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I agree that it TOTALLY connects too missy....although that being said I STILL have a hard time letting my kids run downhill LOL...

and for the record: the story of the Jack Johnson concert is one of my favorites of yours...I remember hearing about it at Red Robin once and LOVED didnt agree that some of the funny parts to me were so funny though :)

its so awesome to get away for a while and chat without a MILLION interupptions isnt it?? i'm so glad you guys did it!!!

Heather p

Sigh, I love your blog.

Alicia Sharp

Glad you 2 got some away time. I so lovve how you share your personal stories with us. I always show them to my hubby and ask him why he cant be more like Josh Downs? He did not get a kick out of it to say the least! You both are very lucky to have each other and make the cutest couple ever and have the cutest kids! Enjoy more time together. It will keep you young!!


Thanks for sharing, Karen! I just really love the stories you tell. Just so honest and genuine. You will have to blog about the Jack Johnson story one day - when Josh is ready.


And the kids won't run down hill and fall this year because hopefully they learned from last year and will be more careful.
I get the connection too, it's true. Guys just think things happen for no reason.


i swear you guys have to be the youngest looking couple!! and it did totally connect :O)

Melissa Mann

I love your stories. They always put a smile on my face :-)

Have a fantastic day!

Tina Schiefer

...and, if they don't grow up strong and secure, they may never MOVE OUT!!! Just kidding....

Actually, both my oldest boys are back at home in Grants Pass - one from Austin, Texas and the other from Twin Falls, Idaho. They are still young, but wanted to test the waters. I always thought it was too far away for their first move-out, but what do I know? AND my youngest, A.J., sixteen tomorrow, keeps talking about moving to Canada after he graduates high school!!!

Great story. Thanks for being SO open and honest. Would love to hear the concert story....



Wonderful post...thanks for that slice of your life. And I totally believe that the self-esteem and running down hill theory connects! :)

Laura Carter

i LOVE your love story..... thanks for sharing it :)
it all connects for me too - perhaps it's a girl thing


What a great post!

While I love living in the country I definitely miss being able to walk to dinner or coffee or Trader Joe's. What a gift on a summer evening.


Your blog always puts a smile on my face. They way you write...the memories you capture...So pure and real! Thank you for that! Your love can be felt through your posts and you pictures!


i heart hearing about the ♥ you and josh downs have.


genuine stuff.

laura vegas

you have the most amazing stories of you and your family. so genuine, happy, and content. and always so much love. thanks for always sharing :)

Becky (beckywedd)

Karen, this may be my favorite post of all times. Thanks for sharing and making me laugh on a crazy-not-so-funny busy day!

Becky (aka: beckywedd) :)


Of course it connects!

Jessica K.

I 'like, liked' that post...:-)

TerriB in Oregon

It completely connects....and I completely agree! Let 'em run!


I LOVE this post. You two were so clearly destined to be together. My husband I are having a date tomorrow night for the first time in about 6 months...I hope ours will be as sweet.

Michelle J

Love your stories. My Sarah didn't learn how to ride a two wheeled bike until a month ago. When we made her, at age 8 1/2.

Talk about banged up.

Next week (or so) we're going camping where there are trails with rocks to climb everywhere. Oh they can't wait!

Just pack extra band-aids :), and if you tell them not to run and they do it anyway and get hurt, well, it's a great lesson in listening.


Oh Karen - "I love you for blogging like that!"

Josh's carefulness does remind me so much of my Dad! ((((;

Lovely greetings from over the Ocean
Katharina from the BlackForestRegion/Germay (;


Go for the third mojito again next time...ha. :D


(oops) and then blog about the Jack Johnson concert! Can't wait!


Sounds like a beautiful evening :)

Belinda H

i love the stories and photos...thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog

Kim Bolyard

love this story....I so wished I lived in a neighborhood that I could walk to a resturant....have a wonderful evening (with two or three mojitos) and then walk home...and would love the porch too....and acutally weather would you could sit outside and not melt from the are guys are so sweet.

Beth P.

Y'all are just so cute!


What a great post. Loved everything about this post.


Cute story. Thanks for sharing!


Boy Karen, that one wore me out! Loved the story though!

amy m.

your blog makes me happy! :)


What a great way to spend an evening. Here's to many more!

Nancy Wyatt

I too heart your blogging! You guys are awesome together! I visited that falls years ago and it was so neat seeing it again here on your blog! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Kim P

I remember that blog about your hiking trip. I remember that I had to read it out loud to my hubby who was working on the computer next to mine 'cause it was such a great real life story! And I totally agree with your logic. This was such a fun post to read. You two are way too cute for words.

sara lambert

my husband is very over protective of our children, hates trampolines, bouncy castle etc. - they are all the same!


Thanks for sharing!! I love visiting your blog. I feel like I know you personally and love that! Thanks for sharing your family with us! Would love you to pop by my blog sometime if you have a chance... but I must warn you... it's nothing as great as yours.... my blog address is ...


this is great, thanks for sharing Karen, you just crack me up....


First of all, I just want to say that I'm a stalker/lurker( the nicest way possible!) I love reading your blog. I don't comment often, but I do read every post.
I have often wanted to ask about how you met. I even went back and read the older post to see if you had already done that, I must have missed that one. I love a great love story. I hope to one day read about the Jack Johnson concert!
I TOTALLY agree with you...the kids must run downhill!


Josh Downs is cute but he's wrong. Kids need to fall down or they'll never learn to pick themselves back up.

Great stories btw.

Mary Ann

I love stories about you and Josh Downs :)

and...since I was just at Multnomah falls a few weeks ago, I totally get Josh Down's point. It's a hand holding walk for Annie and Courtney Lee. It's steep!
But,then again, I get your point too. You do need to make sure that the girls are able to stand up for themselves.
Oh, and I remember passing by the Bonneville Dam while we were there too. It was a beautiful area. Come to think of it, that might be a hand holding area for Annie and Courtney Lee's awfully deep :) Ahhh kids. What wonderful memories and stories we have because of them.


I love you and your blog so much! Thank you for the little glimpses of your life; they always bring a smile to my face. :)

teresa b

Love your stories.. and love that Josh Downs is so protective but I see your connections.. and I agree.. Let them run!

Dawn Reynolds

I ADORE YOU! YOUR BLOG! & YOUR FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS! Thank you for always making me smile!


Love the story and was most excited about Multnomah falls - we are headed to Portland (from Kansas) next Thursday with 3 and 5-year-old boys and are counting the days!

Laura Plunk

Can I just say I love you... gosh the way you ramble on talking is just the greatest... I miss seeing you around, funny I moved to GP and you moved to CP... have been hitting KPS in GP these days...

Take care and thank you for sharing your life moments with all of us

Laura P ( soon to be back to D ) reason for moving to GP
Southern OR


I love your blog!
Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl M

I was disappointed for this whole story to end. LOVE how you have your thoughts together and can actually remember a sequence of events. Enjoy it now while you're young! LOL
Thanks for making me smile!

Christa K.

Thanks for sharing!! Sounds like an interesting, meaningful conversation!


Karen...I really think this is my favorite post of yours! I'm glad I don't have to decide which I love more...your writing/storytelling or your photography. They're both amazingly awesome, but then so are you (and I'm not just saying that cause I want extra-credit points either...LOL)

Susan Elliott

Just wanted you to know that I stick through these posts, I read every word, and I love them. They are so real and they remind me of myself. Just wanted you to know...


I love your blog! I feel like I know you guys. Its hard to believe I've been reading your blog for over a year, but I remember when you went to Multnomah Falls and Courtney fell and I remember your wedding. But I just love your pictures and your sense of humor and your transparency!

Grace P

you both warm my heart and give my dreams "hope"...Nothing is perfect but you 2 are so cute. Grace


You really could write a book. I'd so buy it - not borrow it from the library - buy it. And it would get all dog eared because I'd pick it up and open it randomly just to read my favorite passages over and over again. Like I plan to do with this post.

And fyi - my ex-boyfriend does a lot of rentals and has found Kroll to be a complete time, money and sanity saver. He had the NICEST couple in the other day, totally ready to rent to them, sweet, old people. Turns out they had 20 collections, convictions for CHECK fraud and an eviction. Needless to say, he didn't rent to them.

Lisa day

I'm new to your blog and I just read the story about how you two met and I feel I must tell you I did the math you said not to!! And I can totally relate!! One year to the date that my husband and I met we had our baby boy and were married! So good to know I'm not alone!!!

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