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Nicky from Canada

Are you getting settled in the new old house now!!




Such cuties! Will we be seeing pics of the new old house soon?


Awww! These are great!


Love these...

Stacey B

In the second pic I see the "ross" in Coley coming out!


Great shots, I'm shooting in RAW this week, we'll see how it goes! Next week I'm shooting VBS at our church, for a slide show at the end, if I like the RAW thing I'll probably go with it there too. Thanks for the continued inspirations!!!


So cute, Karen! He's a handsome're going to have your hands full when he's older.


Just adorable!


You have the most adorable kids!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Wonderful shots Karen!!!


such fun "everyday life" shots! I love how life looks so much fun thru your photography!

Nancy Wyatt

Love them! You really know how to make us smile! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Tonia Borrosch

These are gorgeous-love the colors.


Beautiful shots, as always... I just love your blog!


Such cutie pies! :o)


Too cute! Have a great weekend!


Such happy shots, and the color is wonderful. Wondering if you are using LR2 much. I am full of questions about it,( I have the S. Kelby book) and wondered if you knew of a good online resource for digging in and learning it.
Have a great weekend.

Air Jordan Flight Team

Amour celui avec la queue en face d'Annie! J'ai une chaise bleue comme ça, loin d'être aussi agréable à regarder, et je ne veut pas forcément que beaucoup d'amusement en elle.

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