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It's beautiful poignant shot, one they will look back at in years to come and smile.

Mary Bautista Marty

Karen, my husbands brother passed away this year. I wish I had a taken a photo of the two of them like you did. YOu captured a wonderful moment that I know Josh and his brother will treasure.

Jennifer M.

What a great picture. Great lighting, great angle, great everything.

Kimberly Minyard

it is a great shot. I think you captured "them" in this shot.


It's wonderful..can I do you get the men clear and the truck blurry? What lens and such? I'd love to be able to master this one thing!

Annie L.

Love the shot.. Great with part of the American flag over Josh's head. WONDERFUL.


Karen you never fail to move me with your ability to capture life...


I LOVE this shot!


Karen, this is an amazing shot that will be treasured by them for years. You do such a great job of documenting your family!

Melissa Mann

great picture! i love the peek of the American flag in the upper right hand corner..


Love it!

jennifer Compton

you can feel the moment. as always. you rock.


everything about it is beautiful!


LOL great shot! I am always amazed at the level to which you get with your camera to capture such great shots. I can just see you laying on your belly in the door way for that one! LOL Have a good one! Bonnie G


Love it! And the flag above Josh is priceless..

Jen Ely

I LOVE it , Karen!! I understand not being able to put it into words. The front porch, truck and flag and then add the brothers. It says Mayberry to me. Love that song by Rscal Flatts. They just need some cherry cokes. Just kiddin is perfect the way it is. :)


It's an awesome shot. I know what you mean about it being hard to put it into words.


LOVE IT. *sigh*


Yep. You rock, Nellie. (His bro is a HOSS!) Loving it!


I feel gave me the goosebumps!

tammy t

Instant tears. I captured something special. You always seem to remind me to value my life in every way.


Shauna M

love this..


I absolutely luv this picture.

Tammee Donaldson

You were right, you did capture something valuable in this shot. Good work! Can't wait to start your class in a week or so!

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