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She looks so much like your mom's side of the family! Crazy! Nice photos chicky.

Nicole Kberg

So pretty. Her eyes are gorgeous! Love the sunburst ones...and that bridge!


HOLY COW BATMAN! these are amazing....i think you have outdone yourself with these missy!! I LOVE THEM!


Great shots Karen!! What inspiration! Thanks.

Jennifer M.

The one of them in the doorway is my favorite.


You so need to start shooting professionally!! You are SO talented! I love these and would def hire you to do my pics!


Fabulous. :)

Kim H.



Very nice! I laughed though, my daughter is a Nicole and my nephew a Justin; they are the oldest two and six months apart in age (now 21 and 20) So many times they've been refered to as Justin and Nicole - with no other cousin/siblings mentioned.


Amazing Karen! They are all beautiful!

Jennifer Bergamini

Just amazing!You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place with great "backdrops".


Beautiful, simply beautiful.


I would love to hang out with you, when you are doing a shoot like this, just to know what you do and what you say, to get these "candid" shots. It looks like they are just totally alone, in their own little world. . . and maybe they really are.

Patty Hetrick



wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow. I love these. She doesn't need any actual wedding photos, in my opinion. These are just gorgeous!

Jamie S

Those are all amazing! There's something about the last one though that makes it my absolute favorite. It'd be beautiful on a canvas. Nicely done!


Best wishes to the future bride and groom! The pictures are beautiful! It helps that they are a beautiful couple.




These pics are AMAZING! I wish I had had you taking my wedding pics!!!! These are truly beautiful! Well done to you and congrats to the very lucky couple!

Mary Ann

These are beautiful. I wish there was a place here in the city to take pics like that. wow

Nancy Wyatt

OMG! YOU ROCKED THOSE PHOTOS! You are so amazing, I love how you see the world and everyone in it! You have so much talent! I makes me want to fly up to see you and have you do my photos and I've been married almost two years now! hehe! Hugs from Texas!


beautiful shots, as always...

Karen Travels

I LOVE that you used those 2 trees next to each other, that is awesome. All the pics are beautiful, but man I love that tree picture!!


Amazing these! If I win the lottery, I want to fly you out here to NE to take my wedding pictures. :)

Melissa Mann

absolutely beautiful!


Awesome photos as usual!!! You are so inspiring, I can't wait to see what you will post next. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALWAYS SHARING!!!


Wonderful pictures!


BEAUTIFUL pictures, Karen - they look so happy and in love! TFS! :o)


your fav photo is my fav too. I'm sure they are so happy to get such amazing shots...and before the craziness of the wedding. Congrats, Karen!

Denise T

Karen, are you cllose to Gold Hill?(recognized those prom pics!) I am with a church from Albany down in Gold Hill for the week and we are in the community helping Gold Valley Fellowship with projects like the youth center, community garden ,etc. Today we are doing a free car wash at about 4:30 and drama. Stop by if you have time : )


Oh my gosh -- that last tree shot is just brilliant!


Oh goodness Karen, every shot is simply GORGEOUS!!!


Stunning Karen... cute couple!

Just long did it take you to do this shoot? I've been shooting family/friends for fun and I feel as though I'm too slow to get all the photos I want.
They are always happy with the end result, but I take at least a couple of hours.


Gorgeous shots! Best wishes!

amy kelly

these are gorgeous!


wow! stunning!

Stephanie Keeler

WOW! What were you THINKING when you signed up for hygiene school?


omg karen! Beautiful pics of them! Great job and congrats to them!


Karen, those photos are absolutely stunning! They must be over the moon with these...probably nicer than their hired shooter. :-) Excellent job! Thanks for sharing.


Awesome pictures!

Linda Sobolewski

I recognize that bridge from the prom shoot! You have gotten very good at the lens flare thing...beautiful!!
Linda xo


great pictures. I wonder if anyone has ever told her that she looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor. She's gorgeous and all of those pictures are my favorite.

Phyllis R.

Is the bride your cousin? She has your smile:) I love when the bride and groom get all dressed up before the wedding. No stress makes awesome photos!

teresa b

Wow Karen!! Those were absolutely Beautiful!! Stunning.. 14 and the last one are my fav's.. You rock!! Lovin you maaan!!

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