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Lucky kid!

Jennifer M.

What a sweet picture! I love the back lighting. So warm and soft and perfect!


It is really a shame that child isn't adored. What a lucky little girl.

Nicky from Canada

Isn't it a treat to have only one in the house!! Love the picture


Beautiful lighting!!! SO sweet, so glad I clicked over here today. What a nice suprised!! ENJOY your time with only Annie!!! She's a doll!

Sara at Be Still and Know

that is such a great captured memory!


Great photo Karen!
Glad you came back, it was a nice surprise, even though I knew you would be busy...I still click on ya 100 times a day! ;-) just a small follower!
Ahhhh I am so excited I could (am) squeal!!
Monday, Monday, Monday!!!!!!


aren't the berries amazing right now?

seriously i've made strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream, strawberry trifle, the list goes on!



Everytime I see pictures of that little doll baby, Annie, I just want to smooch her up! She's adorable!

laura j

I knew you said you weren't going to blog for a while but thought I'd just check and I'm glad that I did!
Your Annie is so to see picture of her. If I recall correctly a lot of photos show her eating!!!


I just stepped by for I don´t know why and was so happy to see this post!
Light is great in that picture!
Have a great weekend although unpacking boxes/ work! I try to inhale each and every moment of summer. It´s so short...
Love, Anne


such a lovely photo. i bet annie will cherish it when she's older (along with all of the other fabulous photos you've taken!)


love this shot!! Annie and strawberries...could life get any sweeter!


i love love love ur pictures!!! Annie has got to be the cutest kid on the planet...her pics always make me smile...i wish i could afford ur photography class but with my plans to move all the way across country ( to oregon btw) it just isnt possible for a bit...but one day i promise you!!! Have fun with ur blog time out...u will be missed!


Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy looking at your pics! I feel like I know you or something bc I went thru like your entire blog here. I just love the pics you take and your family is beautiful. Annie is the cutest little girl and I love how you dress her. I'll be popping in often. Thx for such a fun blog to look at.


Yea, you posted. Just an adorable photo and I too love the lighting. Enjoy your time as a "mini-fam". Happy weekend too!


What precious memories you are making . . . I love grandparent pics.
And see how many people still check your blog no matter what you say! hehehe. ;-)

jamie v

Loooove strawberry season... and love it when someone says they aren't blogging for the rest of the week and you pop in just out of habit and see that they did indeed post an entry... hee hee.

See ya when you get back!! :D


Oh, the love in these faces! So wonderful! And, of course, the shot is amazing!
Cathy Heine


Awww....sweet Annie is so blessed to have such a special Grandma & Grandpa!


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