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julie okada

I just love this picture! I have a son about the same age as Coley and I find it so hard to get good pictures of him doing things other than sports stuff. This is just perfect!


Way too cute! I have a feeling you may get more than what you bargain for with him confessing everything or 99% of it.


He sure does look innocent!

Tammy Mellish

I'm glad that your Coley and my Sam live so many many miles apart, because they are so MUCH alike.. (and both of their moms have sausage legs.. though one of them has sausage arms too.. so she was double doomed lol ;)

Actually, truth is that I think Coley (and Sam) are pretty awesome kids. All of them, yours and mine.. pretty awesome kids. Lucky :)


OMG, that is so cute. You totally have your hands full with Coley, but he is just a great kid... like all of your kids are!

Tina Schiefer

This is a really cute story. My boys, now 21,19 & 16, find it fun to tell us all the things they did when they were younger - at the Thanksgiving table!!! It's amazing what they reveal...and we thought we were "on it" as parents! Boy, were we wrong. They're still great young men though.

Still waiting for the housewarming party.....hint, hint.



Love the photo, beautiful bokeh.
The reason you are a great know are right on target!
Have a great day.


Oh I love the story AND of the course the bokeh!! Lori


OMG...I would make a new telling me when you might have lied. Put the past behind him!


Love the story and the picture! Coley is so adorable! Now that I am taking your photography class, I have come to the realization that getting great pictures is not something I can learn overnight. It is really a work in progress. I am so glad you have decided to teach photography. You make the class so easy to understand.


oh boy - i think my kiddo (age 3) has an issue with lying right now. that isn't a firetruck (when it is), that is a dump truck (insert smirk here when he says it). or when he says 'but you said i can't do (insert anything we didn't tell him he can't do here)! it's driving me bonkers!

cute shot!

gina f.

i think this might be my new favorite photo of yours!


Spectacular photo, and I wish my 13yo son would impose such a ban on himself. Wreck the car, set the house on fire, whatever...just don't lie to me. It makes me CRAZY.


I find I don't "lose it" as bad when my kids tell the truth up front. And I tell them the consequences aren't as bad when they tell the truth. But, lying throws me over the edge too. He's a precious boy!


I love that story. Do you think it would work with my 18 year old daughter that's about to head off to college?

Mary Ann

Coley is such a sweetie!


HAHA, your stories and pictures always make me laugh. This story is another great one. =) Thanks for sharing it with us. He is totally a keeper.


great post, i feel the same way -- i just can't lie. my reasoning, i'm horrible at it and i see absolutely no sense in it.

thanks so much for sending out the lens and filter recommendations for september's class: i ordered mine today. i was a little thrown off b/c the amazon heading (Nikon 50mm f/1.4G SIC SW) for the lens didn't say AF-S, but as i read through the description i saw it and felt much better.


Adorable, the comment on the littel girl who put a stick in his mounth instead of kissing him cracked me up. It's funny isn't it how we want honesty from our kids but sometimes just not too much honesty, especially when they reach their teens,I'm sure my boys share waaay too much info with me,lol.


that's very cute.......honesty is best! :)


Coley stories always make me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing and making me laugh.

Susan Elliott

i love coley.

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