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Love these shots Karen. My poor hubby would have a stroke if I actually got in the pool with my camera (note to self do this when said hubby is at work LOL)

laura carter

I LOVE these shots even more than the first set and I LOVED the first set. The colors are so beautiful - the water, Annie's swim suit, the green floaties...mmm..mmm.mmm. Looks like a VERY fun time!!!! The kids are just too cute!

Linda Pierce

Just found your blog (thanks to Shimelle!) and It's gone straight into my faves!!! You sure do capture the most glorious light!!! Linda on South Coast of UK


Thanks for answering the questions we posted yesterday! I guess one must be brave every so often, huh? Today's pics were lovely, too!


Awesome shots Karen! Annie is so adorable, I just love her fiesty attitude, reminds me of my middle child!


totally enjoyed todays and yesterday's posts!! glad ya'll got out to enjoy the sunshine!! you have the cutest kids and they go so well with your best friend's in the whole world's kids!! i think you need to tell Jill all your blog readers want to see a picture of the BOTH of you!! otherwise you can take my picture, and then I want to be your best friend in the whole world. wink!!


I love Annie's suit in both of these sets of pictures and she looks even cuter on Monday! The boys are all adorable and of course, Courtney is a cute as always too! :o)


More GREAT images, Karen!!! Just curious... are you shooting raw or jpg these days?? You've definitely gotten the Nikon color and exposures down to a science! PERFECT images... and those kids are the CUTEST subjects too!!!


Gosh how I wish I was a cute little girl! Those suits are sooooo friggin' cute! And chubby legs look so good on little girls, not so good on 30 something girls!


LOVING these KAREN! And its so helpful to me too! I saw that you were using the 70-200 zoom (i am drooling still over that lens). You give me photos to aspire too all the time!!!!! My kids spent the weekend swimming too and I kept laying on the concrete to get the good viewpoints. I WILL take my camera in the pool though if I am in and it WILL give the husband heart failure. I say the same thing "NO SPALSHING my CAMERA or you will DIE :)"


omg i have sausage legs too!


JOSH DOWNS- I may have a photo of Karen in her suit.


We are going on the Jet boat trips tomorrow night. I'm wondering if I dare take my camera, I really want to. Any suggestions?

Brenda Walker

Just wondering what post processing you used on the swimming pictures? Was it your normal or did you do something a little different? They look wonderful


I love these photos. Real life with the twist of your story. We too have been at the pool a lot and I find I want to capture the moments. When I do bring my camera, I feel as though I miss out on the fun. Like I am "on". Working. Have you found the balance?

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Thanks for bringing us to a modern day Walden Pond.

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