat junk with. Sounds like an awesome time. Eat better now.


So funny that you bring up Milli Vanilli. My friend and I have been searching all over the internet trying to find that song, Girl you know it's true, OO-OO-OO, I love you. But I guess it has disapeared off of the face of the earth because of the scandle! Brings back fond memories of the 80s!


Your toenail may surprise you! I had a similar unfortunate toenail injury a few years ago when I walked clumsily into a brick planter while wearing flimsy flip flops. My whole toenail was ripped off the bed, and fell out a few days later. After at least 6 months, a new toenail grew back in and it looks totally normal (and polish-able!!). Best of luck to you and your toe!


What a beautiful story of such a very special friendship! I must say though that the photo of you looking up at something wonderful suggests to me why Annie is as she is -- it's Annie as a grown up!! lol!

Laura Plunk

Awwwwww love the story....

Laura P
Southern OR


I'm so homesick!! I grew up in Helena and still have family (and my version of Best-friend Jill) there. I try to go back regularly, but not nearly as often as I'd like. I know all the places you blogged about and love them. Wish I'd been with you.


Thanks for sharing, you are a master at story telling:)

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