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Kelly Koesters

I love you Karen, you are great. What a cool and cute story!


i'm so jealous- i want a moment too! {with my own son, not ross even if he is a good kid}


That is such an absolutely cute and wonderful story! I hope my son will still be sweet like that when he's are obviously a great mom! Thanks for sharing!


not that i'm wishing out "little boy" days away...but i can only hope that my son is as precious as Ross is, when he is that age!

you're a lucky girl...but you already know that!


That is awesome, Karen! I can only hope my three boys turn out as good as Ross seems. You are one lucky mama!


What a wonderful moment - you made me tear up. I dread my babies growing up. You are a great mom and have raised a great young man!


one of your coolest posts ever. i hope that someday me and my little dude have a 'tucker day' (for whatever reason). glad you had a fabulous ross day.


Eh, the salesperson was just jealous. :)


That is awesome -- what a great story! My four year old went shopping at Old Navy with me today and was swinging off the mirror, telling me that I am the "best best best" mom in the whole world, and I grabbed him and kissed him too. If he was willing to still do that at 17, I'd HAVE to grab him and kiss him just like I do now!


I hope when my 13yo gets out of his attitude stage he is just like Ross!


I love reading about your relationship with Ross because it really mirrors the one I have with my oldest son, Logan. We are soooo much alike and are really great friends too! I am so blessed that he still comes to me when he needs to talk or when things get rough. I hope he always feels that way and reading about you and Ross gives me hope that this will continue. LOVE all your posts, but this one just has a little something extra! :-)


Karen: Cherish these moments. You would have thought that I DIED when I left for college; it was worse when I moved to AZ, and Mom knew that I wasn't returning home - there were no more "going home for the weekend from grad school" moments. I found her in the living room of my apt. crying.

She was the same way when I bought my home. Then, she knew for sure that I wasn't returning to IN.


This post made me teary. In all the right ways. I've been lurking and reading daily, but for some reason, today's post, made me respond with a comment. Thank you Karen for this blog, for your amazing photos, and for your beautiful way of sharing who you and your family are. Deep gratitude to and for you from California! :)

Helen Walsh

Aww, aww and aww. That's a lovely story and made me feel a bit weepy! Well done you for having a moment in public!

Lisa B.'re right. Very few shopping days left until adulthood..enjoy them all.


...awesome example of why I love your blog and your family relationships! You're a great mom even with a Mommy Dearest moment or two thrown in. Good for you!


That's super sweet! Do the other kids get their own day too?
My 19 yr. old will not wear something if I tell him it's cute, neither will my 13 yr. old daughter. And if I told my son he looked hot, he'd probably not wear it either and then I'd owe him a Shaun day.


Loved your post today!!!
It makes me what to have Josh day with my 20 year old son :D


Enjoy the next year, take a lot of pictures. May will be here before you know it! I know my son's senior year just flew by.

Jennifer S

Loved this Karen, and I can totally relate to spoiling my kids occassionally just like that..usually out of guilt and yea maybe emotional scarring too. But my oldest is 7, the thought of Ross being a senior just made me cry. It will go so fast, won't it? Love your blog!


I just the biggest heart pang (is that what its called? lol) and a frog in my throat- my little brother ( he's 18, i'm almost 33) just graduated HS, and left early to go to college in San Diego (had to learve early bc of the football program)...its only been alittle over a month and i miss him soo much! So yeah, this made me teary. thanks alot! (JK!!) :)


I just love your Ross stories (actually I like all your stories). He sounds so awesome especially for being 17. Clearly, you have done a good Mom job.


At 25, my son and I still have these kinds of moments. You and I are blessed to have such special mom-son relationships. As my Matt would say, "You gotta worry about a man who doesn't love his mama!!" Ross will be a very good man. . .

michelle evans

i have tears streaming down my face. yes its been "that kind of day" but the fact that you have such a good "kid" age 17 is amazing. goes to show you have done something right. what a terrific mom/relationship you have.

"So I grabbed him and I hugged him and I told him that I loved him and he kissed me on the forehead just like he always does and told me that he loved me too."

kisses on the forehead to me are the absolute best best best thing. i keep re-reading it. and i keep crying.
how awesome.

Leigh Ann

Thanks for posting this, Karen. My middle child is now a teen and my baby is 9--it's good to know there are still sweet moments and fun times to come.
Ross Day--love it! My youngest and I have what he dubbed "Mommy and Blake" days--days when his sisters aren't around and he and I do something together. So cute! Hopefully we'll still have those when he's 17.


so is being happy the secret to your teen appearance, Cali is gorgeous but it took me a second to figure out which one was the girlfriend and which one was the mom... do you eat really healthy?


Ross is so cool he definitely deserves his own day :) You are so cool that I am going to totally copy you and give each of my girls their own day too....all because of you :) i think you are an amazing mom....but you already know that! :)


I love how you crinkle your nose when you smile, totally cute! And I love how you've raised a son who loves his mom. That melts my heart.


I was in tears reading this. How cool is that a day for yourself. I actually cried when you said you left the house after the ex-husband did something that made him my ex-husband. I'm sure if my mom thought of this we would have a one of those on that day too! She always made certain moments memorable. Mom's are so cool! Your cool!


Hah! My mom took my school clothes shopping up every fall 'til I graduated from college! And then she occasionally took me Christmas/Easter outfit shopping after I graduated! B/c, oddly enough, my husband did not find those activities fun. I will admit, though, that 14 years after I graduated from college I am finally doing my own back-to-school clothes shopping.


What a fabulous idea...'Ross Day'!! My girls are 26 and 29....I think they need a day for them, and me, for us to stay connected!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Give that kid another hug and kiss for insisting on another Ross Day. You both made my day!!

Kris Van Allen

I have a 17yo that will be a senior, too. I am so thankful that, like Ross, he stills tells me he loves me, and we have fun together. You have an amazing relationship with Ross, and it will continue to grow. We as moms carry more guilt than the kids do scars, I hope.

And you can take him clothing shopping for a long time yet, even when school is over!


Such a great story, Karen! Thanks for posting! I just love how you share your life with us!


I just had to tell you that I don't always have time to check all the blogs I enjoy...and that yours and Cute Overload are ones I always have time for :) I love your pictures and hearing about you and your adorable family.


ok, that is the best mama moment! *tears*

cindy b.

Absolutely LOVE this story!!


sniff, sniff. That is so sweet! I can only hope that my now 2-yr-old will still let his mama take him shopping and give him kisses in the store when he's a high-schooler.
(P.S. I am beyond thrilled that I got into your photog workshop for January. Can't wait!)


We used to have one special day every year that we called Kid's Day that we celebrated! Such a good memory!!
You've got a super good kid there...give him a hug for me too!!

Ashley M

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story - and about you and your family (and amazing talant)! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE stopping by everyday to see what's new - but this post seems so special. Your children are beautiful and I envy the kind of parent you are. I can only hope that one day my own son and I have our own special "moments."

By the way, the part about the Kohl's cashier made me laugh out loud because I work part-time for Kohl's and we're trained to tell certain things to customers at certain times, so it just made me laugh that the Kohl's in OR are the same as the ones in CO!

Jodi Buckmister

Okay, that is so cute it made me cry. Thank you for sharing.

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