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Julie Pilch

Just love your photos Karen xx

Nancy Wyatt

Awesome photos, I love the first two so much but they are all fab! hugs from Conroe, TX!

Jennifer M.

Best 4th of July ever. I'm so jealous cos it looks like you had such a great time.


I emailed the link to this post to my hubby. Diamond Lake sounds like a fun destination for the 4th! He usually heads there with buddies for a long fishing trip weekend every year, but I have never been! Looks like you all had a blast! Imagining the conversation between Annie and Hayden cracks me up.


Stunning always. You are such an inspiration!! TFS.


I can totally relate to the hopeful-to-hopeless transition -- been there, done that. And the border merger... when you're shooting candids, sometimes that happens (I've heard that before somewhere...)


Poor sweet Annie! Hope she is all recovered.
Beautiful and inspiring photos, as always!! LOVE THEM!

Kathi (Irish Catholic Good Lass from the Midwest who loves Donna Downey too!)

Dang do you keep doing it?!??(Okay okay I was in your last class so I know but STILL>>>>>these are priceless...)


Those black and white pics are gorgeous! I LOVE them!

Tammy Mellish

I loved these, and was glad to see that my Chloe isn't the only one who looks like she's been through a war when we've been on an outing.. bug bites galore and other incidents lol. I'm a huge fan of the PW, and from what I understand.. Marlboro Man takes the pictures on horseback.. so you are safe there! LOL! And I love all your references to Okie's. Here in Southern VT.. we call them Rednecks, Woodchucks, Hillbilly's.. yeah, I come from a family of them.. don't always like to admit it, but it's true (and they make me laugh, a LOT). The best man in our wedding was a born an raised Okie. He lived here for a short time, but missed the heat and moved back west! Thanks for sharing your holiday with us!!

Sara at Be Still and Know

fabulous pictures! i'm signed up for the jan. class...i'm so excited :) your family is beautiful.


Poor Annie. I'm sure she still had a great time even with all her mishaps. Great Photos though!


As usual, beautiful work!!! I love the pic of Annie and the peach. :)


My Mom was born in Oklahoma, her family moved out here to WA in 1949 - I love that you use the term "Okie" - to me it just means resourceful. My Grandma and her sister were the most efficient resourceful women it was a blessing to grow up under their apron strings. Here's to the Okie in all of us!!! About horse pics, at least you can take your camera with you, where we rode this fourth, they don't let you, so funky pics are better than none. PS my Hubby thought the bbq left on the truck was an excellent idea.


These pictures make me want to do the holiday weekend all over again!

Jennifer Hisi

I love Annie's hairdo, she looks even cuter!

allison Gottlieb

those first two shots are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. TFS!!

tammy t

Your photos make me cry all the time. Just real, beautiful and raw. I mean that it the best way. You make real life look stunning. And you inspire like crazy.


Account Deleted

Always gorgeous. Your blog always inspires me. Thank you!


Diamond Lake looks beautiful in the summer. We go there every winter to snowmobile, however it is covered with many feet of snow! We'll have to give it a whirl in the summer. Great pics!


Great shots!! Love them! Especially the first one. Don't you love that you are married to such a hunk!!! I have one too!!! Almost 23 years and he's still a hunk.


OMG I laughed so hard when I found out what Boka is a game I know but we call it Polish Golf. LOL That is so funny.


Just so you know... the Pioneer Woman does not ride horse back... she is always in her car or on the gaitor. heehee. Great pics... looks like a great time.


Amazing and always! And guess what? Yep, I took your class and totally didn't even notice the boarder merger! Heck, even after I read it I had to go back and look again! Bad me! Does that mean I failed? I told you I needed to retake, lol.


1. Is Josh Downs flipping you the bird???

2. You went riding in flip flops???

3. Pioneer Woman does NOT take pics while on a horse, Marlborough Man does that and he has been riding his whole life. With boots. ;)

4. Love fireworks from a boat.

5. Lantern ON the motor??? I have never heard of the term Okie, Redneck comes to mind. ;)


I liked the pictures from horseback, but maybe I don't know any better and that's why I'm taking your class!
And Okie sounds better than hillbilly, hillbilly reminds me of Deliverance, banjos and summer teeth...summer there, summer gone.


Boka? Polish Golf?! Here is Texas we call it "redneck" or "cowboy" golf! Hah! So amazing as always!

michelle evans

loved ALL of your photos as usual. esp the first 2, the one with annie and the peach...courtney lee looking over her shoulder..what else.. sheesh. all of them. and josh downs is COMPLETELY a hunk! what a smile he has. you are BOTH lucky to have each other..

Laura Carter

Your bw conversions are GORGEOUS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot of the 3 littles. :) Your photos are just buttery smooth beautiful! I'm so glad you are enjoying life!


Love all your photos but the one with Hayden telling Annie about his dog is PRECIOUS! As I'm admiring all your photos my hubby is admiring the outboard motor on the boat. Says it's COOL!

Melissa Mann

wonderful pictures!


Amazing, beautiful photos! Great firework photos! I have some similar horse-on-the-go photos from our 4th of July!



Aren't okies from the Grapes of Wrath... I think they meant like people who hauled everything around with them as they went moving and looking for work with pretty much all their junk tied to their car. So I think it works. Definitely with the grill in the truck bed!


As always - awesome photos. Are you using Lightroom actions for your B/W or Photoshop? Either way, which actions? Love your work...thanks for sharing!


I'm a long time reader of your blog. I haven't commented much, if ever, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography. I wish I could photograph half as good, or even that I owned a camera half as nice as yours. My daughter, age 2 constantly reminds me of your Annie. She's adorable, your Annie that is, my Lily is too but I'm a bit biased. I love to follow your family here on your blog. Though I've never met you I think your family and mine would get along great. I love your adventures. Thanks for blogging them.

Cate O'Malley

Love the moonlit picture with the poison oak bites - gorgeous.

natalie gingrich

the very first picture is one of the best i've seen. you rock, karen! one day...with lots of help, i only hope to be 1/8 as good as you! nice photos!

Shari Kimmey

Inspiring, as always, Karen!

Can you share your processing tips on the first two (b/w's)? Are these actions or your own processing? They are INcredible!!


I'm quite late on this, but just wanted to tell you I so enjoyed these pictures! They have such a warm Americana feel to them.

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