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Okay, Karen, I must know where you are camped at. It's so beautiful! I'm in Redmond and we usually head North West and end up at the beach. Where is this cabin by the creek? It's so beautiful!


The pictures are beautiful as always. Sorry Annie lost her glasses! They are just the cutest! And yay since there is a pix of you!

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You MUST replace those glasses! Beautiful pictures, keep them coming and thanks for sharing!


LOVE these Karen! You are the queen at documenting the moment! You definitely need to get Annie some more glasses. My daughter wears "glasses" all the time too and Claire's has some cute ones right now! Also, I would really love to know if you are shooting raw or jpg these days?

Lisa Ceaser

Your family has the most fun ever! Reminds me of all the weekends we spent camping with our parents and grandparents when we were kids. Was the kitchen table and chairs really outside? That made for some great photos!!!


Beautiful photos Karen! Just BEAUTIFUL!

and, i agree with others............You MUST replace those glasses! They are just to darn cute!


Amazing. What wonderful memories, and as I look at these moments in your life,it again makes me realize that the days are passing oh so quickly. Looks like there will have to be another shopping expedition to score another pair of fun glasses...I will miss them too!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful family fun! These are the BEST years ever!


OMG so Annie is got to be the cutest and those glasses I love em. You have to get her another pair. These photos are great. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog.

Jennifer M.

What a great time! And your pictures are awesome, as always.


You take the most beautiful photos Karen..such a keepsake for later on down the road for everyone. I only wish I could shoot like you. Thanks for sharing!


Looks like you guys had an awesome time.


OMG your camp table is my dining room table, does that make me an Okie? I live in the Okanagan, so maybe it does!
You need to go back and find those glasses!
And did you use your Nifty Fifty for the evening shots around the fire?


Wow. I want to be in your family. Love the photo of you and Josh Downs, and what a gorgeous place to spend a holiday weekend.

Kia Gregory

Man, Karen, that post made me miss Oregon something crazy! Thanks for sharing.


Love all the pictures Karen! Great one of you and Josh too! And there is nothing wrong with okies in Southern Oregon! We happen to be some too!


I love your pictures - and your stories - and the way you document everyday life. After looking at your post, I realize I how much I miss being in your class. Thanks for sharing (and reminding me that I need to take more everyday shots).


LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Annie smilin at Ross...LOVE IT!!

I want to go camping here really really bad....with you guys :)


that wedge photo is priceless! And i love the photos around the campfire!


Rock-paper-scissors aka Roshambo and there are actual tournaments...funny huh? I too vote to replace those glasses -- precious! And I loved the pic of you and is the most expressive emotion I have ever seen in his are an adorable couple and it is obvious he adores you, as well as, all your beautful children!

Alena H

Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an okie. I am one. :) Karen, I am missing your class like crazy!!!


you are so should be in more pictures that you post!!


Gorgeous, fun pictures Karen!
You and your family have such fun outings :)

christina cole

absolutely beautiful photos...and i love your blue necklace! :)


OK I have to ask, what's an Okie??

I know a horse named Okie, that can't be it?

Maybe people from the state of Oklahoma are okies, but what does that have to do with a bar b que in the back of a pick up truck?



How many people are usually in the classes?


I am so going to miss those glasses. Looks like you had a great time!


Oh yeah-I need to know what an okie is too! :-)


Was the table and chairs in the back of the truck too? ha. I'm digging the Okie lifestyle.

Your family really knows how to have fun, Karen--looks relaxing! Pics are idyllic as usual!

Rhonda M

Loved the pictures! They are so cool! I'm glad to hear that someone gives the "okies" a hard time besides us Texans!!


I'm going to miss those glasses!!!!


We haul our BBQ in the back of the truck too when we go camping....LOL! I think there's lots of web footed okies around here....hee hee! Love the photo of you & JD! Beautiful lighting in the shot of Ross & Cali! Are those cabins at Diamond Lake? Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Hey, is that a Beaver's cooler I spy in the background?


oh -I'm so glad you explained that "sold out" and wait list thing! I was so confused! So, question - if I attempted to register (seeing it was sold out I wanted to get on the wait list), and received an email that I'm on the wait list (of 500 +), do I still attempt to register Monday?

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