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Kim P

Me too! That Annie's such a little cutie.



Julie Pilch

You would enjoy it in the UK at the moment. We are having our usual summer weather of sunshine (where everyone strips off to a bare minimum even if its not hot as sun is so rare LOL) and lots and lots of rain!


It doesn't feel like summer without some heat. Our summer has had below normal family has not even been in the pool yet! However, I am thankful that there is no snow, that I don't have to wear 3 sweaters and two pairs of socks to keep warm, as I do in the winter...and it felt like a very long winter!


Annie is just adorable!

julie okada

I hear ya with the heat! Luckily this summer is not quite as hot as the past several summers. Adorable picture!


Just adorable. I was thinking you were probably IN the pool with Miss Cutie Pie, and enjoying a mojito!


she's so cute. i wish i could send some of our unusual coolness your way. we can barely get into the 80's this summer.


Me too! With the smoke from the forest fires, it got to 100 on our deck last night, in the shade. Glad the new tat needs to be kept out of the sun, and very thankful that Mr. Carrier invented Air Conditioning.


Yes! My thoughts exactly.


She is just so stinkin' cute!

I've been reading your blog for a long time and I've never left a comment! I just love reading about your sweet little family and the amazing photos you take. I hope you don't mind I have you linked on my blog as a favorite.

We were just up in Oregon and man was it HOT. I thought we were going to escape the heat of California for a while but nooooo. lol


The heat and drought we are suffereing as made it near impossible to survive this year. We had to haul water just to get our pool set up, the well is dry. I am ready for lots and lots of rain. Bonnie G

teresa b

Yannie!! is so stinkin' cute.. just jump in with her Karen!!


I'll take your 100 degree weather if you take my cloudy 70 degree weather and trade me :)

Mary Ann

What a sweet pic of Yannie!!!


That picture says it all. Absolutely adorable!!!

Gotta love summer.


Such a cutie pie!! We haven't even made it to the 90's this it summer??? I think we went from spring to fall...BOO! I'm sure once all the kiddo's head back to school it will get really hot. I was watching the weather channel (one of my favorite shows...LOL) and saw how hot it's going to be in Oregon all week. You can send some warmth to Pennsylvania any time you want.

Yvonne Michelle

You shouldn't move to AZ if you have a hard time with temperatures, lol! You'd freaking melt here!

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