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It's amazing, even on the other side of the world your library looks so much like our library, I could almost smell the book smell. Very cute photos.


We've been hitting the library a lot this summer...never thought to take my camera in there! Great shots! Have a great time with you BFF!


gotta love libraries! alas, since i work full time in ours, my poor kids never get taken to the library. :) hmmm, but maybe my camera will!


Love your pics of your library visit! My girls love going to the library, but i never thought to take photos of them! Thanks for the great idea! Enjoy your time with your friend! We all need times like that!


Have fun! Annie walking with the books makes me think of Roald Dahl's Matilda!


Wow! Josh went to the library?! Good for him and the kids. Now, all you need to do is find some old vintage kitchen towels, sew them together, and make a handle out of sturdy ribbon and whala, you have a "vintage" book bag for the girls to carry and protect their books on the way home. I know you probably have some or some vintage fabric...

Lovin' the photos of course. I used the library as a setting for a friend of mine's senior portraits. Thats where he spent most of his time growing up. I know he probably has read over 5,000 books in his 18 years. Kind of helps when you are a brainiac like he is.

Books are the best vacations. You can go anywhere without leaving your home.


Have a great time in Montana!

Elizabeth Wickland

Where in MT? I live in Bozeman, if you're headed this way... ;) I'd be more than happy to suggest some amazing local cuisine! Have a blast with Jill!!

Account Deleted

god i miss taking little kids to the local library - in my case it was my baby brothers, but still! looks like they had a great time! love that last shot of Annie!

have a great time in MT, and we'll await great photos of amazing garage sale finds when you return.

Tonia Borrosch

FUn pics! Have a great time with Jill-sounds like my idea of a good time! :) Find some treasures!

Melissa Mann

love, love libraries!

have fun with your friend!


Love the pictures! Have a wonderful trip!


I have been wanting to take my kiddies to the library all summer long! ... boy, where did the time go? Thanks for the reminder to take my camera! and have fun on your vacay :)


Love the great shots you got! Can Annie's eyes get any bigger?
Hope you find some neat things garage saling.


The library has been a big part of our summer...never brought the camera. I'll have to remember it next week. Thanks for sharing.


What fun....Annie is the cutest.


Have a wonderful time and be sure to let us know what you find in others toss aways that have become your treasures.


Great idea! Never thought of the library! Your shots are amazing in that kind of light! Love them!


i want to be you when i grow up.
that's all.


oh Karen, your library shot looks so much better than mine (duh). All of your shots look better than mine, heehee. Have fun in Montana!

Colleen Barron

Girl, ya'll have a blast. Sounds like so much fun!


Great shots Karen!! I wish I would have thought to take pics at the Library when my kids were little...what a great idea! Have a fun time with Jill!!


I love how you remember to capture the everyday things you and your kids do. Curious to know if you get funny looks taking all the pictures you do. I always feel like people are thinking I'm crazy taking pictures of my kids everywhere we go ;)


Love libraries! Have a great trip Karen. Did Norman Rockwell do any girlfriend getaway paintings? If so, I hope yours is a great as I'm sure that painting would be!


Have a great time in Montana! Looks like Josh will have lots of bedtime story reading.


what a beautiful kids.. I like the little girl, she's so cute... :)

teresa b

Love it!! and have fun in Montana..


Karen- do you take your big Nikon every where you go? Do you have a small one that goes every where you go? I love how you take all those pics of everyday events and wondered, "what camera does she use for everyday pics. Would love to know!


Hi there. Somehow I stumbled upon your blog (I think I found it through Whatever), and I'm so blessed that I did! I love your pictures and writing. Very inspiring :)


I LOVE the pic of Annie reading on the floor--love how her little feet are turned in and that she's so obviously reading out loud. Love.

Have a great trip!

Melanie L.

I've been soooo busy lately I haven't had a chance to read your blog lately. Glad I took a peek today, I'm loving these pics!! I'm stealing this libray photoshoot next time my kids and I hit the library. What a fun idea! Missing your class ...

Susan Elliott

This has to be one of my favorite posts of all time....

an encourager

Marvellous photos! Wish I could do that with a camera. Best friends are the best tonic in the whole world - drink up in Montana!!! :)


I am LOVING these pictures!
Beautiful ;)

Stacey B

You blogging so little is harder than my low carb diet....

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