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I don't know Karen. This shot is pretty great, but...the shot from your last post was seriously awesome. Hard to choose when you've got so much to choose from. Maybe if the kids weren't so cute it would be easier to pick.


Beautiful photo

Julie Pilch

Absolutely awesome. Love IT!


Just beautiful!


pretty amazing indeed.


That might just be MY favorite shot too! And it's a known fact...every other song is my favorite too. :)

Jennifer M.

Love it.

Melanie C.



Oh my goodness... fabulous photo!


It's funny - I say that about every one of your pictures, too! :)


It's beautiful! My hubby says he's had 'the best ride ever' after every mountain bike ride, we tease him now.


Lovely, but the shot from your last post is still my absolute favorite of all time....

Tami B.

SUCH a gorgeous shot!

Beth P.

That really is a beautiful photo, Karen!


Absolutely awesome shot!


Gasp...that is gorgeous!


You should enter it in the Costco photo contest, that is a really amazing shot!

Andrea Devisser

oooooooh Karen that is some delicious light!!! :)
And the sky... WOW.

Laura Carter

Have to agree this is an absolutely great shot but I loved the one below it and the one below that......and......


Elizabeth Lombardi

It should be your favorite EVAH!! It's gorgeous! Always inspirational.

Account Deleted

Gorgeous, as usual. Will you post the information?


I KNEW if I checked in every day you'd post something! :)
Love this shot. Reminds me of being a little kid!


I totally understand...because every blog post you put up is always my favorite of all time too...until the next one...

Hope you're having fun!!


This pix is phenomenal!!!

Theresa Smith

I think this one actually, truly SHOULD be your favorite. It is breathtakingly spectacular.

Nicole Kberg

Just perfect! Makes me wanna go there & skip across rocks too.


Who could blame you, it's beautiful.

jamie v

That's one VERY awesome photo- don't blame you one bit for loving it!

p.s. love the rounded corners on these recent photos you've posted


Amazing photo! Definately one of my favorites!!! Thanks for not blogging - obviously, plenty of us aren't checking your blog while you're away either!!! :-)


WOW!!!! ...for good reason!


If that is not YOUR BEST shot it is definitely in the top three. I would have a hard time voting on that...because in the picture taking department YOU ROCK!


Ooooww, this one is spectacular!


Awesome lighting. Next time you come to town want to do my family photos??? I like your natural style of shooting.


this shot is definitely worth coming out of blogger vacation to post....a-ma-zing!! love it!


Wow - it's beautiful!


This should be your favorite of this month maybe... :) LOL! It's a really really cool shot. Great capture.

Rachel C

Karen, this is a phenomenal shot! Snaps for you!!!


Wow this is a great shot! I love the colors + it looks fun!


I think that's my favorite photo ever.
It's stunning!


It's an incredible photo. Beautiful. :)


I just love this one!


That photo is beautiful, Karen.
I can see why it's your new favorite. ;)
I love ALL of your photographs because I see so much love in them.
That rocks. :-D Happy Friday!

Marilyn Johnson

Great shot Karen. Funny, I just took a similar photo and posted on my blog earlier this week.


Love this shot Karen simply amazing. We really must be alike because my husband tells me every country song is my favorite LOL

tara pollard pakosta

it seriously ROCKS!!!
wow! gorgeous!
this needs to be a BIG canvas!!! LOVE IT!


that shot rocks. love it! hope you guys are having fun!


That is an awesome picture Karen... It would be my all time favorite too. Love the lighting and the color is just beautiful.
Thanks for sharing...


That is absolutely gorgeous!


I swear I posted a comment yesturday... but I don't see it... :(

Great shot... Love it. :)


super image .....
just wanted to let you know I emailed you but it was returned (error) .... Wanted to give you the heads up!

Kathleen Kraft can always select a favorite shot ever...for that moment!

Nicole Paulk

Oh, Karen, this is just AMAZING! I see why it is your 'favorite' (and I'm the same way so I totally understand, haha) :)

Mary Ann

wow, one of my faves too!
hope your having a great week!

cindy johnston

oh my goodness! I love this photo! It is awesome karen! I want to take photos like you! PLEASE, I'm begging you, make room for me in your photo class! :D one of these days.....I will! tfs your beautiful photos!


Gorgeous, beautiful, spectacular...words can't describe just how perfect this photo is! Love it!!!

Becky R.

Karen! That is beautiful!!!

Rhonda M



i think i might have said this before but i love how you "dont" blog...:) beautiful shot....should go in Coley's room as big as you can print it *sigh*


The main reason I look at your blog on a daily basis - your pictures!!! I absolutely love this one and the one from the last post!

Ann Grounds

It's beautifully simple.

Cindy Smith



Award Winner in every way possible!!! Love it!!!

Lorraine M.

Just one word. Wow!

Rebecca W.

This is an AWESOME photo...wish I had your camera...and talent!

Cindy McAllister

This is the most beautiful photo that I have seen in a long should be proud!!!

Christa K.

BRILLIANT. Stunning; simply spectacular. Thanks for sharing!


You do take lovely photos and this one is definitely my favorite! One day I'd like to purchase a full frame camera too.

Samantha Hunt

That is a perfectly captured moment and an amazing photograph!


Great Picture! Excellent timing.

Rhonda P

Great shot! Man, you did good and stuck to it. I missed the blog posts, though but hope you enjoyed your time.

Mindy M.

Awesome photo. I think that one most definitely warrants a huge enlargement for Cole's room or somewhere in your house. Lovely sunset.

Margie Braidfoot

Amber Schock suggested I visit your site ~ glad I did!! Enjoyed the pics and your blog...look forward to MORE!


This is an amazing photo. It just screams "late Summer" to me!

Sheila McClymonds

This shot is absolutely gorgeous

Account Deleted


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