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I just love the stories and the pictures your share.

Jo Baer

It's funny how you get attached to a house. I still drive by our old house, that looked alot like your old, new house. I just see it like a chapter in a book, you smile and turn the page to see what's next.
Congrats on your new chapter.


It is so easy to get attached to a house, although not everyone can understand by just how much :) I love reading your blog... I grew up in GP (actually Merlin) and it's nice to read and see pictures taken around the area since I'm not able to go down and visit as much as I would like to...

lynn boyle

Whats so funny right now is I am trying to do the math in my head.. I have been in St Helens going on 5 years in October. I work in Columbia City and run all over town(literally)LOL.. I am trying to picture where your home was at..Anyway i hope you enjoy your new,old house. I am all about change and welcome it which is good since as of this October this will be the longest we have lived in one place...I am hoping I get registered for one of the classes when registration opens even though I may be out of town.. wish me luck...:)

Wendy Goodman

My husband and I built a new house too about 5 years ago. We thought it would be everything we dreamed of until we had our son, and we were 800 miles away from our family. We left that new house last year to move back to our home state and into a house that was 50 years old. We've never felt more at home, and I was not sad to leave the new house behind. But your photos reminded me of how exciting it was to build that new home. It was my son's first home, but this old house is where he will spend his childhood (and hopefully adulthood when he takes over ownership). Congrats on the new, old house and the memories it will hold for your family.

Jennifer L

Boy does it. I don't know you at all but wanted to let you know that your post touched me. I only recently discovered your blog when someone suggested I take your class - which is full and I can't really afford. But still, I'm hoping to take it, because that's what I need to look forward to. I hope to be able to take better photos of my kids. They will never really know just what I've gone through for them, but at least I'll have a few photos of the better times. Hugs to you and best wishes on your journey.

tara pollard pakosta

look how tiny they were! oh my gosh!
what a great pic.


Can't wait to see all the pictures you take in your new, old house!


You and I are so very alike...sorry Karen. You make ME very proud!!


Karen I give you three years and all the excess sq ft you just gained will be gone! Best Wishes on your new old house. Bonnie


your journey and family are beautiful.

Kathy C.

It's all good..glad you guys are almost totally moved in...thus begins the next part of your journey together! ;-)

Brooke - in Oregon

You are going to need to get a new magnolia tree for the new, old house! :)


love that picture of your boys... my boys are 11 and 2 right now... that will be them in a year.


and the story ends...or begins...."and they all lived happily ever after".

Hugs,Congratulations,and Enjoy!


If you can find me a teaching job in Oregon, I'll buy your new old house! It is so cute! :)


Where do you take all the energy and strength from? --- I really admire you for your life journey and I hope I will be such an energetic and positive mom later on once I have kids.
Love your blog!! Thank you so much for sharing...Makes me couragous for lifeĀ“s journey... MY life Journey... who knows what to come!?


Love when you share little stories about your life!


Wow Karen I didn't know the story behind your old house. A big Congrats to have an amazing story filled with inspiration for all of us. Thanks so much for sharing. Knowing you has changed my life.


Karen, this is beautiful post. You always know how to find the beauty in change.

Laura Plunk

Don't I know about changes, just got a divorce after 20 years, left my just 18 and 2009 graduate son with his dad in the house we built 15 years ago.. and moved to GP to be with the new love of my life a somewhat younger man ( 13 years) guess that makes me a cougar..... But am ready for what life throws my way, oh did I say I quit my dental job in Medford too.....

Love you Karen and miss ya
Laura P
Southern OR


And life is good, isn't it!

teresa b

Good for you Karen!! It's always good to see good things happen to good people!!
I'm very happy for you and your family..
thanks for sharing..

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