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Sarah K

Isn't it a blessing to give yourself some time that is completely and utterly just for you? I think a lot of woman struggle with making this a priority from time to time, and it really is worth the effort to treat yourself to a little downtime. It is a lovely layout.

Stacey B

No more office closet? Can't wait to see the pics, missed your blogging.

tara pollard pakosta

I still love it too.
I have scrapbooked since 1988 and still
am IN LOVE with it!
glad you still love it!

Tammy Mellish

I have been playing around in my room a bit, too. Bringing in new furniture and re-arranging old furniture, and making supplies *look* pretty. If only I were as productive on paper! I want to be. Just haven't found (or made?) the time to scrapbook much since Chloe arrived in 2005, despite my efforts to launch a small papercrafts business (kit projects, which I primarily market at two retreats I freqrent twice a year). I wish to do more though (for myself). Hoping to this fall when my 2005 baby finally makes it to preschool (amen). Can't wait to see pics of your 'dream' :)


the layout is beautiful, i hope you do more!!

Patty Hetrick

I love the page!! Simplicity is nice and we all need a little in our life:) I can't wait to see your scrapbook room. My office/scrapbook room needs an overhaul but I just can't allow myself to take the time until I catch up on business stuff. I have a goal date - SEPT 13:)


yep! Scrapbooking still holds the magic for me, too. Love it -so glad you are able to do it just for you.

Account Deleted

love love love the layout. once we get things finished in our office, i get to start the process of setting up my dream space as well - granted, i'll be sharing it with the husband, but still! i'm excited to see pictures of your dream room, and feel incredibly inspired by the page you shared today!


I've had that same burning question about scrapbooking lately myself... I was asking what purpose it was serving? Is it worth the time and (money)spent on the actual doing? My answer too came back as a yes, the purpose has changed over the years, first it was to perserve the photos that were rotting away in those magnetic albums; then it became at art form and a trend, buying every trendy embellishment and trying out "new" techniques; then the old film photos ran out, so I had to reinvent the wheel with digital photos; picking and choosing what to print and what not to and out of that find peace in "my style". I'm opting for simple pages these days myself,the embellishments that I do incorporate are those I have on hand, mostly I use patterned papers to accent pages, and I am happy also. Thanks for sharing your feelings, it's nice to know someone else was thinking the way I was.


karen, i hope you still love it.
because this = gorgeous.


simple is beautiful to me. Love it! Can't wait to see pictures of your new space.

Robyn W.

I'm so happy to see you scrapbooking - you are so talented and your pages, simple or not, always make my jaw drop. I love all that you do and hope that you'll continue - even if it is just for you! :) Hugs girl!

TerriB in Oregon

Love tht layout! And can't wait to see more, and see you new scraproom!

Regina White

OMG I was just thinking this the other day! I have a room and tonnnnns of paper, embellishments and so on. But when was the last time I did it? Hmmmmm over 18 months. I'm like who has time? I even digital and don't have time. But I love it. I make cards and love it. But where is the extra 10 to 20 hours extra I need, oh and let's now forget the energy I need to go with it.
I love your layout.

I need to print photos of my son even if I am not scrapping them. I have 11 months worth of photos on disc not printed. Shame on me.


awesome. So glad you're finding the joy in it again, I think sometimes when it is our JOB, it doesn't feel relaxing and fun like it was when it was just our HOBBY. Love the page too cause I am liking simple myself right now. Can't wait to see pictures of your scraproom.

gina f.

so fun to see a page of yours, i always love them, always fun details to look at. congrats on your new room; i'm sure it is beautiful!!

Erica Hettwer

I'm excited to see pics of your new room. I'm getting a new room, well a new house, the end of this month and could use some inspiration. Funnily enough, it's our master closet and it's huge! It's seriously the size of a bedroom! :D


Thank you. Made me smile. I'm doing the CK Project 365...kind of chugging along, not sure that's where I want to go with my scrapbooking. But. Last night my son had an old friend over and my 9yo daughter was so excited..."Mom! Take a picture with me and Vivian for your Project 365! Vivian you have to see it, it's SO COOL!" Kind of dorky that my kids call it by the title...but my big old 18 year old heading to college son pulled out the album and shared with his friend. And I thought, "now that's another reason to keep chugging". So sometimes we do it for us and sometimes we do it for them.


Awesome! Karen still scrapbooks! Can't wait to see your room!


Beautiful layout Karen!! I've realized that after doing DT work for several years, that I seldom scrap for myself anymore and I miss that! I bet your scrap room is fabulous!


I love the simplicity and the picture of 2 out of 3 of your "boys" - seems like a picture you will love forever. can't wait to see pics of the scrap room.


I love your page (as I love all your pages). I need to get inspired...will you come help me organize my scrapbook stuff too? It's a disorganized (neat looking)mess. ha.


Loved reading your thoughts about scrapbooking. Summer just doesn't have very much scrapbook time scheduled - so I was having those thoughts about scrapbooking too. And I take way more pictures than I used to, so was feeling a little overwhelmed. But I've decided to go with how I feel at the time. Do I have a ton of soccer pics and want to do six to a page without a lot of embellishments? Go for it. Do I have one fab pic that I want to document in a special way - go for it. And - they all go in the same 3-ring binder scrapbook. That way I can scrapbook in a non chronological way, but file them in a chronological way. It fulfills the dichotomy of my creative side and my organized side!


I love the simplicity of it! Glad you found that you didn't dislike scrapbooking.


Your closet was amazing so I can't wait to see what you do with a whole ROOM :)

Jennifer S

Hooray!!!!! Scrapboking time!!!!! So happy for you, Karen :)


I know what you mean, Karen! When we finally bought a house last year, I was so happy to get my very own scrapbook room. But as the months wore on, I realized I was organizing my SB room more than I was scrapbooking. I don't think I will ever not want to scrapbook since I will have tons of pretty pictures to scrapbook because I am becoming a better photographer (thanks to you and your wonderful class).


I think your page is beautiful! Glad to see you still enjoy it! Can't wait to see more!


Oh, excited to see your room. Glad you've come back to something you love.


I can't wait to see your scrap space!
So glad that you got to scrap for yourself. I read a lot of scrappin' girls' blogs and I hear that a lot. You need to remember to take time for yourself!

Michelle OKeefe

Yay Karen !
I love seeing layouts you've made. While I take a break occasionally, I think I'll always love scrapbooking. Can't wait to see your new scrap room, too.

Did they ever come out with your transparencies with the pockets? Those are still on my "look for" list. I finally found the sepia narratives, well some of them. You have the best designs, someday you should consider doing more, I love them.


You have given me hope today Karen. Hope that scrapbooking doesn't go away or get lost! Thanks

Sherri Rodgers

Thank you for sharing how you feel! I, too, was wondering the same thing. I did a MAJOR cleanout of my scrapbook room in June-- but haven't really scrapbooked much all summer. I started a Project 365 on my birthday this year (April) so that it will document my whole year being 45. I am enjoying the photography aspect of it so much! I am committed to doing the journal spots that go with each daily entry. My husband & family have showed off my Project album. But I was sooo productive in scrapbooking and making over a dozen mini-albums last year that I feel horribly guilty. But... I have a son serving a 12-month tour in Iraq. Because we have been through 2 Iraqi tours with our older son already, I knew I would need to keep distracted. I started my own "Year of Distractions", where I take on something new each month just to keep busy. For example, I learned how to knit, I am raising chicks for eggs, we put in a vegetable garden, I started my P365, etc.!!! So, overall, I try to kill those guilt feelings with making a few cards, or doing a page here or there, just to stay connected to the form of art I love so much.
Besides, raising 9 adorable chickens is more work than I even imagined (and countless photo opps!!!).... haha

Mary Ann

I almost didn't want to keep reading.
I was afraid you were going to say you didn't like scrapbooking anymore. oh the horror!
Love the layout though. Simple is nice. And, I just can't wait to see your scrapbook room!!! I'll check back bright and early tomorrow. I'm sure you will have them posted first thing. LOL


it feels good to do it for yourself! can't wait to see your AO. :) have fun with your renewed love!


So glad to see you back scrapping! Beautiful page and thanks for showing it's okay to still be simple and beautiful.
Can't wait to see your dream scraproom!


happy to see a new post. happy to see a scrapbook page. (my last two pages have been scrap-lift inspired by you. so thank you!) happy to see your photos. can't wait to see your room. wishing i had time this summer (summer that is almost over! sniff) to go back through my Photographers Workshop notebook and practice it all again.


I LOVE your page!!! So pleased you've scrapbooked again!!!! Can't wait to see pics of your dream scrapbook room!!!!!

Libbi M.

you have created another gorgeous layout as always. i love the simplicity of this one. you have an amazing talent... please don't give it up because i know all of us who follow your blog want to see more, more, more. thank you so much for sharing.


I am so inspired by your scrapbook room. More so, that it is eclectic and functional. I am so NOT into "matchy matchy"-Love your room! I love the LIGHT as well. Have fun in your special ROOM!


Yeah! So excited to see a layout from you again. I like simple too...and this is lovely.

Melissa Mann

Beautiful layout!

ady abreu

Thank you for scrapbooking again. I am a fan of your work and was a bit disappointed you weren't creating for Creative Imaginations but you do have a talent for it. Your room is beautiful and it's wonderful that everything has a place and everything is in it's place. Now continue scrapbooking and keep the inspiration coming. HUGZ...

angela mannina

love the room. what a great place to work. your blog is my absolute favorite. Love the honest stories about the kids.
I have always loved the Narratives line, your closet is to die for.


Looooove to see a layout from you!
And I love to hear that scraping is still fun for you - so I hope I will see more in the future!


I'm with you girl...I'm working on my space so that I can start scrapbooking again. I do miss it! Glad to hear you had a quiet, middle-of-the-night, just-for-me kind of happiness scrapbooking moment!


I really love how you make it all about the pictures.

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