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What a fantastic shot!


That is hands down, the most beautiful shot I have seen you post Karen!
Absolutely lovely and picture perfect, in every way!


Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer- can't wait to get caught up when you're back next week!


I love that shot! Hope you have a great week.


Have a wonderful week! (Look at the joy that boy is emanating! Great shot!)


And I'm so looking foprward to your blogposts.
Have a great week; what a great idea to follow him were he works.
I love, love, love! the shot of Coley!


(as usual) lovely photo!


Have lots of fun!!


LOVE this photo! Have a great time!

Mary Ann

Have fun. I already know my pics of Bonneville Dam that I took last month aren't going to be half as good as your pics of Bonneville Dam!!!


Hi, I am a new reader - just about a month now. I canot quite remember how I stumbled upon your blog. Anyway, I love reading it and looking at your photography! I am a photographer wannabe. Anyway, I thought this post was kind of ironic. As my husband and I are taking a trip (without the kiddos) to Washington and Oregon starting tomorrow! I have read a lot of great things about Multnomah Falls!!! They are definitely a must stop on our track through the Gorge. Have a great trip!


A perfect photo. Enjoy your break.


Have fun and be safe! Can't wait to see all the photo's when you return.

Tonia Borrosch

I will miss your blogging! I look forward to many wonderful photos. That is such a fantastic one of Coley! Have a wonderful week Karen!


Have fun Karen! We'll miss your posts. We're going down to our coast this weekend too. We'll have to compare pics...ha.ha.


Have a great week! Can't wait to read your updates.

Kristen Butler

Lots for us to look forward to. :)


Have a great time!!


you will be missed!

but.....have a wonderful time!


I recently found your blog... And love it and you have inspired me to write more about me on my business blog. Anyway... To tie myself over, I guess I'll have to go back into 2008 and and beyond for my KarenRussell fix. LOL! Enjoy your getaway! :)


love that shot - and like the rounded corners!


Great photo, have a fun week, see you next week!

Gena - Michigan

Love that pic! It is a great visual that expresses his character (or at least how you describe him in words)!

Enjoy your time w/ family!

Tammy Mellish

Wow.. what an amazing picture! I want to swim in that water (and I don't swim in water lol). I am really looking forward to all those blog posts! Enjoy your busy week!


sniff, sniff... miss ya!!! have fun ya'll!!!


ENJOY! That is an amazing picture....perfect! :)

Nicole Paulk

Geez, Louise - this is AMAZING as well! the comp is just perfection!

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