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Tammy Mellish

She's a diva.. what more can be said!


But I loved the glasses! She always has the best expressions. Who does she take after, you or Josh?

Mary Lou

Oh my goodness how can you stand having such a cutie around 24/7?


So cute! I don't know if it is the lighting or something, but her hair looks lighter.


I just love her!!!!!!!! She is so stinkin cute!!!!

amy kelly

i wish i had an "annie"!!! i just don't think she could get any cuter. love this shot, karen.


Yannie is always adorable but I am going to miss the librarian glasses! Those are classic -- and look just like a pair I had in elementary school.


Oh how adorable - love it!


I LOVE this little girl! ;)

I do miss the glasses . . . :(

Nicky from Canada

She is pretty cute - you will miss these days when she is all growed up. Cause it happens way too fast (as you know with Ross)

Kim P

She is adorable. That's what make the exhausting part so worth it.

nancy in ks

I just don't know how you get these expressions out of her. She's got more ham than a porky pig.

Tonia Borrosch

"She's got more ham that a porky pig"-LOLOL! Ain't that the truth!-at least according to photos and all your funny stories! This is DARLING!

Mary Ann

I thought the glasses were cute,
but she rocks the hats too!! :)
I can't believe how quick she is growing up.


That is the cutest picture ever!! Love the colors too!


Ah...just precious...these last few days of pics!

Melissa Mann

adorable...but i think i kinda miss the cat*eye glasses ;-)


Love how you capture her personality. Her faces are priceless.

Deb Wisker

I really miss those glasses

Phyllis R.

What a character! So fun that she is a (mostly) cooperative photo subject!


ADORABLE! And your trick to avoid shading on her face in this pic was fill flash? (doesn't look like it) face toward sun?? post-shot edit??? Please tell *wink* . . . . . .


p.s. you are a bokeh master

Kathleen Kraft

she must be exhausting.I am tired just reading it :-) but man oh man..she is a cutie...I am missing those glasses....

cindy johnston

Karen, you are so blessedl! Beautiful kids and husband and oh my your pictures are sooooo awesome...such talent....and hey..lets not forget what an awesome scrapbooker and designer you are! I am obviously a fan! LOL :D no really I am! I just love reading your blog and will hopefully someday get into one of your photography classes!

Dani Marquardt

Annie is out of this world adorable:) What lense did you use to achieve this photo?

Furniture movers

Aw! Annie looks lovely on that outfit. She’s so sweet!

plastic surgery

I just love Annie’s dress and the hat is a perfect match for her dress, she looks so adorable and fashionable on it.


I just want to say that your daughter is sooooo cute and adorable...


i Love the new hat Annie's wearing! She's quite the little fashionista!!

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