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The girls are super cute! Looks like a fun summer evening.

Mary Ann

I love, love, love the pic of Annie eating her apple!!! So darn cute!!
And, that pic of Josh and Courtney with her wiggly tooth is priceless. You just know Josh was saying puuulleeese stop.
As always, thanks for sharing!!


omg - annie + the apple shot? i think i may die from the cute.
like right now.

Used forklifts

It looks to me that the girls had such a wonderful time. I love the little, cute polka dotted dress.

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The girls are so adorable. So cute! They must be so tired after all that fun they had.


These pictures are just delightful!

Jennifer M.

That last picture of Annie is priceless. You can tell she is into that song!

Tammy Mellish

The best pics.. ever! I love the stolen walnut pic, too.. the look on her face is priceless (and one I can relate too.. we see it often, when Chloe has snagged a prized possession here lol). And Queen's We Will Rock You.. has been a LONG time favorite of the kids here.. that and Pat Benetar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Who knew that they'd love these songs from our past, so much!


that's too funny.
I can handle just about anything kid-related, but when my oldest tries to show me her loose teeth, I have to cover my eyes!


Love these...Annie's just a mini you in these!


loose teeth totally gross me out too, I am dreading when Emma gets her first one. GROSS!!!!!
awesome usual!

Regina White

Love these. How cute are your kids. Gee!


Love all of the pictures! But that pix with Courtney Lee wiggling her tooth just made me laugh!


So dang cute! I love your pics, Karen. They completely make my day.

Melissa Mann

how much do i love that Annie's current favorite song is "We Will Rock You"...that just made me smile :-)


I can totally see why that's your favorite recent pic...great moment! I love the one of her with the apple too...her expression is adorable.


As always - love your shots!
What lens do you use for your table/restaurant shots? I've tried some of those shots and always feel too close. Are you sitting at the table or do you walk back a couple of steps?
You continue to inspire!


AMAZING photos!!! LOL about the apple :D


OMGoodness, you are killing me with that shot of Annie eating the apple! And I am totally with Josh Downs about the yucky loose tooth thing. I cringe when my kids come up to me showing how their teeth move.


can i just say, i love your blog. it brightens my day. your family is so great, but nothing compares to the way you talk about them.


thanks for making me smile.

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Susan Bowers

That is alot of kids' favorite song. I think it was each of my four kids' favorite at one time or another. btw - your photos are amazing!!! - as usual.


Love the one of Courtney Lee wiggling her tooth and Josh looking grossed out. And the last one of the girls singing! My kids love Queen, although my daughter said she prefers Queen over the Beetles because the Beetles did drugs. And I said "Have you seen Freddy Mercury?" and after all the years of listening to him, the poor kid had never seen him. She still hasn't, doesn't want to ruin her squeaky clean image of him.


looks like a fun girls (plus josh) night! :) it's funny that wiggly teeth gross him out - you captured it great in that shot! lol!

teresa b

Thanks for sharing Karen.. love the pix!! Love the girls on the swings and Josh not liking Courtney's wiggly tooth! hahahaha

Ali Gripp

So stinkin cute!! So when she gets older you might teach her my kiddos version..We will, we will, rock you, sock you, pick you up and drop you. Flush you down the toilet, hope you enjoy it!! little Girl Scouts belted that out a ball game the other day!! My sweet darling, ornery son is responisble for teaching them that one!

Mindy Stell

Okay, I just have to say,as always, toooo cute! Anyway, just a quick note to ask did you edit those pictures (run actions) before you posted?

forklifts hire

The picture quality is truly amazing. What software do you use to touch up your images and do you firefox or similar to enhance them one added to this site?

George Quirk


I also loved that song, and it was always on loop whenever my friend and I drive around the city. But about the wiggly tooth, it's normal to feel that way, but it'll be gone eventually.

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