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I always suspected glitter was evil, and now I know it can actually compromise our national security. :D

Great to make some cards.


Thank you, Karen, for offering this amazing prize and for taking part. Can't tell you how much it means!

Lindsey @ ScrapStreet


Thanks Karen for helping bring attention to this very worthwhile project!! And you are so generous!!


Hi Karen! Thank you for your generosity and being part of our CFH Drive!
Jenn @ ScrapStreet

Sara M

Thanks for posting about this Karen. Such a great cause. I just happend upon a picture (on the internet) of my brother who is in the Army in Afghanistan. Makes me sad and worried to see him over there. So thanks for doing this!!! Our military personal need all the support we can give them.

katie mcfarland

how interesting, I was actually researching cards for heroes last night! What an awesome prize, will def get going on the cards.


Thanks you so much for supporting the card drive with this amazing prize, Karen.
Janice @ Scrapstreet


What an awesome thing to do....My twin sister is going to Iraq next year and I know how much she would appreciate something like that...I'm going to make some right now...Thanks.

Dora Phillips

Thanks so much for your awesome support! I know this great prize will help push us all to create even more cards. Dora@Scrapstreet

Terry McAuliffe

Karen! This is so awesome! Thanks so much for your support!


What a great idea - thank you for putting the word out. I'll be making some some cards this weekend. And thank you also for your lovely email.


I have dozens of cards that don't have a home! I'm off to check them out!


I've posted my picture in the gallery, and I'm sending the cards off today. It took all my will power to not take a photo of each card to increase my chances of winning!


Hi Karen! We've all been hard at work! I, myself, have uploaded 5 cards since your post and am working on more. :) If you want to see the CFH gallery, go here:

Thanks again!

Leann Gartrell

What a great cause. Off to make cards now, then send them a.s.a.p. and post my pics on the gallery. Oh what I would do to win a spot in your class! I am only waiting listing #925 so it might be a while but I know it will be worth the wait. BTW,I just "discovered" you last week and I have read everyone of your posts from beginning to end. LOVE LOVE LOVE. This might sound strange but it has changed the way I look at life especially my family. I am so inspired to document the little things everyday now. So thank you for that.

Thanks, Leann


if ya'll can please go to and click around, there's a drive to get cards to soldiers that don't get mail going on. they can send someone who doesn't get mail a nice thank you note or just say hello and let them know somebody cares!! it IS a great organization and our soldiers deserve this and so much more!! thanks!


Okay, so I am already signed up for your January class and just whipped out my first ever cards for CARDS FOR HEREOS, so please don't enter me in the giveaway. I first learned of CFH on Memorial day; it has tugged at me since then. I literally spent a couple hours making cards using my excess scrapbooking supplies and will be sending them off today. They are having a mini blog hop tomorrow; check it out and be inspired to support our troops!!


Thanks Karen! I've uploaded the photos of the cards to the gallery and mailed them too. This is such a good cause!


Done Karen! Wishin' and Prayin' and hopin'

Lisa Peppers

This is such a generous offer!! Thanks so much for donating to our sites drive!


Thanks, Karen, for the irresistible incentive! One of those things I was always meaning to do, now done!


Thanks Karen! Going to get cards done this week!
Got my Workshop Binder this week, SOOOO excited!


Thanks Karen and ScrapStreet for the opportunity do something personal to support our troops! I'm excited to see who wins!


What a great project! Thanks for pointing this out!


I'm so glad you posted about this...I've been in card making swaps for years and have so many cards I've been wanting to donate but have been too lazy to research where to send them. I'm sending 20 or 30 cards right away! I'd LOVE to win the free class! Thanks for getting me in gear to give my cards away.


P.S. I'm not a member of scrapstreet, so I posted my cards to my blog instead ( ...along with the address for any of my readers to send theirs in as well. I hope that's okay. Thank you so much!


Thanks for sharing this info with us! I've been making cards all weekend!!!! You are one special gal! I'm sure you hear that all the time but you are! Thanks!


Such a great project! And I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo! The coloring on it is amazing!!!

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