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Laura Glover

can you please share in how you organized this? I have three children approximately the very same age and would love to give them this project. Any particular system or albums? I think that is soooo great. I have many printed and will go ahead and print more if I thought the kids could help me.


PRICELESS! my girls LOVE pictures too!

Kim H.

that is so cool!


I can't wait to do this when my kids get a little bit older. Such a great idea! Seems like every order I place with is for 1000+ prints! I'm anxiously awaiting their sale to order more to have on hand!
What a great idea! they love looking at the scrapbooks that I make, cut having their own albums is awesome!

Melissa Mann

THis is a fabulous idea!

Becky (beckywedd)

Great job Karen! Hey -- Did Courtney do that scrapbook on her own? It looks adorable -- if so, would you share a few pages (if it is ok with her). Also -- share some more of your scrapbook pages - I MISS SEEING THEM!!! (unless you haven't done any lately. . .)

Becky :) (aka: beckywedd)

Kim P

Such a wonderful idea! I'd love to hear my kids' perspective too on all the photos. And what a bonus that it kept them happy for so long!


I love the idea! The kids looked like they were having fun!


I LOVE this idea Karen. I want my kids to understand the value of photos. I think this is a great way to foster that. Thanks for the idea!!!


WONDERFUL idea, Karen! I second Laura... please share your "system" for this. Do they just go through and pick whatever they want for THEIR album or did you have them put them in chrono order or what? I have TONS and TONS of printed pics and recently bought albums. I need a system. Please share!!!!


amazing photo! i love that you're letting the kids make their own photo albums!


i love that they each get to pick the shots they want in their album. how fun! did you get those shots printed at scrapbookpictures (is that the name)? i love this shot you captured too. :)


That is so awesome! What a great idea.


Wow this is a really great idea!! Love it!!


What a FUN idea!


Thanks for the additional info, Karen! MUCH appreciated! Sometimes I just need permission to not do everything in chrono order! ;-) Love this idea!

Jennifer S

I can't WAIT to do this with my kids too! I have so many empty photo albums, and my 7 yr old daughter loves to try and scrapbook too!


such a great idea karen! something to add to the "if i have kids someday" list :)

love the photo you captured of them putting their books together too. the way annie is peaking over at courtney is too cute!


That's awesome. Sometimes I get too caught up in my rendition of what a scrapbook should be or using products. Your photo tradition totally puts the focus on the photos and your kids' memories. Again, awesome.

I can't wait to take your class in January!


What a great idea! Wish I had thought of this when my kids were younger. Now that they're older, I'm the only one who puts the photos away.


Love these type of projects where the family is involved. Reminds me of when I was little and would spend hours looking through my mom's picture drawer!


What a great idea! My kids are old enough to realize this is considered work!


I know I'm going to hit my head and say "duh," but what does ETA stand for?


Hey Cathy-It means 'Edited To Add'...Don't hit yourself too hard :)


This is a fabulous idea! Love it!

Sara M

Where did you get the albums? They look really neat.


That's brilliant to let them do their own! But do you print multiple copies of the same print? Because I can already hear the arguments over who gets *that* one. LOL (My kids are 9,7,and a couple of days younger than Annie.)


...and are those prints 5X7?

gina f.

Aaaahh, i love that story!!


Thanks Karen! This is such an awesome idea, and thank you for sharing the website in which you upload and print your photos! I have been frustrated with the print quality of various places. I am going to give a try!


What type of album is that Cole and Annie are using?


i love this idea! very creative. i'll store it for when my kids are a little older. and in the mean time take pics of them growing!


Nice! I love it! How cute and how exciting for them.


what a great idea
I get so caught up in doing it just perfect that not many pictures make it off my hard drive.
My 6 year old daughter is the one missing out. She would love this project.


I'm also not a fan of chronological arrangement. I love your idea of getting an album for each kid. Will try this one when my kiddo gets older. Thank you!

Terri Guerrieri

What a fantastic idea! It would sure take some pressure off of being so behind in my scrapbooks!


how awesome! i am so going to start doing this with my kids every year!


Love this idea! It is too cool that you are giving the kids a way to preserve their own memories. Maybe you should have Ross's girlfriend do one for him?

Nicky from Canada

Yes the keeping busy, especially in the summer is a good thing. Love it.

Danelle A

What an absolutely cool idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Jenn A.

This is SUCH a great idea! I absolutely love it. :)

Ann Grounds

Okay Karen, you have opened up a can of worms.......
1) What size photos did you print?
2) Would you share a link or post a photo of the actual albums you used?
3) Are Coley and Courtney going to add any journaling?

just a few questions...

amy m.

thanks for the GREAT idea Karen!! you're the best....

Julie Trout

This is such a neat idea......gonna have to try that with our six kiddos!

And it would be a fun "New Year's Eve" tradition/project to start with the kids before they get any older!

Susan Elliott

This idea is AWESOME!!! so, do you choose the white border around the photos because of little smudgy fingers or some other reason??

Heather (in Scotland)

Great idea. Are there squabbles when more than one child wants the same photo in their album? (How many photos does eah album hold?) And what do you do with all the photos no-one picks? And do you have to do re-prints if there's a key photo with the grandparents that you know they'd love in their album but one of the kids has chosen it for their album? [Overthinking? Moi? ;) ]

Jessica K.


What is the point of having all these beautiful photographs if no one can admire them and we all know how kids love looking at pictures of themselves.

I'm hauling out the 3 boxes of photos that I have stockpiled and DO NOT allow anyone to look through. After reading your posts I realize how silly I am to guard these like they will be destroyed if they get fingerprints on them or a little bent. I will be setting my 3 kids down with albums of their own to fill up as they wish...Thanks for the liberation, Karen. I may sit back and watch with a bottle of wine though (to take the control freak edge off...:-)


I love this idea. What kind of albums did you use? Do they journal in them or are they all photos?


what type of albums are you using?


Hello liberation :).

Jamie Habermaas

I love this idea! I'm totally gonna do it with my boys!!! And letting them put them in the album is a wonderful idea!!!!

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